True Thoughts On Friendship

7 true thoughts on friendship

Friendship is one of the greatest treasures that we can obtain in life. We invite you to discover it one more time today, with 7 sincere reflections that will make you think about how much we need from friends. Some of them happy, others sadder, but certainly each with valuable teachings and great truths with which you will agree. Share them with those people who have always supported you and remember that you can always use them, to have a nice detail with them.

When a friend leaves

Sometimes we cannot be in full control of things that happen. Friendships that are interrupted by distance or time. Friends who leave in search of their own dreams or sometimes unfortunate events. When a friend leaves, he opens a wound in the heart that is difficult to heal and once he does, the mark remains in the depths of the soul as a reminder of the happiest moments.

And it is that although it is difficult for us to move forward in the face of an event like this, there is no choice but to move forward, always keeping in memory the memory of a person who meant the most valuable thing in the past.

Even in bad times

It is said that only one can prove a true friendship, when you have to share the most bitter and difficult moments. It’s easy to maintain ties when things are going the way we want them to. But when everything turns against us, it takes guts to show that you are always going to stay there, to support those who need it most.

And it is that being a true friend is an action that requires a lot of courage. As much or more than necessary to face our worst fears.

to be faithful

Faithfulness is one of the most important values ​​to maintain friendship, although unfortunately nowadays it is more difficult to find. At what point can we stop worrying about friends, to pursue our own interests? This is a thought that often goes through my head, and it scares me because I don’t want to turn my back on those people who have always been with me.

Doing this would not only disappoint them, but myself. After all, how can you continue to be aware of what you are capable of betraying or have lost the ability to be grateful? It is a perspective that I feel I have had to live with, just to prove to myself that I am a better person than I think I am.

I also wonder and feel that the same thing happens to them. I suppose that to be faithful, it is necessary to keep this concern in mind and despite what happens, have the conviction of knowing how to reject it.

For the lost friends

It is difficult to understand how a misunderstanding can cause you to have to say goodbye forever to people who were once unconditional. Friendships that break and dissolve in time, although in the past they promised to be forever. It is only the years that can corroborate that decision. It is incredible how things can change from one moment to another, in less time than we imagine.

The days turn dark and you can feel how betrayal stalks you with every step you take, how indifference threatens to make you numb and the hours go by, reminding you that it is impossible for things to be the same as before.

But it is because of the lost friendships that in the end we end up becoming stronger and we know how to recognize, who will not disappoint us. You may end up saying goodbye to a bunch of people, but whether you end up with a couple or just a friend who is truly honest, you know it will all have been worth it.

When the world turns its back on you

Happens. We close our eyes to the mistakes we make, perhaps not to see how everything collapses around us or perhaps, because we are only afraid to accept the inevitable. Then the whole world turns its back on us and we sink into a deepening abyss. Voices come and go, but almost none of them are encouraging. Except those of those who do not allow us to give up.

How to believe in yourself when hope is lost on the horizon? When do we realize that we have failed, even after so much effort? Only those who are worthy of calling themselves friends are responsible for having faith in you when even you have completely lost it.

If it ever happens to you, consider yourself lucky and keep in mind that second chances don’t always exist. As soon as someone extends their hand to you so you can get up, you have to try with all your might. With all your effort. Because you can probably do it, even if you don’t think you are capable.

Before meeting you

I don’t remember when it was that I happened to call you my best friend. So much time has passed that I think it will be impossible for me to find that memory. I think that I got used to considering you that way from an early age, although the truth is that I have very much in mind all those occasions when you demonstrated it to me with facts. I don’t think very often about whether or not I deserve your attention, but when I do I realize that I am very lucky.

If tomorrow we had to walk different paths, I do not understand which would be the most appropriate way to continue, because you have been my most important support. I think I would never be able to walk without your valuable help by my side.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, I just hope it allows us to figure it out together. And if for some reason we have to discover it with distance in between, it is not strong enough to make us forget each other. Because I feel that from today, you are in my mind and in my heart.

Despite the circumstances

What can you do when you feel like you’ve failed? Human beings can be weak. And it is painful when you are aware that you did not do the best you could, for the sake of a friend. It is difficult and above all, it makes you feel bad about yourself. Errors can be fixed, but trust can not always be restored. And what happens when you realize it?

We could have done better. It is a statement that many often accompany us in various circumstances of our lives. But they well say that what’s done is done. And only true friendship knows how to forgive mistakes without holding a grudge, giving everything of itself without expecting anything in return. And in fact, the latter usually happens.

Very late we realize what we have and how lucky we are. Because if someone remains unconditional, despite the circumstances that surround you and that pushed you to negative decisions; then you can say you have it all in the world.

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