True Love Quotes

When you really love someone, all you want to do is spend the rest of your life with him (or her), enjoy your love story, hug each night before bed and whisper some nice words each morning. In this article I share with you the best true love quotes.

And the truth is that there is nothing more pure and beautiful than love, a feeling that you can only understand if you are in love, because you would give your life for that someone so special. Every second of your time with that person is a second of happiness. But I will not entertain you anymore: below you have a list of beautiful true love quotes to dedicate to your beloved, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband … or whoever makes your heart vibrate. In addition, we have included short true love quotes and thoughts that will really make you reflect.

Short and beautiful true love Quotes

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You and I will not have a happy ending, as our story will never end.

A thousand years of life with you is not enough for this poor lover.

If it is pure, love is not trying to feel, it is felt without trying.

A blanket, a sofa, Netflix and some potatoes. But most importantly, you and me holding each other.

Sincere love does not consist in receiving, but in giving.

You come to my mind every time someone utters the word “love.”

If you sow sincere love, you will reap eternal love.

Hold me, until my body is impregnated with your scent …

Love goes beyond the physical, because you can only love with the soul.

If it had an end, it cannot be called love. “Bob Marley.”

You are the reason that makes me smile every morning.

Only you know how to make me a better person.

A tear is not a sign of fragility, but that what you felt was sincere, it was true.

It is only possible to love forever when you love with sincerity.

It is impossible to market with true love, since this feeling can only be given when you really feel it.

Pure love does not understand bodies, but heart.

If you want to find true love, avoid at all costs any superficial love that passes through your life. -Paulo Coelho.

Real love means forgiving the past, trusting in the present and dreaming about your future.

I don’t care about the place as long as I’m by your side.

It does not take an architect to raise a love, nor a doctor to save it. It should only be true if you want to preserve it.

I admire those people who look for you for no apparent reason, who smile when they see you, who stay by your side without putting conditions.

Beyond these beautiful words, I want you to know that my love is sincere, that I think of you all the time and I want the whole world to know it.

A heater lasts a few minutes, true l0ve an eternity.

True Love Quotes

Even after life I will continue loving you, since the one who loves you is my soul, and the soul always lives …

Pure and unconditional love: twenty-two letters that define how I feel about you.

It is not about promising, but keeping. It is not about receiving, but about offering. It is not about being loved, but about wanting …

I know I am not perfect, but my love for you is totally true.

There are people who want to know why I fell in love with you. So, a smile and silence come out of me, because I fear that they will fall in love with them too.

True l0ve is like a snowball, each day that passes is bigger.

You do not love a person because of how they dress, their physique or the money they have … they love because their gaze is a song for your soul.

Love does not wrinkle, it does not age, it is immortal and unstoppable.

Pure love does not understand distance.

Honey, thanks to you I can wake up with joy. I no longer remember what pain is, that’s why I will love you the rest of my life.

It is better to try and not work, never to have tried.

I have your name burned into my heart.

Some accuse me of being crazy, others of being unbalanced, but what really happens to me is that you have me in love.

I know I have a great heart because years ago you came to take care of it.

Why sincere love is important for happiness

Love arises when you are not looking for it . The day a friend introduces you to your future boyfriend (or girlfriend), a glance at the supermarket and others are reasons that can lead to a beautiful romance that changes your life completely. Even your best friend could become a love story.

In large part, movies, music and romantic books are responsible for causing that love full of sincerity and purity. We want to feel that happiness that we see in the characters, the tingling through the guts, love with an unbridled passion. We are encouraged to take our beloved or loved one by the hand, to dedicate some beautiful words to him and to confess that we love him with all our soul.

Also, when love is true, for many years you have been with your partner, you will never tire of hugging him by opening your eyes every morning . You would sacrifice your life for him without asking for anything back. And in addition, you will experience other feelings.

  • Weakness.
  • Affection and affection.
  • Trust.
  • Sweetness.
  • Generosity.
  • Want to live.
  • Happiness in its purest state.

If you have really fallen in love, you begin to forget about banal problems, you are less concerned with obstacles and you have a much more positive vision of things. However, despite believing that it will last forever, love sometimes ends and it is time to assimilate it. Cooling down of the relationship, distance, fights and other reasons causes a breakup. It is no longer possible to continue with that person, and as much as you love it is time to say goodbye. The most frequent reason for a breakup is remoteness .

There is a work that surely sounds familiar to you and that reflects quite well a love that, although it was true and sincere, ends in a tragedy because of fate. This is  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , where the protagonists love each other deeply but their environment leads to an inevitable death. A story that continues to make those who listen to it cry.

I hope these beautiful true love quotes, sincere and pure love have served you.