Titanium wedding rings: features of choice

Jewelers offer wedding symbols made of hypoallergenic materials to newlyweds who are allergic to gold and silver. Among the metals that allergy sufferers can safely wear, I would like to highlight titanium.

This amazing metal combines good characteristics with an interesting appearance. Modern technologies make it possible to obtain various shades of titanium and make models with various designs from it. In this publication, we will look at what a titanium engagement ring for a newlywed wedding can be .

Wedding rings, titanium.

Features of titanium jewelry

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The titanium metal has attracted jewelers’ interest in an amazing combination of its characteristics. It is very durable and lightweight at the same time. Titanium products are not afraid of acid or alkali.

They cannot be inadvertently damaged or scratched with sharp objects. Such properties of the metal will become the undoubted advantages of products made from it.

But the flip side of the coin is that it will not work to increase or decrease the titanium ring, and wedding rings are bought for life. The lightness of titanium makes it possible to make massive multi-level rings not only for men’s but also women’s collections.

This will be appreciated by lovers of wide and very wide rings with a complex design. The massive product is practically not felt on the hand and does not cause any discomfort.

Perhaps the most valuable characteristic of titanium is its hypoallergenicity. It does not rust, oxidize or react with other substances. In jewelry, an alloyed alloy is used, in which 87% titanium or a pure alloy with no more than 3% impurities. Therefore, contact of the jewelry with the skin does not cause allergic reactions.

Wedding ring, titanium.

Titanium does not belong to precious metals, therefore, no sample is put on products made from it. An important advantage of titanium products is ease of maintenance. They are no more polished than gold jewelry. Moreover, after each polishing, the shine of the ring only intensifies, which cannot but please the owner or owner.

Despite all the described advantages of titanium, it has an affordable price. Undoubtedly, the cost of a ring depends on its weight, color and design complexity. But some models are cheaper than silver ones, and at the same time they have high wear resistance and will not change their appearance throughout the entire period of operation.


Jewelers call titanium a gray mirror because of its ability to brightly reflect rays of light falling on it. Most titanium jewelry is indistinguishable from silver jewelry. There are rings with a shade of platinum.

The use of modern technologies has made it possible to significantly expand the color palette of jewelry. On the showcases of jewelry stores, you can see titanium rings in dark blue, purple, black and even pink.

Titanium wedding rings are made of different types. Classic style rings look like a metal bezel. They come in different widths with a glossy or matte finish. When making titanium rings, one of the fashion trends is actively taken into account – combined products. Jewelers offer models with a combination of matte and glossy surfaces.

There are rings with textured surfaces of varying complexity – from the semblance of frost to carved patterns. Flat textured rings with beveled edges with a smooth surface look especially impressive. Women’s, men’s and paired rings are decorated with semi-precious and precious stones, including diamonds.

The rings may contain precious metal inserts. A titanium ring with a strip of yellow or rose gold located in the middle looks expensive and fashionable.

A variety of patterns are applied to such a strip or left smooth. Rings with mother-of-pearl inserts look gentle. Their titanium rings are covered with a special film that creates a multicolored iridescent color.

How to choose?

When choosing a titanium ring, you need to remember that it cannot be adjusted. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size and determine the profile that is comfortable for oneself – the cross-section of the product. There are two main types of profile: American and European.

The American woman has a smooth outer and inner side of the ring. It turns out a flat decoration with smooth edges. It looks impressive both without decor, and with inserts, stones and especially engraving.

The European has rounded sides. It has three subspecies, depending on which side is rounded. In the standard profile, the outer side is convex and the inner side is flat. In the Comfort Fit Flat profile it is exactly the opposite, while in the Comfort Fit both sides are rounded. Due to the flat inner side of the ring, a snug fit on the finger is provided. The roundness inside the ring provides a comfortable fit, which is especially valuable when the body is prone to swelling of the hands.


When one of the newlyweds is allergic to silver or gold, then they should pay attention to the marriage symbols made of hypoallergenic titanium. Outwardly, it looks like noble platinum or silver, but it costs less. Titanium rings are made in different types and original colors, in particular, pink, black, dark blue and purple.

Such jewelry will be a godsend for couples striving for originality and symbolism. They believe a marriage will be lasting if it is held together with one of the most durable metals on earth, set with a diamond – the most durable precious stone. We wish you to find the wedding ring of your dreams!