Tips for choosing a wedding ring with stones

The wedding ring is a symbol of the marriage between the bride and groom. For a long time, when choosing rings for a wedding, the newlyweds were guided by the popular omen, which said that the smoother the ring, the smoother the couple’s family road will be.

Now many young people do not believe in such omens and are looking for original rings, including those decorated with precious stones. In this post, we looked at what to look for when choosing a black stone engagement ring.

Symbols of stones

The choice of any jewelry with precious or semi-precious stones should be approached responsibly. Each stone has its own symbolism and energy, which is not suitable for everyone.

Wedding rings should be chosen especially carefully. After all, different stones have a different effect on the marriage of people who wear them.

Jewelers use precious and semi-precious stones to make wedding rings. The most popular with newlyweds are the following gemstones: diamond, emerald and ruby .

Among semi-precious stones, preference is given to agate, which is famous for its unique patterns and a wide variety of shades. We will dwell on the characteristics of the indicated stones.

The meaning of various pebbles

Modern bridal fashion divides wedding rings into women, men and couples – the same design for the bride and groom. Jewelers offer different stylistic solutions for women’s and men’s rings.


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Wedding rings with stones photo.

For many years the leading positions among wedding rings have been occupied by products with diamonds or diamonds in combination with other precious stones.

In recent years, engagement rings with black diamonds have become increasingly popular. Previously, they were used only in industry, but now they are actively processed by jewelers.

The diamond is considered a stone of success and a symbol of a lasting family union. Indeed, in marriage, he symbolizes purity, constancy and unshakable love.

In the East, they believe that a married couple who have chosen wedding rings with diamonds will have a happy and long joint destiny, and they can courageously endure all the troubles that arise.

Diamonds in wedding rings are not fixed with prongs, which are popularly called paws, but channel setting is used. A special channel is formed in the metal, into which one or several diamonds are placed, and small balls from the metal from which the ring is made are held.

The channel can be closed in a circle or form a line of complex shape over the entire surface of the ring or part of it.

Some jewelry houses offer models in which one end surface of the ring is completely studded with diamonds or several stones are fixed on it. Such products are quite wide and with a rectangular profile.

Brides are more likely to opt for clear diamonds. They look very gentle. Diamonds look especially exquisite on white gold rings. The light surface of the ring creates the effect of a mirror and the diamond begins to shine more strongly than on a piece of yellow or red gold.

Men are attracted to white gold rings with black diamonds. Due to the contrast of colors, they look strict and at the same time very stylish.

For couples who prefer paired rings, jewelers offer models adorned with both transparent and black diamonds. Such products look very impressive and exclusive.


The emerald has another name – smaragd. This gem is found in nature from the shade of light grass to deep green. The darker the stone, the higher its value.

The Egyptians attributed divination properties to emeralds and the ability to transform dreams into reality. It was worn as a talisman by women planning the birth of children.

Modern connoisseurs believe that the emerald symbolizes chastity and serves as a source of inspiration and hope. He keeps the love and loyalty of the spouses. If one of them is unfaithful in marriage, then cracks appear on the emerald.

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Wedding rings with stones.

Emerald is credited with the ability to guide the person who wears it on the right path and to protect against erroneous actions. Experts advise balanced and patient people to choose rings with emeralds.

Jewelers choose yellow or rose gold for products with emeralds. Emeralds go well with many stones, but they look especially impressive with diamonds.

Wedding rings with a combination of emeralds and diamonds are in great demand among newlyweds . Emeralds are very fragile and therefore, the ring should be protected from blows.


Ruby belongs to expensive gemstones. Its cost is not much different from that of diamonds. It comes in all shades of red – from pink to dark red, almost red-violet. The most common red rubies. The more unusual the color of a ruby, the higher its price.

In Europe, the ruby ​​is considered a symbol of beauty, faith and devotion. In eastern countries, the stone symbolizes love, passion, vitality and health.

Experts say that love and passion will not fade between spouses wearing wedding rings with rubies. It has long been believed that the ruby ​​supports the life of its owner and warns him of the impending danger by changing its color.

The ruby ​​has a unique ability to lift the mood of the person wearing it. Rubies help not to succumb to nervous irritation, not to become discouraged and resist stress.

Therefore, wedding rings with rubies are able to help a married couple resolve arising disputes and misunderstandings. People have long believed that the ruby ​​destroys evil spells and is able to protect against sorcerers.

Healers advise wearing it for diseases of the heart, joints and blood, as well as in the presence of inflammatory processes, nightmares and various fears.

In addition, the ruby ​​contributes to the concentration of mental abilities and attention, courage and courage. As you can see, a gold ring with a ruby ​​will help spouses in many areas of life and, at the same time, will look very impressive on the finger.

Jewelers make many models of wedding rings, both decorated with rubies and diamonds. This combination looks very nice.


Agate belongs to semiprecious stones, but due to its original color it has long been actively used by jewelers to make jewelry, including wedding rings. More than 100 varieties of agate are known.

In addition to black agate, other stones have patterns. Most often there are agates with concentric or rectilinear stripes, but there are complex patterns that resemble an eye, moss, landscapes, castle ruins and much more.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that God’s mercy would descend on a person wearing agate jewelry .

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Wedding rings with stone photo.

Modern experts believe that agate has a beneficial effect on the physical health of its owner, gives him confidence in his abilities, and also protects against negative energy and harmonizes the external environment. A person wearing agate jewelry evokes sympathy among others.

When wearing the ring, it should be borne in mind that, despite the high strength of agate, scratches may remain on it from contact with hard objects. To clean the agate from the accumulated negative energy, it is enough to hold it under a stream of cold running water.

How to choose a ring for women and men?

When choosing rings, you should take into account the recommendations of stylists:

  • on thin and long fingers, narrow rings look good, which are 2-3 mm wide, or wide models – 10 mm wide;
  • rings of medium thickness are selected for full and long fingers – products of 6-7 mm are considered to be such;
  • on medium-sized fingers, a ringlet of 4-6 mm looks best;
  • on short fingers, narrow rings with a width of 2.5-3.5 mm look spectacular.

Wedding rings can have one or more stones or a scattering of small stones. When choosing the size of the stone, it should be borne in mind that the ring will be worn every day. Large specimens are not the best option.

The second important point is the correct size of the finger. This can be done in any jewelry store using a set of special thin rings.

The measurement must be taken in the evening and in good physical health. During illness, menstruation and morning hours, measurements of the size will be inaccurate. If you plan to buy a ring in width with a diameter of 6 mm or more, then you need to select a product with a size that is a quarter larger than the measured size.


When choosing a wedding ring, remember that this is not an easy piece of jewelry, but a symbol of a concluded marriage. Therefore, it is worn every day with different styles of clothing. The ring should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.

When you want to choose a wedding ring with a pebble, it is important to take into account its symbolism. Diamonds give a couple hope for eternal love, and rubies do not allow passion to fade away.

Emeralds will help build a happy family life. With our advice, you can find the perfect engagement ring for you. We wish you your dream wedding!