Tips for choosing a wedding cape

Young spouses are looking forward to the most important day in their lives with special trepidation and anxiety. It is considered a wedding ceremony. This is a sacrament that takes place under the vault of the church. Only the closest people gather at it, wishing to congratulate the young on such a serious act. On the wedding day, everything should be perfect and beautiful.

After this ceremony, the young will look at the photographs for a long time, and remember this beautiful and mysterious rite that has united their hearts for life. On this day, as in any friend, the bride and groom want to look beautiful. If such difficult questions do not arise with the groom, then it is much more difficult for a young lady to decide on the choice of an outfit.

What is a wedding hood?

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Wedding stylists strongly advise choosing the whole image for the wedding. Therefore, dresses, capes, and scarves are considered inseparable. All this as a whole can make up a harmonious and beautiful image of the bride.

Wedding cape.

No church will allow a woman to enter with her head uncovered. According to the commandment of the Apostle Paul, the beautiful half of humanity should wear a headdress as a sign of humility and obedience. In the church, the girl shows this obedience to God and higher powers. Therefore, coming to the temple bareheaded is disrespectful.

Girls always want to look diverse, stylish, and beautiful. To do this, they select interesting accessories. If earlier women were content with simple headscarves, nowadays everything is much more complicated. Designers and stylists come up with a variety of options for brides. On the one hand, the robes look stylish and fashionable, on the other hand, they fit all church laws and canons.

A special wedding hood is a beautiful and delicate piece of fabric that covers the head, falling beautifully over the shoulders. There are several types of capes. Some of them end just below the shoulders, while others reach the waistline. Both options are acceptable and suitable for a wedding ceremony.

The bonnet is considered a special type of cape that can cover the shoulders and head. It is quite short and performs only one function, that is, it completely covers the entire head.

The cape on the girl’s head looks light and weightless. Unlike a scarf, it does not fit the head. Accordingly, so that during the sacrament there are no problems and questions, it is necessary to fix the hood to the hair with invisible ones.

Color combinations

It is necessary to choose a scarf based on the color and style of the bride’s dress. Often, young ladies pick up all the attributes separately. This is not very good, but if you have already chosen a dress, then you just need to pick up the rest of the elements.

If your wedding dress is snow-white, then the cape itself should be of the same tone.

Please note that even white has several tones and shades, so it is better to take a dress with you to the store when choosing a hood.

If you want to stand out, you can add some bright elements to your cape. Only two colors are considered valid: red and black. Red is traditional, as it is depicted in national costumes, and you can even enter the church wearing them.

As for black, it can be noted that it is a classic color that deserves to be used in church attire.

Wedding hood.

The color combination in the church is a rather controversial occupation. Since it is necessary to choose shades in such a way that in the end, you get a decent combination of colors. Not too defiant and moderately strict.

Materials (edit)

Even though according to church canons, severity and brevity are natural, nevertheless, in the image of a bride, you can show your imagination a little. This can be done easily with the perfect selection of materials and fabrics.

The most ideal options are:

  • lace;
  • guipure;
  • shawl;
  • silk;
  • atlas;
  • chiffon.

Remember, the hood doesn’t have to look vulgar. At the same time, a balance must be struck. So, if your clothes are decorated and decorated with rhinestones, sequins, patterns on the fabric, then the hood should be laconic, strict, and simple.

Mainly for the church, women give their choice in favor of modest and elegant dresses, decorated capes.

Beads or sequins can be sewn into the cape itself. But there shouldn’t be too many of them. It is extremely important to maintain a balance in your image without overdoing it with jewelry.

How to make a hood with your own hands?

If you have at least a little understanding of sewing and skills, then you can always try to sew a real cape yourself.

The first step is to choose the fabric itself. It should fit your typewriter. This means that overlocks or other complex elements are required. For example, silk or lace is a difficult fabric to work with. The material without fail requires special processing of the seams. Otherwise, the whole cape may just crawl in parts. To prevent this from happening, the edges should be processed with a special overlock.

The cape requires specialties. It can be regular lacing. Or, as an option, a brooch or other decorative elements are used.

  1. Fold the fabric in half.
  2. Measure the dimensions based on the desired total.
  3. Cut out the rounded bolero.
  4. Overcast the edges with an overlock.


At all times, wedding capes were especially popular. They were able to hide naked body parts and a wide neckline. Nowadays, the bonnet is especially relevant, since most of the outfits do not comply with church rules.

The cape is good to use and convenient in that it can be easily removed. Wearing a hood can create an elegant and sophisticated look.