Tinder Super Like: How to Make Your Profile Stand Out

Tinder is among the most popular dating apps and it’s one that my own self has tried regularly for the last few years. Tinder contests the conventional dating system, which usually demands you to meet strangers in public spaces. Instead, it provides the possibility of a large pool of potential partners to those who don’t have not had access to at restaurants or bars.

Today, we’re looking at another aspect of Tinder’s dating app that’s interesting: Tinder Super Likes.

What is it exactly that Tinder “Super Likes”? Most importantly is it true that they work and are they worth the additional cost you have to shell out?

Let’s get started.

What are Tinder Superlikes?

Tinder has introduced a number of new features since its debut on the market to provide those who are looking for a partner more options. The first one is “Super Likes” which allows you to Super Like someone by clicking on that blue banner or by swiping across their accountin a different way than an ordinary game, Super Likes instantly notify them that they’ve been”Super Liked” and also the opportunity to see your account.

It’s a disputed paid service in terms of effectiveness and effectiveness, with a few users stating that it could even reduce your chances of matching. Tinder revealed that having Super Likes raises your possibility of matching by 3 hundred times, and that conversations that contain Super Likes continue seventy percent longer than normal conversations.

If someone likes your profile, they will receive a Tinder notification and will typically show up in someone’s matching queues following the Super Like, which allows users to swipe you right away.

How Does Tinder Super Likes Perform?

You can “Super Like” someone you like via Tinder by swipe up or pressing the blue banner on the bottom the screen. If the person you have super-liked is viewing your account and clicks on your profile, she’ll be able to see an orange banner and the star that suggests that you really liked her.

A brand new update to Super Likes improves it by 10 times more effective than it was the previous version. You can not only say that you love someone but also send them a message by using super like. Make sure to keep the Tinder opener working and you could make an interaction that you would not have otherwise.

How Much Does the Tinder Superlikes cost?

Super Likes can be bought in packs. Select on the account icon, then Settings and finally Buy Super Likes to buy Super Likes.

Additionally, you will receive an additional Free Super Like every day, which you could spend on someone who’s profile stands out. Tinder Plus ($9.99 each month) or Tinder Gold ($14.99 monthly) members are entitled to five Super Likes daily, and you are able to purchase additional Super Likes at $1 per.

The Super Like is granted for a specific time. You can only offer one per day, and you get one opportunity to respond to the Super Like before it disappears

Do Tinder Super Likes Work?

One way to determine whether that Super Like is functioning is to test it by using simple statistical data and an analytical approach.

Try Super Likes daily for at least a month and track the number of matchups you get from it. This can be compared against normal swiping matchups. If you’re an active user and not a subscriber to a subscription service, your daily swiping limit is limited to 100 swipes per day or 3000 swipes per month.

To determine which method resulted in a higher percentage of matching make simple calculations. Try this feature for a longer period of time in order to achieve more significance and to be more confident regarding the impact on super Likes on your match percentage.

If you’re a member of Tinder Plus or Gold, you can use five Super Likes every day without spending any credits. This gives you an added swipe for a lesser period of time, allowing you run the tests mentioned above faster and determine whether Tinder Super Like is beneficial.

The benefits of using Tinder Super Like

1. If you like someone The Chances of Receiving A Reply increase.

According to the conducted by the research team, those with a status of “liked” are three times more likely to engage with people with whom they already “Super likes” them. Since, let’s face it that if someone is a fan of you enough to make use of the Super Likes they have they could also provide them at least an hour of your time.

2. There’s a greater chance of establishing deeper connections

Although placing two matches together could bring about a few chats before an evening out, by using an app like the Super Like feature expanding interactions by 70%, you’re creating something personal and significant. This indicates that Tinder isn’t just an app to hook up with and that romance is definitely on the horizon?

3. Conversations last significantly longer

Maybe it’s because one of them is so interested that the other person becomes a conversational and rambling however, interactions between two people seem to last longer when one of them is super liked. This is because going out of their way to be attentive to them indicates that they’re really interested in you and you should at the very least allow them to familiar with them isn’t it?


In the end, Tinder Super Like is not the best premium feature. To be honest I would not pay money on a paid service only to get four more Super Likes each day. If you only have just one or five per day, don’t do it.

Also, no, buying an extra Super Like isn’t so essential in general; Tinder Boost is much more beneficial. If you’d like to make additional matches as we suggested in the previous paragraph, begin at the beginning by using stunning photos of yourself and create a concise, funny profile. If the match you get isn’t great, consider using additional features such as Boost. If you’ve looked into those options, Super Like is worth trying.

We also suggest to try giving Tinder Super Like a shot to see how effective it can be for you. We’ll not stop you from receiving additional Super Likes if it works for you.