Tinder Opening Lines

Looking for the best tinder opening lines to have successful conversations that end in dating? Here we bring you 30 phrases that will help you in your conquest process and thus achieve success in your leagues with just a few lines.

Tinder Ice Breakers

If you notice that your images are of high quality, or use filters that make them look like professional photographs, comment on them. She will surely appreciate your good creative and aesthetic eye.

You can use phrases of the style:

  • I love the filter you used for that photo, what is it?
  • Your photos look out of magazine.
  • What lens do you use to achieve such spectacular shots?
tinder opening lines

Best Tinder Lines

His profile says that he loves to be compliments… and that he has a great taste for tea. Use that information in your favor to show that you really read his profile and that you are interested much more than physical appearance.

Some phrases to break the ice in Tinder using this technique are:

  • like girls who drink tea in the afternoon and I think you are one of them.
  • Dogs are human’s best friends, I’m glad you like them too.
  • If I compliment you on your excellent taste of wine, am I doing well?

Funny Ice Breakers For Online Dating

Using word games based on something you see in your profile always works in your favor. Always. You can use questions based on your profile and then get the game out.

As an example of this, we bring you the following phrases:

  • If a tea mixture represented your personality, what would you be?
  • Do you have any idea how much an elephant weighs? Well, I think the weight is enough to break the ice.

Tinder Open Source: Tinder Opening Lines

If in some of your photos it appears with a pet like a dog or cat, take that opportunity to break the ice in Tinder. One of Tinder’s secrets to success is not to complicate much.

Although it seems incredible, most do not take the time to investigate their possible matches to start a conversation. You can use phrases like:

  • I saw that you have a dog. I was wondering what race it is and if it is friendly. By the way, my name is …
  • I also like to climb mountains, of all your trips, which mountain do you recommend visiting?
tinder opening lines

Naked Tinder :Tinder Opening Lines

You have read his profile and have noticed that he also likes spicy food, take advantage of it in your favor and let him know. Finding points in common is a good way to flirt in Tinder.

Some examples of this type of phrases are:

  • I have noticed that you like spicy food, what do you think if we go out tomorrow (a place where they sell food of that style)?
  • I also like to travel the world, what is your next destination?

Joke With The First Message I Send You

Do they send you messages? Answer him in style when making puns or jokes that encourage conversation. Of course, try to be respectful and make the joke towards yourself, this will demonstrate your good sense of humor and chivalry.

Respond To A Challenge In Your Biography: Tinder Opening Lines

If in your profile you mention, for example, that you will not share your fries or your ice cream, take the opportunity to talk with something funny about it.

In the case that we mentioned above, you can tell him that sharing is good, that if he would not share even with the love of his life, or something like that.

Send Him A Funny GIF: Tinder Opening Lines

You don’t know what to tell him? Are you afraid to make a bad first impression by writing something wrong? GIFs and memes can help you about it. Choose one that is funny, that cannot be misunderstood and send it.

It can be something related to your biography and your tastes, or just something that you like. The important thing is to represent your sense of humor, but make it fun.

tinder opening lines

Find A GIF That Describes Your Biography

Does he say he loves cats and sunglasses? Find a GIF of a cat with sunglasses doing something funny.

Many times breaking the ice in Tinder is easier than you think. You just need to read some description phrases for Tinder in your profile and use it in your favor.

Comment Your Photos In A Great Place

Do you have photos in other countries or in places that look extremely beautiful? Do not wait any longer and comment on how spectacular that place is or what you would like to visit and what recommendations would you give to know it.

You can even ask him if he can be your guide in that location.

Take Risks

Who does not risk does not win. If you have a dark sense of humor, show it. Obviously, being openly sexual doesn’t do you any favors, but if you’re having fun taking risks, the conversation won’t be boring and she will have a lot of fun talking to you.

Trial And Error To Find The Joke That Fits Your Flirting Style

Although we are giving you some advice, not all are for you. With some you will not feel comfortable, others will simply not work. Go testing one by one, until you find the technique that fits you perfectly.

The only advice that will always work for you is to be respectful. For the rest, you just have to have fun, relax and be the best version of yourself.

Nude Tinder

Your # 1 goal in Tinder is to make the appointment take place, if you see that she shows interest in you, don’t wait any longer, propose her a place and place to meet. It may be some place that either frequent, or a new one she wants to know.

You can use tinder opening lines like:

  • I invite you to the cinema this Wednesday, if everything goes well we will have fun, but if not, at least we will have seen a movie, what do you think?
  • I noticed that you love Thai food, me too and I know a place that serves a delicious Pad Thai. Do you want to go with me on Saturday night?

 Flatter Your Sense Of Fashion

Being real and personalized will make you succeed in almost every conquest you start. Detail your photos in search of something unique, it can be a hat, a bag or even a watch, make a compliment about it and see the magic emerge.

Pay Attention To The Oddities Of Your Profile

There are people who place certain things to invite you to talk about it. For example, if you write that you are 89, when you obviously do not have them, it is a clear signal to speak.

Take what is available. There is no reason to avoid the obvious. He just wants to know that you took the time to see his profile.

Respond To Your Despicable Self Humor

His profile mentioned that he will regret using Tinder. Once again, it’s simple, let yourself go, say hello and tell her you’ll regret it. Surely he answers you with laughter and introducing himself.

After this, you can ask him about something that has interested you in his profile, some of his tastes or preferences.

Comment On Your Peculiar Photos With Funny Objects

Almost all profiles in Tinder have a photo that will stand out from the rest. Tell her how good she looks in her or that you like girls with that peculiarity that caught your attention.

You may come out with a fake mustache, a large feather hat or even glasses with a false nose. Whatever it is, it is a sign that you are really interested in it and that you have a sense of humor.

Make Your Photos A Topic Of Conversation

Are you jumping in the photo? Tell him what a movie billboard picture looks like or that he has super powers. You will surely be flattered and the topic will follow. Ask him what powers he would like to have.

Female Chat Line

Instead of the typical “hello”, you can ask him, what do you prefer among several things. For example:

  • If you declare 3 days of vacation, what do you prefer? Go to the beach, the mountain or sleep late ?.
  • Sweet or salt? Vegetables or meat? Pizza or hamburger?

Refer Your Food Choices – Idea Of An Easy Date

Do you mention that you like Italian food? Or chineese? Ask him about his favorite dish! An easy way to reach someone’s heart is through food and what better way to do it than to talk about it?

When they feel comfortable, invite her to a restaurant of her favorite food, so you will make an appointment effectively and quickly.

If Your Biography Mentions That She Likes Something You Do, Do It

Do you like musicians or athletes, and, are you one of them? Greet her, ask her what she thinks if you are one of them, and if you would earn points by placing it on your profile.

Although it is a direct way to open a conversation in Tinder, it often works. It makes you look like someone confident and confident.

Good Tinder Openers

Do you want to link with an interesting and little beaten tinder opening lines? Find out what he likes and look for an ingenious phrase. For example:

  • Winter is coming – in case you like Games of Throne.
  • After all this time? – Dumbledore to Snape, in Harry Potter.
  • Happiness is in the things you don’t plan on, in which you don’t see coming – Grey’s Anatomy

Repeat Your Name Twice

If you don’t find anything interesting in your entire profile (photos, biography …) or you don’t feel like thinking about other tricks, this one works very well and they almost always respond.

Write your name twice, followed by “you are here!”, They will surely answer you with a yes here I am or if they know each other, this phrase just broke your ice and you can continue using other linking techniques

Sexy Icebreakers

For example:

  • Hiqwsedrftgyhunjk. I wanted to write you something original and I think I have succeeded.
  • What do you prefer: an original and somewhat cheesy phrase, or do we skip that to have an appointment?
  • Giraffes are mute, have no vocal cords, but have a tongue so long that they can clean their ears with them. This has nothing to do with knowing us, but at least if it doesn’t work I will have taught you something new.

Tinder Milf

  • What a great photo! Where have you taken it?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you do it and why?
  • What should I know about you that is not in your profile?

Examples Of Conversations In Tinder

A question to meet the girl, you show interest in her. It’s a different and fun way to start a conversation in Tinder that almost always succeeds.

Phrases For Female Profile Tinder

Be yourself, add something that characterizes you. An example I found browsing is:

«I hate flowers, never buy me flowers, however, fries will make me fall in love with you … Guilty pleasures: neighborhood dramas, decorated cupcakes and see Law and Order, and Grey’s Anatomy»

What To Do With Tinder Without Matches?

There are 3 things you must change to start having Matches in Tinder:

Number 1 – Look for an attractive and good quality profile picture . It has to be a picture where you take care of all your appearance, but also show who you are and what you like. You must appear alone, without friends, family or drinking.

Number 2 – Improve your description: it  ‘s you made words, you must sell yourself and be desirable. Just keep true to your essence, and be honest. Make a list of your virtues and write them on the profile, with special emphasis on those that make you unique.

Number 3 – Avoid threshed greetings:  we have already told you a lot, the typical “hello, where are you from?” Just bored. Try to use witty phrases that fit the profile of the girl you are talking to.

How To Break Ice In Tinder?

Here I will tell you the best and easiest advice to break the ice: use GIF’s. They are funny, they all like them and they will give you the opportunity for her to respond and you can continue the conversation.

Read his profile or check his photos, see what he likes, find a GIF that fits his personality and send it to him. Surely a smiley emoticon responds to you or tells you something about it.

Best First Lines For Tinder

Always send a personalized message, which fits your profile as to how it is described and your photos. Some phrases that fit all types of girls are:

  • Can I ask you a question? – followed by: – ​​I showed my mother your profile, and she says I should marry you, what do I say? ?
  • I’m curious about something, what is the weirdest thing you have been told here? ?
  • Let’s play: tell me two truths and a lie, I’m going to guess. You think?

How To Greet In Tinder?

The simple Hello will not work for you, nor should you enter with a line flattering their attributes, the pretty girls are tired of reading the same threshed phrases. Try to make some ingenious joke about something you have read in their profile.

You can tell him, for example, that you saw that they have a French Bulldog and you love those dogs, what his name is. It is an original way to break the ice that almost always works.

Best Tinder Pick Up Lines

  • For God’s sake, somebody go out with me. I’m tired of taking my mom to parties and my cousin to weddings. Everyone thinks that I am the black sheep in love.
  • Do you like bad boys? Well, I’m bad at everything, talk to me and you’ll find out.
  • I am the old woman who appears in the photo, but after a crazy Friday, something made me change bodies with my grandson. I’ve been trapped in this idiot’s body for weeks. Please help! If anyone can contact me with Lindsay Lohan for advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Example Of Original Tinder Description

Here are three examples of original tinder opening lines descriptions that are surely a success:

  • Breakfast for dinner and pizza for breakfast. I like movies more than books. Coffee is life. Star Wars is overrated.
  • Funny, handsome and very intelligent. If you want to know more about me, greet me.
  • I’m just a guy, standing in front of a lot of people in an application, and asking them to love me. I like tea and sunrises in the mountains.

How To Start A Conversation In Tinder? – Examples

You must consider 3 things to start a conversation:

  • Be yourself, don’t brag or lie.
  • Show yourself safe, relaxed and fun.
  • Use your profile information to start the conversation: photos, descriptions …

We hope that the Tinder openers we have told you will serve as an inspiration to succeed in the world of virtual league. We invite you to share with us your comments or phrases that have served you through this application.

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