Tinder Ice breakers

Tinder Icebreakers

I have written 50 good tinder ice breakers especially for you. You can divide them into:Some are very original, some are funny, some are challenging and others are a combination.

From today on, you will never be filled with your mouth full of teeth once you have received a match at Tinder!

I suppose I have to say something nice now?

“Apparently you have a good taste, (name)

Hey, I’m not looking for sex. Hugs though. Do you want to be my cuddle buddy?

I hope you didn’t match me alone because of my appearance

Hey [name], I hope you have more to offer than just a nice head.

Hello [name], I really thought you were the nicest girl I met in the last five minutes.

Hi [name], I want to make one thing clear to you: I don’t send a nude photo in the first 20 messages.

Hi [name], what would you do if I were behind you now?

Hey, you could be my cute girl next door.

‘Hi [name], what would you do with me if you could get away with it with impunity?

‘Hey [name], do you have any secret tips for me on a first Tinder date?

Hi [name], you are my new chat friend for today!

Hi [name], if you could confess something for today, what would it be?

Hey [name], what’s the most idiotic opening sentence you’ve ever received?

OK tell. What is your excuse to sit on Tinder?

Dare or the Truth. You start!

Trump or Clinton?

What gave you a smile today?

How would you spend 10 million?

What would you change if you were president?

What makes you unique?

If you had a giraffe as a pet, what would you call it?

Tinder Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers For Tinder

  1. I’m tired of Tinder for today … or are you nice?
  2. If you could get a product from the supermarket for free for a year, what would it be?
  3. Hey [name], to celebrate our match I baked a cake.
  4. If you could invest a pizza with four ingredients, what would it be?
  5. What’s in your favorite cocktail?
  6. Which of your photos do you think I like best?
  7. If you were in a band, which instrument would you like to play?
  8. Do you prefer ten thousand euros in cash or in the bank?
  9. Which film did you have to cry about recently? (I will not tell)
  10. Restaurant or cozy cooking together on our first date?
  11. Hey [name], which actor did you fall in love with as a teenager?
  12. Why aren’t you learning, [name]?
  13. Dancing or singing?
  14. This is not an opening sentence! Hi:)
  15. Hello, have you matched me for the same reason that I have you?
  16. Nice profile. Why don’t we have a date yet?
  17. Is it true what they say about girls called [name]?
  18. I was actually hoping that you would start the conversation ..
  19. Are you hungry too? What shall we order?
  20. Where were you yesterday? I was at your door with a delicious bottle of wine!
  21. What do you want for Santa Claus?
  22. All I want for Christmas is…
  23. Do you also feel like beer?
  24. I want to go out … where are we going?
  25. My dog ​​liked your photos (no joke)
  26. If we got married, where would you take me on a honeymoon?
  27. I don’t actually have an opening sentence. I just thought you were interesting
  28. Hi;) What would you do if you came across a killer clown?
Tinder Icebreakers

Best Pick Up Line Tinder

  1. Congratulations with me as a Tinder match ?
  2. Wow I just met your twin sister … only she WAS blonde ?
  3. A match on valentine / christmas / ….
  4. We have chosen each other purely on appearance. Now let’s both pretend that we are super interested in each other’s inner self.
  5. You seem like a lady with a very spontaneous self-expression, but also that you have feelings that you are sometimes unsure about.
  6. Omelette or pancakes in the morning? Tea or coffee? Strawberry or chocolate?
  7. We’ll just lie to your parents later how we met. Deal?
  8. 8. Hey who are you?
  9. Hey, I don’t know if we match but you seem like an interesting combination of tough and gentle ..
  10. PS. Hi I am .. / PS: Snowboarder or Skier
  11. If you are the one, I will jump a hole in the air. If not, I still do it.
  12. What is the best opening sentence you have used to decorate a beautiful man?
  13. 12. I am awesome, what are you?
  14. I am looking for a lady who is looking for a ([values]: honest, adventurous, ambitious, sporting, hard-working, spiritual, humorous, intellectual, independent and male) man.
  15. (Emoticon of cutlery) All I miss is a small spoon.
  16. I have 1 word for you … Cool / Fascinating / Awesome
  17. I have 1 word for your third photo … Cool / Fascinating / Awesome.
  18. Also use these words specifically for compliments.

Tinder Icebreakers: Online Dating Conversation Starter

We all experienced it once: you are at a party,wedding party or drink and you don’t know anyone. Ten tips of tinder ice breakers to get the conversation going.

  1. Give a (genuine!) Compliment. Find something worth mentioning: an outfit, hairstyle, handsome bag or crazy shoes. Then ask for details, so that a simple’thank you’ is not enough as an answer. Often the ice is broken.
  2. If the person has come with his or her beloved, you can ask how they met. People often like to tell that: it is a cheerful story that they have usually told more often. Also during the story often enough similarities come up which you can then continue to embroider.
  3. If you are in a philosophical mood, there are already some drinks in the man and the atmosphere is there you could ask about the happiest moment in someone’s life or even ask about their zodiac sign, Enneagram personality type or birth stone. This can lead to beautiful, deeper conversations. You have to have a little knowledge of people and a sense of timing. Prefer not to ask this of a cheerful colleague of sales.
  4. Almost everyone loves food and a striking number of people also enjoy talking about it. What did anyone eat? What are the best restaurants? Can you cook a little yourself ? How do you prefer your eggs? Again: don’t ask this happy sales colleague. Or ofcourse.
  5. If you really do not remember, there is always Kim Kardashian. Nice? Or just really stupid?

Ice Breaker Lines

  1. Would you like to get well prepared? Then read on, Kardashian news enough, after all.
  2. Ask ‘If you could meet someone you don’t know yet, who would it be? And what would you talk about? “
  3. Work can also be a good subject. Telling about something every day puts people at ease. Make things livelier by asking about someone’s dream career or most embarrassing moment.
  4. Don’t like the cows and calves? Daredevils simply immediately ask about the core: “what is the driving force in your life?”
  5. People like to talk about themselves. ‘How do you spend your day? What is new in your life? “
  6. Books, travel and music are pleasant subjects. Ask for tips.
Tinder Ice Breakers

Best Online Dating Icebreakers: Tinder Ice Breakers

Avoid compliments about her beauty.Why? Check the chart below an cupid investigation.

  • Do, dare or the truth?
  •  Immediately write your number in words: plus three and six …… ..
  • I really like your background from your profile photo / Tinder bio…. WOW
  • I am sure that we are the worst Tinder match ever.
  •  Do you believe in love on the first swipe?
  •  Funny .. I think I see you right now … Take a look behind you.
  • You have an interesting Facebook page… (You don’t even have to see it)
  •  I just saw a screenshot on a Tinder website with your Tinder profile as an example: O
  • You saw my special Tinder profile and felt…. (Let her fill in)
  •  My favorite fruit is a … and my favorite …
  • Mission impossible: From the moment you read this message you have 10 minutes to … (think of an assignment)
  •  Men have it so much easier than women … I think you know exactly why.
  • On the first photo you really look like a … (something positive, but I think you’re really a … (something negative)
  • I know this profile is fake (name), but may I have the real name of the model you used for the photos.
  • You should have known how many times I had to move to the left to see such a cute girl like you.
  • We have the same … / Have you ever ….
  • I don’t know what it is (name), but you have something interesting in you …
  • Hey, we match future ex wife
  • What have you never done before and are you going to do this week?
  • Good afternoon, stranger
  • Woman’s breasts or buttocks?
  • Hi, I am (name), nice to “meet you”.

Best Tinder Openers: Tinder Ice Breakers

tinder ice breakers
tinder ice breakers
best tinder openers
best tinder openers
best tinder openers
best tinder openers

Try them all out and see with which Tinder opening sentence you get the most female responses. Remember that every woman is different and not all of them will respond equally positively. These opening sentences are effective because you immediately filter women for humor and sarcasm.

If they send something boring back then you know you’re dealing with a dead house sparrow. It is advisable to adjust them slightly to the profile description and photos of your matches.

For example, you don’t want to tell a 47-year-old woman to go to college ?

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