Thinking Of You Letters

When you can’t express everything you have inside, thinking of you love letters are a wonderful resource. In a few lines written on paper you can bare your soul without fear or nerves, express everything you feel to the person you love.

I Am Thinking Of You Love Letters

I needed you, so I thought I’d write you something, it’s 3:00 am and I’m not sleepy, which is actually yes, but I’m awake listening to Birdy’s songs mixed with Green Day’s, and thinking about you. And I miss you so much, you know? Well, I said, I wish you were here with me, and so boh, since we can’t see each other now, I decided to leave you this ‘little message’ if we can call it that.

Put aside the crying, the problems, the troubles in the classroom, the disappointments, eh there have been, we both know. Put aside even the most useless things: old photos that tear tears, old messages, the handkerchief that you always carry in your right pocket, crumpled up, that you carry for yourself.

but you are forced to give it to me to blow my nose, put aside the uncompleted homework, and the math questions, the ‘pencil’ grades, the laughs, the chatting hearts, the fluffy emoticons that move with the cats (which I love, but okay, let’s also put aside those), the messages of people who harass us, the nagging people, the inconsistent ones (there are many), those who try to take us away, put aside the secrets, the obsessions.

The fact that slowly you are becoming worse than me mentally, get rid of my fears, because with you I have no fears (apart from dogs, eh vbb), forget the novels that I ask you on my knees to lend me, the curses, the promises, the times when you are forced to be satisfied, otherwise I pretend to be pissed off at you, the curses, the hugs, the curses, the swear words, the figures you make in front of my brother.

The love notes you write for him with watercolors, the desire to dye his hair, red, blue, orange, rainbow, but the fact is that whatever you do, whatever color you will always be fine, group my colds in a corner, Saturday nights gone bad, the movies we promised to see together, the fact that if we lived a little closer, I would come to see you every hour, and above all forget that we are now far apart. In short, put everything aside a bit.

Me and you, as the background this wonderful song, and the sea as background. We are near a rock, do you see it? And the sea is almost a table, it is a table. Only small waves hit the rocks, and create a slight noise, so pleasant.

Thinking Of You Letters For Him

The sun is about to set, we spent all morning at the sea, and there is no one. We didn’t bring cell phones, we are untraceable, someone will be wondering where we are? Maybe our parents. But what does it matter? And now look at us, we’re both 18. We have dyed hair, we both have beautiful color, do you see? We have the piercing we’ve always dreamed of, dilators, and we have two tattoos: an anchor, and a flower. That flower is a ‘forget-me-not’, I did a search, it is a beautiful flower, blue, with blue shades. It means something destined to last forever. Like us. Because we will last forever, right?
And now look, we have two plane tickets to London in hand, we will be leaving in a few days, we have booked them for quite a while, and they have cost us a little expensive.
And then here is the last wave comes to the rock, and we both dive.
There is no better feeling, right?
And now it’s four o’clock, and I’m still not sleepy and I’m thinking of you. You are an extraordinary person, bordering on the extraordinary, not even a thousand vocabularies of English, Italian, Spanish and German would be enough to find an adjective that fully describes you.
I love you, forget-me-not.

Just Thinking Of You Letters

Thinking Of You Letters

No matter how hard I try, you are always in my thoughts. All you have to do is listen to a song or look up at the sky for you to completely invade my mind because you don’t know what you’re doing in me. How is it that I have come to fall so deeply in love with someone like you? If we are so different. But at the same time, I realize that you compliment me perfectly. And that I can no longer deny because you make my heart beat so hard because I feel that you are the right person to whom I must give it.

You just don’t know how special you are in my life, nor the things that I have learned since I met you. The small details that have become important and with which I have known how to be happy, and the moments that I know I will treasure forever.

By your side, anything becomes more important and I know that I don’t need much to be happy, because seeing you laugh is my greatest joy. How many hours have I not spent thinking about you? Wondering if you feel the same as me and if I can prolong everything we share. Because you know something? There is no one in my life who makes me feel like you do, that with a single look you have me in the palm of your hand. That he speaks to me without the need for words and knows how to read what I hide behind my expression.

You are a person who fills all my days with light, no matter how cloudy they are. Everything I say may seem strange to you, but the truth is that you completely changed my perspective on the world. And if it weren’t for you, maybe I’d still be someone completely disbelieving in love.

You have to know how much I like to be by your side. And how much you improve my life with your presence.

I’m Always Thinking Of You

Hello, I want you to know that at this moment I am, as always, thinking of you, in everything I put my gaze on I draw your face, and I ask myself, like every night, why do I love you so much? It will be that I love you because I feel that when you are not by my side, or when we are not talking on the phone, I feel that your presence, your smile, your caress and even that way you look at me are missing in my life.

You may wonder why? The answer is simple simply because you live inside me , because I see you in everything I look at, in the sun every morning, at breakfast, on the pavement that I contemplate as I walk, to every step, in every step that I took yesterday, in which I take today and in which I will take tomorrow, and I hope that those steps are at your side, without anyone interfering in this happiness that overwhelms me.

I love you I dream of you, I breathe you every second and I have realized that you are not a whim or a product of my imagination, no matter which path you choose, I want you to know that I love you, I want you to realize that I depend on you That when I met you I went from being an independent being to being dependent on what you say, what you want, what you crave, and that is why I am going to accept you forever.

Tonight I have proposed to write to you because I am not going to see you for a few days and through this letter I want you to feel that you are by my side, next to this man who loves you so much, who always yearns for you, who awaits you and wants you in every moment.

I Cant Stop Thinking About You Love Letter

I don’t know how to get you out of my mind , is it because I don’t want to? And I think of you every moment every day; Every minute that passes is as if I forgot about you but the next minute I remember you again, I think of your smile, your face, of you. I hope the day never comes when this relationship ends.

Through this e-mail, I want to tell you that you are the person who made me realize that love does exist and that it is not just another word, but rather a feeling that comes from the deepest and deepest part of my being, you will always be in my heart whatever happens.

 Long Distance love letter to say “I am thinking of you”

I’m thinking of you, you who I loved so much … I love you, despite not seeing each other for 5 and a half years. If I had known that this was the last time we saw each other, I would have told you that I loved you so much, I would have told you that you were the only person I had made love with, even though you didn’t believe it. I would like to meet you again and see how much you have changed, to see if you are still the alexander I met, the boy not willing to bind himself to be free … Where are you now? What are you doing? Whom are you with? who knows if every now and then you will think of me who knows if they are a good memory for you, a person to remember with a smile, a person who loved you for 3 years and then there is no longer there waiting for you, this is the truth I was tired of waiting for you to finally notice me, tired of being told that I was important to you, and then you left the others … despite all the nights you spent crying, those days waiting for you to call me, waiting for you to love me … I let you go … I let you go your way. and U.S? are we lost … lost forever ?! I don’t know but I want to believe that one day we will meet and you will smile at me and we will smile … and then again everyone on their way, you are my impossible love who knows what am I to you? And I don’t know but I want to believe that one day we will meet and you will smile at me and we will smile … and then again everyone on their way, you are my impossible love who knows what am I to you? I don’t know but I want to believe that one day we will meet and you will smile at me and we will smile… and then again everyone on their way, you are my impossible love who knows what am I to you?

Thinking Of You Love Letters For Her

I know you can’t read my mind, that’s why I’m writing you this letter. But, in my mind, there is always the same scene: you, me, a white dress and a tuxedo. It is the beginning of a fairy tale that I think about every day, a fairy tale made of love.
My mind is always occupied with thoughts of you and our love. Even in those days when I feel like I’m sad and depressed, or when I’m angry and arguing with you. None of these things matter, I quickly forget them, because the moment I see your face, everything becomes clear and I remember how lucky and grateful I am to have you in my life.
I immediately remember the beautiful moments together, which give me the strength for new challenges. So, whenever you are wondering what is going on in my mind, know that the answer is YOU. And no matter if I take care of other things and concerns, I will always have that little part of my mind that reminds me of you. I will always love you and will never stop thinking about you until the end of my days!