Things To Do With Your Boyfriend At Home

For many reasons it may be that we must be at home. Whether due to health issues or external situations, at bigmatrimonial we want to help you make your stay at home more pleasant and that is why we offer you things to do with your boyfriend at home so that you have a good time. Take the opportunity to spend quality time with him or her!

Couple activities at home

How to take advantage of time at home? Below you will find ideas for activities to do with your partner at home or things to do with your boyfriend at home.

  1. Now that you have a few days of peace, it can be a good time to rearrange the wardrobe. Having things organized promotes calm, saves time and helps a better coexistence as a couple.
  2. Things you have been leaving. Do you know that shelf in the corner without hanging? Or that frame without a photo? It is time to put it on. Take the opportunity to finish those details for which you do not have time in the day to day.
  3. Learn something new together. There are tutorials to do a lot of things. You just have to choose one and practice. Having common hobbies helps to spend quality time together and enjoy leisure.
  4. Plan trips that you would like to do. A weekend getaway, a national and an international trip. You can start collecting information to decide the next destination, start planning the route and look for experiences from other trips
  5. Reflect on the relationship over time. Find the first photo you have together and the last one and see the differences.
  6. Make a “radio show”. You can tell family news, put songs, even advertise.
  7. Make the collage of dreams. With magazine clippings and notes you can make a mural that shows everything you want to achieve.

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Original and fun plans to do as a couple at home

Other ideas to spend fun times with our partner at home are the following:

  1. Cooking contest. Each can prepare their favorite dish and present it to the other for appreciation. And then to eat!
  2. Play movies. With gestures or drawings you must represent a movie so that the other tries to hit it.
  3. Taking a photo shoot at home can be a lot of fun. It is worth everything: funny, serious, suggestive photos…
  4. Make a homemade twister with some old sheet.
  5. Playing board games: trivial, pictionary, rummikub … You can also play with your friends by making a video conference.
  6. Imitations. You have to guess who your partner is imitating, but the imitated must be people you know to make it more difficult … and fun!
  7. Creative costume. Make a costume out of things you have around the house. It is not worth removing the box of carnival costumes.
  8. Act out a scene from a movie and record it on video. You can keep it for your memory or share it with your loved ones.
  9. The treasure hunt. A gymkhana is always exciting. Hide something for your partner and prepare clues and riddles to find it.

Things to do as a couple so you don’t get bored at home

Other things to do when you are at home with your partner:

  1. Organize the photos you have on your mobile while you comment on them.
  2. Prepare a photo presentation with background music with the most important moments of the last year.
  3. Play a video game. You can use the computer if you don’t have a video game console.
  4. Write each one a very detailed description of a relaxing landscape. Then you can use it as a visualization while the other relaxes. This can be considered an exercise in mindfulness.
  5. Relax . Prepare a pleasant environment with soft light, pleasant temperature and sounds of nature to massage your partner.
  6. Tell funny anecdotes from childhood and youth.
  7. Invent some simple and homemade game. For example, with a wastebasket or a box and a few paper balls you can play to see who scores the most. He / she who loses collects.

What to do with your partner one afternoon at home

Other plans that you can make an afternoon at home as a couple:

  1. Start a series that has several seasons to do a marathon.
  2. Watch everyone’s favorite movie.
  3. Answer the questions 100 questions to get to know your partner better .
  4. Time capsule . Put objects and notes that represent your present as a couple in a box. The idea is to open it in 5 or 10 years and remember that moment.
  5. Draw each other . Although you are not very good at art, you can try it. The worst thing that can happen is that the result is fun.

If you are married you can:

  1. See the photos of your wedding while you tell yourself how you felt at that time.
  2. See the video of your wedding and remember the moments and details of that special day.
  3. Comment on the models of the guests as if you were journalists from the heart.

If you are not married, but want to…

  1. You can plan your ideal wedding. To make it more entertaining look at the websites of restaurants, photographers, flowers…
  2. You can also go planning the honeymoon. Look at travel websites, hotels, flights, cruises…
  3. Make a guest list for an intimate wedding and one for a larger one.

Romantic dates at home

Being at home does not mean being bored. If you are with your partner, you can organize romantic plans at home or things to do with your boyfriend at home:

  1. Romantic dinner. Make yourself handsome or pretty as if you were going out and enjoy a candlelight dinner and ambient music.
  2. Home concert. Prepare a song list of your favorite singer or group and enjoy a personalized concert. You can wear what you would wear for a concert to make it more real.
  3. Let’s go to the cinema. Turn your living room into a cinema and go to the appointment. You can make popcorn or healthy snacks to snack on.
  4. Visit a museum. These days some museums (El Prado, Louvre, National Gallery …) are available for a virtual visit.
  5. First date. Being you / as at all times organize a lunch or dinner as if it were your first date.
  6. Love letter. Write a letter to your partner in which you put everything you like about him or her, what makes you feel, etc. You can leave it on the bed to open it before going to sleep.
  7. Karaoke. If you have karaoke with microphones perfect, if there are no applications and programs to do it.
  8. Picnic. Have a picnic in the living room with a tablecloth on the floor, sandwiches and snacks… To make it more real, try sounds of nature in the background.
things to do with your boyfriend at home