Things Not To Do In A New Relationship

The relationships that have just begun can be potentially prosperous or potentially dangerous and, although there is nothing to assure us whether it will work or not, we can take these tips about things not to do in a new relationship into account.

5 Things You Should Avoid If You Want Your New Relationship To Work

1. Everything, At The Right Time And To The Right Degree

When we begin a relationship and fall in love, we tend to devote more and more time to the other person. We want to see each other and that time stops while we are together. But time does not stop and, in the same way that happens for you, it happens for your friends and family, and this is something you should keep in mind.

We all like the feeling of losing ourselves in the other, in their eyes, in their caresses, in their company. But you must maintain a certain level of prudence because you run the risk of wasting too much time with family and friends and, worse, losing yourself.

things not to do In a new relationship

2. In Your New Relationship, Let Your Hair Down

And, although it is true that you should not forget to make a fair distribution of your time, it is not less than the time you dedicate to your partner you dedicate 100%. For a relationship to reach an optimum level of intimacy and trust, both members have to surrender, share emotions and feelings and show themselves as they are. It is then that fear of commitment appears, of the exposure of our vulnerability, which is nothing other than fear of being rejected or that the other party becomes disenchanted.

I must tell you that opening yourself emotionally to the other, letting in and out the overwhelming feelings and emotions typical of falling in love, is a necessary condition for the relationship to establish, strengthen and develop in a healthy and natural way. Putting restrictions on what we feel or what we show will hurt trust and make the ghost of doubt and insecurity fly over your relationship. Love requires courage, so start with yourself.

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3. No Games

Relationships are a storm of emotions and feelings and, in the same degree, insecurity, pride and ego. Putting the couple to the test in this sense is a mistake that can disrupt the relationship, when the best thing you can do is talk about things, abandon the defensive attitude and show your fears, to work on them with your best partner possible way and always with sincerity.

things not to do In a new relationship

If at any given time you are invaded by insecurity and jealousy or the need to reaffirm you to calm your doubts, forget to overwhelm your partner with mobile messages, to cheat or provoke an argument. Try to calm down and talk things with the other party. Communication is one of the pillars of healthy relationships.

4. In Our New Relationship Make Concessions, Not Sacrifices

As I advanced on the first point, love can absorb anyone. We must maintain the balance (often complicated) between enjoying and giving ourselves to the fullest in the relationship, without giving up or losing ourselves.

Adapting to life with another person is a task that belongs to both members and is part of the natural process of the relationship. Now, one thing is to adapt and another to stop being ourselves or give up parts of us or our lives that we like, to please the other person. Anything we decide to change must respond to our willingness to change, change for and for ourselves.

Allowing us to change or trying to change the other will bring frustration and resentment, in addition to the relationship will have lost a member, and this member will have lost himself.

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5. The Trap Of Relaxing

It has happened to all of us that, as time goes by, each member of the couple defines their role, adjusts and the relationship is “routinized.” It is inevitable that the emotional waves of the first months will give way to a less extreme and more stable feeling.

However, this “accommodation”, slow but steady, can end in a cooling of the relationship in which everything is taken for granted and there is a total lack of concern for keeping feelings alive. That is why it is important to get out of the routine from time to time, take time to take care of the relationship and pamper it, so that the feelings and emotions that joined you during those first months are not lost.