Things Guys Do That Girls Love

Things Girls Like About Guys

Men, we cannot live without them. We like to think that we could do it, that we are independent women. But we all know how much we love them, our males! Humans we love above all else and who drive us crazy, even doing the most mundane things., they still remain humans.

Here are 32 things guys do that girls love.

1. When he hug you hugged from behind

Hugs from behind. Is there anything more adorable than this? To feel that he envelops you gently but firmly at the same time and to blossom in his arms.

2. When it perfumes and smells good

A man who smells good he is a man to keep.

3. When he makes you lunch

Meet your man in the kitchen Find your man in the kitchen, shirtless, the next morning, cooking you food … what could be better?

4. When he’s gallant

He opens the door for you, carries your bag when it’s too heavy, in short, all those little things that you could do yourself, but that he chooses to do for you.

5. When he lets go

The little sounds during love that let you know he likes it.

6. When he makes you laugh

He makes you laugh and has a good sense of humor, then he knows how to let go of his bag and play the clown from time to time!

7. When he thinks he’s resourceful

“Let it be baby, I’ll take care of it”. You know very well that you could change that bulb / tire yourself, but you let him think he’s a real alpha male!

8. When he gets excited for X sports team

Watch him scream and jump all over the place, because the man won the game hockey. Too much. Adorable.

9. When he looks at you like it’s the first time

And you see the stars that light up his eyes! The butterflies it gives you in your stomach.

Things Guys Do That Girls Love

10. When he gets well

He did his hair, went to the barber and wore clothes in which he is just too much beautiful.

11. When he has a little thought for you

He sends you pictures / videos / links anytime because he knows it will make you laugh or interest you.

12. When he plays in your hair

Enough said

13. When he has little attentions for no particular reason

He brings you flowers (or better yet, food) without you asking him. Or a simple text / call, to tell you how much he loves you or that he thinks of you.

14. When his protective instinct takes over

He walks on the sidewalk to protect you from the cars, or all the little things he does to make you feel safe and under his protection.

15. When he holds a baby in his arms

That’s the cutest thing you saw him do.

16. When he tries too hard

He thinks he can sing / dance when not at all, and that’s what’s mega adorable. Keep trying!

17. When he makes you feel he loves you

In his own way, he makes you feel that he loves you and cares for you. Whether it is by taking such and such an action, by telling you such and such a thing or simply in the way he looks at you. 

18. Men who say no

Contrary to what one might imagine, nothing annoys a woman as much as a man who says yes to everything, who seems to have no opinion, opinion or personality. Even if he does this to make her happy, it’s unbearable. Women, on the contrary, love men who are not afraid to contradict them, and who assume to have a different opinion!

19. Cultured men

Few women remain indifferent to a man with an impressive general culture (but who does not show it for all that), who knows and can discuss everything, in short who knows everything about everything! If he knows how to impress him and be interesting without appearing pretentious, he will have won almost everything!

20. Men who have humor

Be careful, it is not a question of playing the clown with a lot of jokes from Toto but rather of handling self-mockery and the second degree, of knowing how to keep a certain lightness and to have a caustic outlook on life and things. . But be careful not to rest on your laurels for all that: because if “laughing woman is half in your bed”, you would be very bothered with a half-woman by your side. Hence the need to show other qualities …

21. The artists

He paints, he draws, he sings, he composes… in short, he has a little extra something that makes girls crack. Because in the minds of these ladies, an artist is necessarily romantic, dreamy, sensitive, offbeat and “misunderstood”. With him, everyday life will inevitably be magical and full of surprises. The artist understands women, he knows what they like and what makes them happy …

22. Those who are “Far”

Why do women love long- distance relationships so much ? Because they tend to fantasize and idealize their love stories. Even if the distance is rough, it sublimates the relationship and makes the moments when we are together unique and magical.

23. Being detailed

 Every woman loves it when the man who pretends or is in a relationship with her, takes the time to give her flowers, write love letters, leave her a text saying he loves her, wake her up with kisses , give her a sweet, bring her food to work … and spoil her.

24. Help you with your car maintenance

Many women have trouble keeping their car in good condition. A tire about to go flat is not worth changing, nor is it possible to change or add air, put oil in the car, take it to wash… and so on ”.

25. Doing things around the house

When they are in a hurry, a partner who surprises them with breakfast in bed, offers to cook a delicious dinner after work, or makes a simple day a special day with something that she loves. like. Women are fascinated when he doesn’t get the role of the apron, and they start washing dishes or cleaning the house.

26. Super fresh breath

There is nothing better than when he approaches smelling fresh, and not smelling of onion, garlic or the beer of the day before. Mouth odor discourages anyone from physical contact.

27. That he is not flirtatious with her friends

The worst thing a woman can experience is a couple who smiles with her friends, pays attention to them and is detailed with them while ignoring her. Women run away from these men.

28. Clean Smell Is Everything

Whoever said that women are attracted to the smell of sweat is wrong. It is one thing to bathe and immediately sweat when exercising, and another is to allow sweat to linger in your armpits for several hours. Women also flee from men with the smell of garlic, onion, alcohol and dirt.

29. Don’t compare her with other girls

Believe it or not, there are no gentlemen, if you can call them that, who spend their time talking about other women’s bodies, the way other women dress and even the talents they have, all while doing least of all the woman next to them. If you don’t like the pair, just switch it up and go.

30. Let her listen to her

There is nothing worse than a man paying more attention to television when she is talking about an issue that affects him. The woman seeks that when she talks, her partner responds with understanding and without anger or mockery.

31. That motivates her

If her plan is to become president of the nation, and her boyfriend tells her that “it is wonderful” and that she can achieve everything she sets her mind and on top of that he suggests help. This is the attitude that everyone loves.

32. Don’t Get Hard Drunk

Believe it or not, women love men who know how to have a few drinks and have fun without making a fool of them with friends or at risk behind the wheel. There is nothing sexy about falling drunk, arguing, fighting or crying.