Themed bachelorette party: 12 ideas for fun

Themed bachelorette party organizing it in a unique and fun way is very challenging. How to start defining a theme to make the bachelorette party different. Here we show you some ideas to make it original.

1. Bachelorette party: hire a “Live Model”

Usually for bachelorette parties, friends go to a stripper show. Be more original and interactive. Hire a live model to pose semi-nude and hand out crazy girls and draw them. It is a participatory activity that replaces the typical show that tends to embarrass some women. You can make a final presentation and have the bride reward the drawing that she likes the most.

2. Despedida de soltera: desafío en clases de baile de caño (pole dance)

For a more naughty themed bachelorette party is to hire a pole dancing instructor. There are places like dance schools where this practice is carried out, which is considered a sport. It will be a challenging and funny moment to share.

3. Estilo Pin-Up

This is a movement that tells its own myths from the 1950s. With an illustration style that shows the woman as the perfect housewife, very suggestive. The friends give the bride a themed party of that time.

They decorate the party with 1950s pin-up posters and glass Coke bottles. It’s a comical parody for a themed bridal shower to put up these retro advertisements.

Pin up fashion is a symbol of the old Hollywood days. The glamor of all its:

  • Clothing
  • Hairstyles
  • Makeup
  • Shoes and Accessories

Hairstyles as well as “Pin-up” bachelorette parties are famous for the mix of femininity and daring. Inspiration comes from observing what the “celebrities” do. We have to remember the images that influenced this era.

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4. Themed bridal shower: ideas for a spa day

If what you are looking for is to have a completely different party, the idea of ​​turning the farewell into a day of relaxation will not fail. Many brides want to use this day as a time to relax and pamper themselves to the extreme. Who doesn’t like to put on makeup, fix their nails and give themselves a good massage?

All activities to shine at the wedding and relax the body as shown in the following article from Vogue magazine bachelorette party So planning a spa day with friends is perfect.

5. Bachelorette party: “the girls”  trip

Organize a little vacation with friends. It can be a weekend at the beach, a rural getaway or a trip to a city that the future wife has always wanted to know.

To include more fun in the bachelorette party, play party games 

6. Original bachelorette parties: glamor night 

For crazy girls there is nothing like organizing a daring and glamorous night at its best. With the theme of “sin city” you can have slot machine games, boas with feathers for all the guests and even a ride in a limousine before arriving at the event.

They can organize a large booth where the friends will do their makeup and comb their hair together with the bride. Put together a wardrobe area with different models for everyone along with a professional photo session for the bride and her friends. Drink should not be lacking for an elegant toast and dinner at your favorite restaurant.

7. Private dinner with the bride

Keeping it simple is also an alternative. Reserve a place in a restaurant to chat, toast and enjoy as friends without complications. In some places there are spaces and rooms for events, which give more privacy.

8. Princess day and horseback riding with friends

Many girls always have the wish to be a princess for one day. If they could never do it as children, the illusion will be greater. It doesn’t have to be childish, on the contrary, dressing up like princesses, taking photos and eating delicious can be extremely entertaining. Taking the bride to a castle with medieval style sounds “super” fascinating.

9. Bachelorette party for a nature-loving bride

This type of farewell gives us the freedom to choose outdoor places, parks or ecological reserves. Have a picnic and games, bring children and animals. Decorate with banners and blankets that delimit the space.

10. Bachelorette Party: Hawaii Theme

You imagined an innovative proposal organizing a farewell with the theme of Hawaii. The accompanying decoration can be made by yourself (DIY) to make it a unique and original event with lots of laughs.

The typical elements that should not be missing at the party with this theme are:

  • Palm leaves
  • Fruits like pineapple for example
  • Flamencos
  • Ukelele
  • Flower garland for the neck

Today it is fashionable to hold outdoor events, hang garlands around your neck and give your photos a lot of color.

11. Bachelorette party: grill “with friends”

Surely you will have some friends who can offer you to make some loins or roast on the grill. It is not only men who know how to light the fire.

A rich roast beef, hamburger or sausage will give a personal touch to honor the single.

12. Bachelorette party: Mexican style

Putting together a meal with guacamole would be great for a Mexican twist. Costumes and hire some mariachis to put music and tequila to the event.

The decoration with garlands or “papel picado” as it is called in Mexico. Add a lot of color, some piñata and cactus souvenirs made by yourself to carry as a souvenir of the event.

With all these ideas, you can successfully create a unique moment that no bride will be able to forget. Now have fun!

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