The original script of the wedding in verse for the toastmaster

A large number of guests always come to such a solemn and exciting event as a wedding. All of them wish not only to congratulate the young married couple, but also to relax and have fun. Therefore, the presenter is of great importance at the celebration.

As a rule, he draws up the entire wedding script in verse, comes up with a competition program and in every possible way maintains the festive atmosphere throughout the entire solemn day.

Scenario selection

Having attended several weddings, you can understand that they are all different and not alike. First of all, we are talking about diverse scenarios. Some of them can be written in prose, others in poetry. This difference can be safely considered one of the main ones.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which genre is considered the best. As a rule, poetry is closer to many people. She is loved for the sensuality and emotionality that she is ready to give.

When do parents meet the newlyweds at the wedding?

Parents at the celebration are the second most important people. Many tasks were entrusted to their shoulders. One of which was the most important, namely the upbringing of a worthy citizen and member of society.

Parents have successfully coped with their mission, and now they can safely enjoy the fact that their son or daughter is entering adulthood.

At a wedding, the moment of the meeting takes place in different ways. For the first time, the bridegroom sees the mother and father of the bride during the ransom. When a young man successfully passes all the tests that his bridesmaids have prepared for him, he goes to the apartment to his chosen one.

On the threshold he is met by his parents, who escort him into the room to the bride. Entering the room, you can see not only a beautiful girl, but also a beautifully set table with delicious snacks and alcoholic beverages.

The groom’s parents welcome the young in a different way. After the official registration of the marriage ceremony, the young married couple go for a walk, from where they follow to the festive ceremony in a cafe. This is exactly the place where the main part of the wedding evening will take place.

At the entrance to the cafe, the couple are met by the groom’s parents. The mother has a loaf in her hands, and the father has an icon. Mother and father bless the bride and groom for a long and happy life.

Parents are asked to taste the loaf, to check who will become the head of the family. To do this, the young bite the bread, checking who got the larger piece. After that, both the young and the parents go into the hall in order to take their seats.

Please note that it is imperative that all actions of parents take place together with solemn speeches. The bride’s father talks about the need to take care of his daughter.

The groom’s mother tells her daughter-in-law to take care of her husband. The bride and groom should not take all these words with hostility, since parents want to place their child in safe hands, knowing that they will love and take care of him.

Meeting Poems from Wife’s Parents

Not in all cases are parents greeted with boring speeches. You can diversify your wedding evening by reciting a poetic form. Its prerequisite is the preparation in advance. It is impossible to imagine poems being composed on the go.

This really requires a special gift and talent. If you don’t have this, then you should not risk it, hoping that at the most crucial moment a muse will descend from heaven. You have to try in advance and write a decent speech.

  1. Children, my dear,

I wish you the best in your life.

Let adversity and blizzards be crazy

Get around your house.

This life is given to us once,

So you take care of it sooner.

Let your home more than once,

A sea of ​​discoveries will knock.

May happiness not leave the street

Where you live.

My dear children,

Make you the happiest person in the world.

  1. I take care of my daughter,

And protected from all adversity.

She is my scarlet flower

For her sake, I’m ready for a lot.

Now take her under your wing

Take care and always keep.

This is the ray of light of my love

I loved her forever.

  1. You will soon become a family

Reliable support for each other.

Always be a mountain

And know how to defend with a word.

Your family is only given once

Keep it forever

And carrying love through the years,

Be the best for each other in the whole world.

Meeting Poems from Husband’s Parents

Parents from the husband’s side meet the young with a loaf and an icon in their hands. This is an old custom that has been practiced for several generations.

As a rule, the words are spoken by the woman who blesses the married couple.

  1. We present you with the holy loaf,

Thus, we are welcome in our family.

We give a holy icon

For daughter and son.

Let this icon be

For you a real support,

Let it become a protection from many troubles.

Now break off a piece of bread,

After all, bread is a real guarantee of health,

With him you will get rid of many troubles.

And may your life not be harsh,

And you will live in love until you are a hundred years old.

  1. Taste you young guys

Our most delicious loaf,

He will give you success in many ways,

health and happiness, love for centuries.

You, my son, will become strong and strong.

Well, you, daughter, will be loved by me.

And this piece is us, your loaf,

We will give to the guests by sharing ourselves.

  1. Young, we bless you for good luck, happiness and peace,

May the evil winds, bad weather and abuse,

They bypass you.

From now on, only light is dear to your house,

Warmth and comfort, love and money.

Try you, the most delicious loaf on the planet.

He will definitely help your business.

Wedding scripts in verse

In the event that your own wedding will take place in a poetic form, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  1. Having a talented presenter – of course, poetry is perceived much better and easier than the prose genre. However, it is the verses that must be able to pronounce properly. This should be done loudly, clearly and solemnly. Guests must understand not only intonation, but also words. If you read the poetry incorrectly, then the whole script will simply fall apart.
  2. Make sure to learn all of the speech. In addition to intonation, poetry requires eye contact. It looks completely disgusting when the presenter just reads from the sheet. His task is to try to learn the given poem as much as possible.


The poetic form has many advantages . She is more dynamic, fun and agile. Hearing a poem, you just want to start dancing or moving.

Poems are familiar and close to the people since childhood, hearing nursery rhymes and ditties everywhere.