The original script for a wedding without the bride’s ransom – how does the groom pick up the bride?

The wedding is one of the most traditional events. Most of the moments on it take place according to a pre-prepared script. At the same time, the customs that the newlyweds observe date back to the times of Ancient. They were interpreted a little under the yoke of modern times, but on the whole they remained unchanged.

In the wedding there are those parts that are mandatory – official registration at the registry office. Everything else can be easily changed at your discretion. At the same time, modern celebrations are good because wedding organizers are loyal to the wishes of the young. It seems quite possible to replace almost all customs and ceremonies at the celebration, and a wedding without the bride’s ransom can be quite real.

How can a groom pick up a bride without a ransom?

How to meet a groom without a ransom.

The wedding ransom is one of the parts at the banquet that is either replaced or removed altogether. Now more and more weddings are done in the European style, but it is there that there is no such custom. Therefore, the newlyweds refuse the wedding ransom altogether.

It is not at all necessary to organize a long ransom and paint contests and what the bridegroom and bridesmaids say. This is a process that not everyone likes. In addition, the ceremony takes place on the doorstep of the house and in the entrance, the appearance of which makes you shudder.

Therefore, couples refuse to carry out foreclosures and decide to choose an alternative option. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them.

  1. The bride and her friends decorate the girl’s apartment. To do this, a buffet table is placed next to the entrance and rose petals are scattered. They lead to the door of the room in which the beautiful bride is sitting. Two scenarios are possible here. The first involves completing several tasks. Please note that there is not enough space in the apartment, so the tasks will be mental rather than power ones. The second scenario means a simple passage of a young man into a girl’s bedroom. Here the future husband must prove himself a romantic. When you see your bride, give her a bouquet of flowers and let her know about your feelings. Then you can kiss your beautiful wife.
  2. It is also possible to organize a meeting in the yard. It’s good if the girl lives in a private house. Around, as a rule, a beautiful territory. A guy comes to the meeting with his friends, a girl with her friends. The bride and groom show themselves at this moment in the most creative way. They need to dance each other a fun dance. Thus, they greet everyone and are charged with positive energy. And how fun it looks from the outside. In addition, not only the groom, but also the bride is involved in such a ransom, which adds zest to the whole process. After the dances, the newlyweds go to the wedding cartege.
  3. In the event that the groom is an incorrigible romantic, then he can come up with the most original meeting. For example, it is permissible to drive up to the bride’s house with a small orchestra and sing a serenade under her windows. It will be original, romantic and creative. It is necessary to make sure that the girl does not even know about the upcoming event. It is the surprise that will make the act incredibly romantic.

How to organize a buffet table when meeting the groom?

After the young groom appears on the doorstep of his betrothed, the parents will certainly offer to celebrate the holiday with champagne and light snacks.

The very organization of the buffet table is completely and completely occupied by the parents on the part of the bride. As a rule, this falls on the shoulders of the bride’s mother. Despite the fact that there will be a ransom in the traditional style and in the original, it is necessary to set the festive table.

What to say to the groom when he arrived for the bride.

It can be performed in various variations and depend on the theme of the general holiday. Ask your daughter about the scenario of the whole event in advance. It is possible that they will completely forget to allocate time for the buffet table. But leaving time for this ceremony is very necessary, it will take only 15 minutes.

The size of the buffet table should depend on the number of guests invited. If only a witness comes with a groom, then a small round table will be enough. In this case, put a tasty and expensive snack on it.

It can be fruits, seafood cocktail salad, crayfish tails. Try to make your table as less cliché as possible. Therefore, it is still worth giving up the simplest sandwiches, replacing them with canapes or tartlets.

On any buffet table, there must be fruit, sweets or other sweets. They are placed on a special shelf, placed in the center of the entire table. Don’t forget about drinks. They should be as light as possible.

Therefore, preference is given to champagne made from alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to treat with juices, lemonades, fruit drinks, since not everyone wants to drink at such an early time.

Do not place a table in the middle of the room. This is bad form, which slightly gives off Soviet times. It will be convenient to place it in the corner. After all, this is a buffet table, it is not designed for people to sit at it. Guests will come up to him, pick up a glass of champagne canapes, and sit on sofas and chairs.

A necessary serving element is the decorative part. Every table should have a festive tablecloth. In the event that you do not know how to decorate a buffet table in order to get into the theme of the celebration, then you can use a universal option. It consists of a white festive tablecloth and a bouquet of flowers.

Scenarios of meeting the groom without ransom

Of course, there is nothing difficult in organizing a meeting of the groom without ransom. But in this case, you need to use alternative scenarios that will tell you the direction. With the price of a wedding without the ransom of the bride:

  1. At the registry office – one of the most common options when young spouses separately come to the Wedding Palace. In this case, it is possible to arrange a small joke for the groom. But this scenario is suitable for young men with nerves of steel. The bride is hidden in one of the cars. When the groom arrives, he is informed that the girl is missing, does not answer phone calls and did not drive up to the registry office. It takes a short time to play this way. Then the bride appears in a chic wedding dress. As a rule, at this moment a man becomes speechless and gives his beloved wedding flowers as a sign of his love.
  2. Often, just before registration, the bride and groom organize a photo session at the hotel. It is in this room that you can play a young man. To do this, hide the bride in one of the rooms. The groom, completing the riddles, will receive the correct keys, thanks to which he can win the key and find out the room number. In this case, it is not worth delaying. All tasks should be as clear and short as possible. A dynamic redemption will not bring it closer to its counterpart from Ancient Rus.
  3. On a date – a boy and a girl can agree in advance about the place where their first meeting will take place. You can do it as romantic as possible, exchange notes with each other in order to be in a place that means something to both. For example, it may be a cafe where the spouses first met and met. But in most cases, the choice falls on a romantic place. For example, a slope or a park. You don’t need to take anyone with you to such a meeting. It is just being together that will create a special atmosphere. In these minutes, no one will be around, which means that you can say the warmest and kindest words addressed to your loved ones.


Even though you ditch the traditional foreclosure, it won’t make your wedding boring. The flight of imagination allows you to come up with absolutely any option that is suitable for your celebration.

It can be an unusual or creative event, or vice versa, the most ordinary meeting. It is important to rely in this case on your own wishes and feelings.