The Look of the Bridesmaids

It is very exciting to be a part of the bridesmaids group. And since they will be part of the wedding with an important role, they must be gorgeous!

One of the most common doubts is how should the bridesmaids be dressed? The dress is the most important thing, but there are other details that must also be considered to achieve a great look.


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The style must be chosen by the bride, that is, she says the color she would like and if she wants them to go long or short, very formal or more casual.

The details of the design are chosen by the bridesmaids , they may all choose the same model or make variations in the dresses to carry the uneven look.

Remember that the ladies’ dress must match the theme of the wedding.



When it comes to accessories, the rule that less is more applies. No need to wear big earrings, a loaded necklace, and fancy bracelets, because the look can be overloaded.

Choose to wear only one statement accessory, an accessory with a lot of style and that is striking, and the others keep it sober or better cancel it.

For example, wear discreet earrings and a very original bracelet.

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Choose shoes that are integrated into the idea of ​​the look. If your dress is elegant, pair it with elegant shoes and do not choose platform sandals.

If in your repertoire of shoes there are no ideals, then it is preferable that they buy new ones or borrow some so as not to ruin the look with shoes that do not fit. Pinterest


Remember that you will be part of the wedding procession and that you will be in the foreground of many wedding photos, so you should not neglect the makeup detail.

If you are not experts in makeup for parties, it is best to hire a professional to make them very beautiful, but if for something it is not possible, then ask a friend who knows for help or you can practice tutorials so that you can put on your makeup super well. wedding day.

Don’t forget the false eyelashes πŸ˜‰


Bridesmaids hairstyle

Like makeup, putting yourself in the hands of experts will guarantee that they will look great and that the hairstyle will last the entire wedding. But if it is not possible and you must do it yourself, in the hairstyles section of the blog you will find many ideas and tutorials so that you can comb yourself:

Bouquet of flowers

Complement the look with a bouquet of natural flowers. This will help them not to enter the ceremony empty-handed, and it will be an accessory that will look great in the photos with the bride and groom.

The bouquet should be smaller and simpler than that of the bride, and it is always better to choose natural flowers.