The Benefits of Volunteer Work for Fire Victims

Here we will go over the benefits of volunteer work for fire victims. 

When a wildfire or house fire engulfs a household, they are left questioning how they will survive without a home, food, water, clothes, and other essentials. During these times of despair, victims should not have to worry about where their next meal will come from and instead be provided the support of their community and local government.

Luckily, you as a volunteer can bring compassion and help to fire victims so they can spend their time grieving their homes and the loss of loved ones. 

Let’s jump right in.

Provides a Sense of Purpose

At some point, all human beings stumble into a time in their lives where the question “What is my purpose?” constantly replays in their mind. Volunteering can not provide the answer to that question, but it can provide you with a sense of purpose that makes life feel meaningful.

Many times, newly unemployed individuals, people who moved to a new town, or the retired, find that volunteering is the perfect way to add substance back into their life. 

Provides a Sense of Community

Volunteer work brings people from all walks of life together, building a stronger community among different ages, genders, races, and abilities. Volunteering to help disaster and house fire victims does a phenomenal job of bringing a community together because the work often entails physical labor and team effort. Working as a team is one of the best ways to connect with others.

Helps You Make New Social Connections

For many, volunteering is a way to make new friends and connect socially. As a volunteer, you will likely interact with a diverse group of individuals which teaches new perspectives, open-mindedness, and how to be friendly toward all. 

Volunteer work can also strengthen existing relationships because of the social skills you pick up along the way.

Improves Personal and Victim’s Self Esteem

Building community, making friends, helping others, and learning new skills can strengthen the perception you hold about yourself. Additionally, volunteer work can boost the self-esteem of victims because they quickly learn there is no need to feel shameful about seeking help.

Volunteers are generally kind, caring, and sensitive individuals that are understanding of the various situations that result in a person needing help. This unspoken understanding and empathy can completely restore a victim’s self-esteem during a time when they feel at their lowest point in life. 

Teaches New Skills

Doing volunteer work for fire victims will teach you many new skills that can be used in your personal or professional life.

Common fire victim volunteer duties include:

  • Post fire clean up
  • Helping victims find housing assistance
  • Organizing food, clothing, and supply pickups
  • Helping individuals apply for assistance

These tasks require a great level of organization, communication, and knowledge which are all learned through the volunteer process. 

Possible Career Opportunities

When hiring managers look at resumes, they are more likely to schedule interviews with a person that does volunteer work.

Hiring managers see volunteers as more reputable and trustworthy because it shows that the applicant is selfless, can take on a large workload, is outgoing, and has empathy. 

Additionally, if you do work as a volunteer firefighter, you have a higher chance of being hired as a paid firefighter.

Helping Others Feels Good

Volunteer work feels good because the act of helping others leads to a rush of euphoria and the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers and stress reducers. Therefore, scientifically speaking, volunteer work physically improves mood and decreases pain. 

It is a Humbling Experience

An often overlooked benefit of volunteer work is how humbling the experience can be, especially when helping victims of fire and natural disasters. While volunteering, you quickly realize the stigma that only poor and lazy individuals receive assistance.

Disaster can strike anyone’s household at any time, leaving even the most wealthy individuals in need of help. The volunteering experience is humbling because it helps you see that you too could lose everything in minutes and that you should never take what you have for granted. 

It Encourages Others to Help

When a person begins to volunteer, their demeanor towards life and others often changes. This quick shift in temperament is one desired by many, and your loved ones may start volunteering as well so they can feel the positivity they see in you.

Additionally, victims see and appreciate the time, effort, and resources that volunteers give to them which encourages them to pass it forward when they are once again capable.