Surfer Wedding

Are you going to get married and have you thought about a wedding with the theme of surfing as the protagonist? Here, you will know about the surfer wedding.

If your life revolves around surfing; If your philosophy of life has as its protagonist the sport of the waves of the sea, and you don’t know how to organize your wedding, stay.

I am going to show you all the details that you must take into account so that your surfing wedding is simply perfect.


The place you choose to celebrate your surf wedding is very important. Ideally, you can celebrate it on a beach.

If you live in Spain, and you want to take advantage of the best waves, you can enjoy the most important day of your life, on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea; Liencres and Langre in Cantabria, or Zarautz and Mundaka in the Basque Country, are very special places for surfers.

Of course, if you prefer a climate in the purest California or New Zealand style, you can choose Los Lances beach in Tarifa, or, also, Sotavento in Fuerteventura.

Although, if your thing is pure adventure, and you jump into the best surf wedding in history, I recommend the beaches of Australia, New Zealand or Bali, among others.

Do not worry if you do not have the opportunity to travel, along with all your family and guests, to those paradisiacal places. You can also organize your surf wedding in an enclosed space carefully decorated for the occasion.

Of course, you will have to carry within you the special smell and breeze of the sea.


In this type of wedding with a theme as specific as surfing, you have to take great care of the details of the ceremony. In itself, the moment of the link is very simple; although, not for that reason, it diminishes the importance of the event.

It is very important that both you, the bride and groom, and your guests, keep in mind the simplicity of a wedding with these characteristics.

You must pay special attention to the clothes you will wear. A wedding where the protagonist is the sea, the beach, and everything that surrounds that aphrodisiac cocktail, has to have guests in perfect harmony with all the decoration.

As much as your godmother likes to wear a feathered headdress, you have to make her see that she can replace it with a more beachy hat, for example.

The same happens with heels; we all like to wear beautiful shoes that look exclusive. But you cannot forget that the ground where you step will not be firm. There will be a lot of sand, even if you get married in a specially decorated room.

Therefore, my advice is that you warn of all these details in the wedding invitations. And don’t feel bad about having to warn something like that. It is your wedding, it is your day and you are the one who decides what you want, and what not.

I am going to explain all the details that you must take into account when preparing your surf wedding.


It must not be too pompous an altar. If you want to put a small stage so that all your guests can see you, do not cover it with anything.

Think of noble materials, like wood. Do you see those wooden paths that they build on the beaches so that our feet don’t sink into the sand? something like that looks very nice on the altar of your surfing wedding.

Give all the prominence to the sea; do not close it at the bottom. You can put two surfboards simulating a door to the vastness of the ocean.

And the way to the altar should not recharge it either. I advise you not to put anything on the ground; let your feet enjoy the feeling of walking barefoot on the sand.

surfer wedding

You can put palm leaves on the sides, for example. But only to delimit that corridor that will take you to paradise. And if you can’t resist the temptation to put up some flowers (I admit, I can’t live without them either), use local flowers.

Observe what type of vegetation is around so as not to clash too much.


An option that I like a lot for the banquet place in a surfer wedding, is to do it on the beach itself. May everyone, you and your guests, never lose the essence of the sea while you celebrate your wedding.

In a surf wedding it is very good to offer your guests refreshing fruit juices of many colors. Think that, in general, these types of weddings are celebrated in summer, on the beach, in the afternoon, it is hot, you understand me.Are you looking for what to give to the bride and groom? Read these original ideas that you will love.

It is also very nice to combine the colors of your wedding cake with the sweets for your guests. If you include cupcakes or cookies, in addition to including the same colors of your cake, they must have very maritime shapes and decorations.

The most common is to make cookies in the shape of a surfboard. Although, personally, I like cookies with various shapes better; not lose the essence of a surfboard, but also shapes like a starfish, for example.


Something very important that you must take into account is the combination of colors. In a wedding with this marked theme, you cannot include pastel tones in the decoration.

They have to be very intense colors. Oranges, yellows, greens, blues … the ones you like the most, but nothing paste-like.

And these colors have to be present in all the decoration of your wedding. From the elements that I will now mention to the food, as I explained before. Of course, your wedding cake cannot have pastel tones either; do not forget this detail.

A decorative element that I really like in a surf wedding is to put a kind of distance indicator in kilometers to other special places for you, the bride and groom.

And it is also very good to use a surfboard as a signature book. Do not forget that you will be on the beach, outdoors. You could put a lectern with the signature book. But we are talking about being original, right?

surfer wedding

Use, for example, your first surfboard so that your guests immortalize this moment with their dedications. You can also ask to have a table built in the colors of the wedding, or simply aged wood.

You must also take great care of the gifts that you will give your guests. And, you have many very original options for this type of event. From a rustic pai pai, to a bottle of sunscreen, for example.

But hey, you know better than anyone who your guests are, what they might like more and what do you want them to keep as a souvenir of this special day for you and your partner.

Finally, I want to highlight a detail that cannot go unnoticed and can be very beautiful as a decorative element, especially in your photographic report.

surfer wedding

Have you thought about how you will get to the beach? How about going in a van with the surfboards on the roof rack?

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What better end to the party than to share with your best witness, the sea, the joy for the wonderful day you have just experienced.

Take your boy, your surfboard and, without changing your clothes, enjoy the waves under the last rays of the sun. Thus, turn your photo report into a trash the dress.

surfer wedding

Encourage your guests to do a little surf dive in the sea.

And if they are not surfers, like you, you can keep them entertained in something that is totally trendy while the bride and groom are taking their photos.

Install a photocall somewhere in your wedding decor. Your guests will feel happy; they will also be the protagonists of unforgettable photos.

Surfer Wedding

In addition, you will be totally calm enjoying your sensation of surfer boyfriends. Enjoy the waves, the sea, the sun at sunset, while your family and friends have a great time.

Tell me, are you in full preparations for your surfing wedding? Do you have any details to contribute? Have you already lived the experience? Share it with all of us.

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