Stylish wedding dresses from different designers from all over the world

Brides at wedding ceremonies try to create an image that will be distinguished by beauty, grace and special style. Most of the models are sewn like a blueprint. In every bridal salon, you can find repeating styles. This makes wedding fashion boring.

And few people know that in fact, a large number of designers work in the fashion industry of wedding beauty. The bride encounters them just before buying wedding dresses. Some fashion designers are known and loved by the whole world, and some are just gaining their clientele.

Why are outfits from famous fashion designers so prized?

Wedding dresses designers are much more expensive than regular standard dresses. However, the bride pays not only for the name of the fashion designer, but also for the beauty that she will offer guests at her own wedding.

Stylish wedding dress.

And for many, this is extremely important. Celebrity brides are especially fiercely fighting for uniqueness, since they are absolutely not supposed to get married in an ordinary wedding dress.

A selection of stylish dresses from the best designers

Before stopping your attention on a designer wedding dress from a designer, you should understand what its advantages are and why you should choose a similar style and format:

  1. Excellent fit, where no flaws are visible. Any girl, regardless of the type of silhouette, will look attractive.
  2. High quality tailoring – designers are fighting to ensure that things differ from them not only in beauty, but also in excellent quality. The work is carried out with the utmost seriousness and scrupulousness.
  3. High-quality fabrics and materials are used in the work. There are no unnatural or synthetic materials.
  4. The design and style is fully consistent with all real fashion trends.
  5. Creativity and creativity – this will be the main difference between this version of the wedding model.

Rome Acre

An ordinary schoolgirl, Rim Acra, went to her graduation party in a dress she made with her own hands. Her family did not have the money to buy a decent option for their daughter. The girl used in her work an ordinary silk tablecloth and lace drapery. At the party, Rome attracted the attention of the fashion editor of a glossy magazine, where he, having learned about the girl’s creative work, immediately offered to organize a show.

The girl at that time refused from fear, but then decided to follow the path suggested by the editor. She entered a design college and trained in Paris and Milan. At the same time, she began to create for herself and her friends.

One of her friends asked to sew her wedding dress. Rim Acra made a quality outfit with her own hands, which delighted the entire public. Since then, the name Rim Acra has become popular in the fashion industry of bridal beauty.

Stylish wedding dresses photo.

Currently, the designer creates and implements unusual and creative ideas. In her work, she uses only natural and expensive fabrics. They themselves can become a real work of art. In most of the models, there is a combination of several fabrics, one of which is the lace that a woman loves.


If you feel like a Hollywood star, then on your wedding day you should definitely pay attention to the outfits from Marchesa. They represent luxury and unrivaled beauty. Several style directions can intertwine in one dress in a particularly interesting way.

All of them will look dignified and original. Many actresses from abroad love this fashion house. It is rightfully considered to be created for those ladies who have an excellent sense of style. They say that the dresses of this house must still be able to wear. After all, not everyone likes luxury and wealth.

Angel Sanchez

Angel offers a special world of fashion. In it, the bride-girl appears in the role of a gentle, romantic and fragile person. There are no more bright and juicy tones. Mostly delicate, pastel shades prevail, which personify romance and homeliness.

Angel is a former architect. He transferred this education and experience to the models of wedding dresses. They actually have a lot of clear and correct lines that look harmonious on any girl.

Dress models seem to shine, showing how good and comfortable they are to use. The designer transferred a few details from the clothing models of the 50-60s. At that time, his mother worked in an atelier, where all the beauties of the city came to create a beautiful wedding dress.

Carolina Herrera

Design of wedding dresses.

The young designer Carolina Herrera is currently in the lead. For many, she was able to combine the incongruous. She easily managed to combine classic trends and modern fashion in her clothes. It would seem crazy, but it is quite possible to combine with each other.

Carolina Herrera Fashion House is considered a top quality brand. In Spain, every bride dreams of being at her wedding in a similar dress. The designer fits absolutely every model perfectly to the figure, leaving no gaps or minor problems.

All brides from Carolina look gorgeous in their outfits. They are, as it were, the embodiment of the classic style with notes and accents of modern times. This game is reflected in an interesting way in the clothes of a fashion designer.

Jim Helm

This is the most famous American brand that develops and sews ready-to-wear wedding dresses. The brand presents wedding dresses from famous designers who combine the most expensive and luxurious fabrics, delicate drapery in the form of silk products or lace details. All models are very popular. The bride in them looks like she just stepped off the catwalk.

The house of fashion Jim Helm is especially fond of vintage products, which he easily removes, making them so that they all meet the requirements of our days.


For several decades in a row, the Lazaro wedding house has been at the peak of its popularity. He is loved for the combination of luxury and grace that he represents. These are real works of art.

Brides from all over the world want to be at their own weddings in Lazaro dresses. They have found a place for luxurious fabrics, lace trim and hand embroidery. A girl in a similar image looks incredibly feminine and erotic. She is the personification of the first beauty that all men dream of.


Stylish wedding dress photo.

It is generally accepted that the most demanding and discerning brides choose Pronovias fashion house. This is a European fashion house that has gained popularity all over the world. For more than 70 years Pronovias has been pleasing beauties with his creations. It is rich in accessories, dresses and other wardrobe items.

Pronovias wedding dresses are considered luxurious. This explains their high cost and quality. You can recognize the model thanks to the special types of fabrics that are used most often. Most of the models are sewn from satin and silk.

Brides always look stylish, luxurious and rich. For the model, additional decorative elements may not be used at all. But in any case, they will look gorgeous.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer and fashion designer who is popular all over the world. His wedding dresses are worn by royalty, which is considered a special honor and respect. The fashion designer knows how to combine expensive fabrics, decorative trimmings and additional elements in the form of beads, pearls and natural stones in his clothes so well.

Most of Elie Saab’s dresses look luxurious. They have a slimming bodice draped with precious stones and a voluminous bottom made of lightweight chiffon fabrics. Often, wedding dresses have a large train.

Oscar de la Renta

All over the fashion world it is accepted that the embodiment of femininity and sophistication in wedding dresses is clothing from Osar de la Renta. She reflects the inner world of the girl-bride, which is the very charm and beauty.

His clothes do not look luxurious, arrogant and chic. Rather, such concepts as fragility, grace and sophistication are applicable to it. Oscar de la Renta is also distinguished by the fact that he sews not only wedding dresses for brides, but also festive clothes for little girls who attend ceremonies.

Vera Wong

Creative and special designer Vera Wong is loved all over the world. Her clothes are the most original and unusual. It combines established classics with whimsical elements.

In fact, they all look elegant. Vera Wong has created an unusual fabric that is indistinguishable from body color. A large number of brides got married in the designer’s dresses.


A bride looking for stylish, designer dresses can make the right choice. The girl will be a real beauty in a dress created especially for her celebration.

Despite their high cost, these dresses are still considered true works of art.