Step-by-step Wedding Party Program

Wedding party program with a personal vibe

I am going to show you the wedding party program and how to plan your celebration in the following steps. This allows the celebration to be carried out in a more orderly fashion.

The order of activities and the program of the wedding party is of great help to give a chronology to the celebration of your wedding.

First ask if there is a time limit proposed by the Party Hall to end the events. Each couple has a different idea of ​​what their party should be like.

The wedding reception protocol also depends on the culture and religion of the couple.

What is the wedding program?

There is an  order of wedding activities in the development of the wedding party.

In a night wedding for example this program.

19:00 Welcome reception with a cocktail

19:30 Entrance of the bride and groom to the party room

19:45 Congratulations with hugs from the guests

20:30 Photos and Dinner

23:00 Waltz and dance

03:00 Cake cutting, bouquet and garter

04:00 Carioca Carnival

If there is a cocktail in the wedding party program, it can be in a separate space. You could receive your guests there before going to settle in.

waltz party program

What is done at a wedding?

Try to surprise the guests with many original and creative ideas as the celebration progresses. There are different types of events:

  • Casual in a park
  • Formal
  • More intimate
  • With or without rituals

These ideas need to be discussed during planning so that they suit the tastes of the couple. It will depend on the couple to define the most emotional moment to share with those present.

Marriage program

Finding the best tools to make your dream wedding party come true. With a predefined order in the ceremony they will make better use of your time.

A tsunami of emotions will come to your life at this moment and you will not have time to organize yourself.

We advise you to stipulate the preference of the facts sharing and creating with a guide what you want to achieve.

The logistics of transporting the bride and groom and guests is something important to take into account. This also depends on the distance from the Civil Registry or Church to the place of the party.

Many times it is the brothers or family who use their car to take the bride and groom. There are other cases that prefer a more original transport such as limousines, old cars or even carriages.

Wedding protocol in the living room

For the bride and groom as well as for the guests there are a number of formalities:

  • Clothing
  • Hairstyles and
  • Behaviors

During the wedding in the hall, these premises must be met to achieve empathy. There is always someone responsible for guiding and accommodating arriving guests.

wedding party program

Wedding reception program

What is the wedding reception program? After the ceremony in the church, the reception is divided into different steps.

Order of activities at a wedding:

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Banquet
  • Speeches from family and friends
  • Throwing the bride’s bouquet
  • Dance and Show
  • Cake cutting
  • Other activities depending on the theme of the wedding

In the entrance of the groom can include some words of welcome from a friend. The entrance of the bride and groom is accompanied by good music.

The decoration can be different if it is a night or day wedding in the open air or if it refers to a boho or rustic themed wedding.

  • How to structure the information you want your guests to receive?
  • Write the itinerary in:
    1. Paper
    2. Board
    3. Lectern
    4. FramedWhat to write
wedding party program

Use default templates with different styles.

  • Formats with flowers for wedding in the garden.
  • Include comics.
  • Illustrate the program to give an artistic touch.
  • Newspaper style format

The etiquette of a wedding party program is very varied and according to the etiquette of the event.

Wedding party, order of activities

We recommend taking the following wedding chronology as an example.

1. Entrance of the bride and groom to the party room

There is much that can be done to put the personal and spectacular stamp of the celebration like a balloon launch or lighting up sparklers.

All the guests can applaud when the bride and groom arrive and the flares are lit there. This looks great in photos. It’s an amazing detail for the first greeting.

2. Wedding party: the welcome cocktail

The bride and groom go to the head table. The guests who could not congratulate the bride and groom leaving the church, come to greet them.

If the celebrations are held in a house, rose petals can be distributed so that the bride and groom are thrown upon entering. It is a detail that is beautiful and can be accompanied with music.

wedding program

Family members and guests are mobilized to the place of the celebration with a drink. It is recommended that at least two people attend with the guest list.

With the table number that is indicated to each of the guests, they approach their place to sit.

There are many grooms who choose the modality of wearing living rooms. It is a variant so as not to make the celebration so formal. During the night you can change company throughout the party. If the celebration is held at home, the choice is much freer.

wedding party program

A different touch is buying glasses that light up and umbrellas to put in the drinks. It is also used that if there are children a cheerleader is hired.

It can be a good investment to reserve some foolproof games to entertain the kids so that the parents enjoy the party more.

wedding party program

If there is a cocktail in the wedding party program, it can be in a separate space or in the garden. You could receive your guests there before going to settle in.

It is time to socialize, greet each other before sitting down. Meanwhile the waiters offer something to drink and a sandwich.

Adding a printed menu to the table is suggested if multiple courses of food are to be served. The dance of the brand new spouses can be done after the first course when the guests are seated and accommodated and waiting for the main course.

Trends in wedding food:

At many weddings we see a big change in food. Instead of focusing on big dishes at a Gala, food is served more comfortable and easy to transport. A kitchen is no longer required at the event venue. Several times two options of dishes are served depending on whether the party is in:

  • Party room
  • Fresh air
  • Restaurant
  • At home

Include food stations, snacks, and gluten-free food. Young people prefer vegetarian food and trendy dishes like sushi.

What kind of food to serve?

Rich and healthy meals, finger food easy to prepare and with fewer calories. With beauty as a priority of view and setting more than quantity. Balanced and inexpensive dishes.

3. Dinner as part of the wedding party program

The wedding party should be an unforgettable night for you and for all your guests. Organize the wedding party with a program so that the wedding celebration is a real pleasure.

Prepare various surprises and animations to lift the spirits of everyone, young and old. A good tip is to do something interactive. May everything that happens on that night be special.

wedding party program

A carefully selected menu:

You can hire a popcorn cart and cotton clouds with a retro vibe for the little ones. We recommend putting a menu on each table with the dishes to be presented.

The guests in this way have an advance idea of ​​what they will offer them. In addition, the menu can be taken as a souvenir reminder of the party.

wedding party program

4. The waltz with godparents and family

After the first waltz of the bride and groom, the parents of the groom and the parents of the bride dance. Later, the close relatives take to the track:

  • Brothers and sisters,
  • Uncles cousins
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Grandparents if any.

Also decorate with flowers or decoration with lights on the dance floor. This lighted curtain will also be used as a background for the DJ or when a band or showman comes to the track.

wedding party program

The party and the dance begin. In some cases, instead of dancing the typical waltz, you can choose to dance a slow song that identifies the couple, marking a special moment in their life.

If on your first outing you went to the cinema to see Titanic and it could be very exciting to dance it with your loved ones. For more information about what music to dance to give the best wave to the party.

party program

5. Entertainment as part of the wedding party program

Between courses, it is ideal to generate entertainment activities for your guests. Leaving funny messages and photos in a photo booth is an option. Write messages for the bride and groom.

Singing karaoke is also a lot of fun. You can hire a band to play live. Magic, circus or acrobatics shows are appropriate to include in the wedding party program if the ceremony is during the day or there are large numbers of young children.

Each entertainment does not have to last more than 2o minutes, because if they are long they can exhaust and end up losing the interest of the guests.

wedding party program

6. Cutting the wedding cake and wedding ring

As tradition dictates, the lady who takes out the ribbon that wears the wedding ring is the “next to get married.” The cutting of the wedding cake represents something very special, that the bride and groom decide to continue a journey together.

wedding party program

Many couples wonder whether or not it is essential to have a wedding cake. They prefer to give importance to mini cakes that let the guests taste a greater variety of tastes or have a greater preference for the candy tables.

wedding party program

It is advisable that the cutting of the wedding cake is included in the wedding party program before midnight. So all the guests participate in the moment.

Let the groom put his hand on the bride when taking the knife to come out romantically in the photo. Serve elders, parents, and in-laws first. You can also pronounce some words.

7. Original ideas to throw the bride’s bouquet

wedding party program

Wedding party program

There are those who wish to get married at the end of the year. It is a special date for Christians for the holidays. Opt for a more intimate and bohemian celebration with more Christmas decorations for the celebration. The candles will give the tables a warm note at night.

Wedding reception program

During the reception of the icebreaker party you can opt for the projection of videos of the life of the bride and groom. If any of the couple has an artistic personality, the friends will come up with a show, band or musical comedy to interact with during the party. The styling of the dresses and the lights will surprise you with their beauty.

If the program of the wedding party is outdoors, this moment is accompanied by the “Bartenders” who perform shows when preparing the drinks and which are then distributed among the guests.

wedding party program

8. The party program should not miss the show and dance

As entertainment, the Carioca carnival is a must with party favors included, Hawaiian-style flower necklaces and many other things. It gives a good color frame and de-structure the photos. Put on a segment of Brazilian music or hire batucadas with dancers.

Ideally, for evening weddings is to give a show at 2 in the morning to revive the guests to dance or play games.

Dancers can be hired as part of the wedding party program to perform a choreography and motivate guests to learn it. Step by step, until all young and old are dancing! A show with drums and dancers from the Caribbean or Brazil is sure to add rhythm to the party.

wedding party program

The protocol of the wedding party reaches the maximum fun

In the chain of the event of the wedding party program, the friends begin by throwing the groom into the air and giving a cheerful atmosphere to the celebration until it is arrived the next morning finishing with the chocolate with churros for breakfast.

wedding party program

The wedding party program comes to an end

There is no better way to celebrate your wedding than to have your dreams come true. Let your guests talk about your wedding for days and days. There is a time at the party where shoes are annoying, bringing another comfortable pair of shoes will help.

wedding party program