Special Woman in the World

How to convince a man that you are worth your weight in gold and how to get him to see you as the most special woman in the world , are the million dollar questions.

Good Characteristics Of A Woman

The good news is that there are methods to make a man value the relationship more and, of course, to you and give you all the worship you want; But before entering into the subject, there are some fundamental aspects that you should keep in mind and that are of the utmost importance when it comes to establishing a relationship with a boy.

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Three Basic Concepts

Appearance Is Not Everything

It is natural that all women like to look good; Furthermore, it cannot be denied that physical attraction has its advantages. However, there is something much more important than appearance and it is the emotional part.

Don’t forget that the attraction is only 10% physical and 90% emotional, and that 10% is not permanent !; So it really is a matter of time for it to fade away.

special woman in the world

The most powerful and important factor cannot be seen with the naked eye, and it is the ability to create an emotional impact on the other person.

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He Will Perceive You As You Perceive Yourself

Many times men see girls completely opposite to what they believe.

But don’t be discouraged, with the techniques I will teach you you can make that man see all your positive aspects, and ignore the negative ones.

How to get him to see you like the most special woman in the world , will no longer be an enigma!

Automatic And Effortless Attraction

When you assimilate the three concepts that I share, the attraction will not require any effort on your part. It is well known that when a man does not respond, the woman’s first instinct is to try harder.

Don’t do it! Attraction cannot be forced or fabricated from nothing. You should focus on him seeing your value and essence for himself.

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special woman in the world

Perceived Value

Now that you are familiar with the previous notions, we can focus on the ” perceived value “, that is, what a man sees in you regardless of what the rest of the world creates; therefore, if he perceives you as more valuable than gold, he will want to have you and nothing can stop him.

You will know that certain things have an objective value, such as items in the supermarket; and others have a subjective value, which is what we ourselves give them. In this last category, couple relationships are fed.

The trick is to be the first person to see and appreciate your subjective value. But how to do it? It’s very simple! Make a list of your qualities and make the decision to convince yourself that you have them.

Write your weaknesses too, consider them as springboards and strive to overcome them. Work on being the best possible version of yourself, but do it for yourself; Be honest but relentless with your conviction.

You don’t have to be the most beautiful or the most talented to discover what real men want in a woman; you should only fully exploit those singularities that make you unique and special.

Appearance can speed things up at the beginning, but if you don’t pay attention to deeper issues, that superficial condition will vanish.

Now that you understand the importance of “perceived value,” I invite you to perform the following exercise in three simple steps.

How To Get Him To See You As The Most Special Woman In The World: Know The Three Steps!

Step 1: Establish Control Over The Pace Of Progress

When I speak of rhythm I mean the interactions with your man at any given moment; The leader is the one who determines when the interaction begins and when it ends.

I’m talking about being more proactive instead of reactive, you have the power! This is fundamental at the beginning of any relationship, and helps to take a second step.

Step 2: Act Instead Of Just Reacting

When you are proactive, your man’s words will never take you off guard. You will have control and he should simply react to your desires; You are a woman of courage and your life is in your hands!

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Step 3: Capitalize On The Attraction You Created

It is about taking the balance of the favorable power you established and using it to shape the first attachment resources; It is a matter of assuming affection at the best possible time.

It is the most important part of the process to know how to get him to see you as the most special woman in the world and his dreams.

Capitalizing on affection and ensuring the attraction of man is only a matter of being consistent in establishing your value.

On occasions, love relationships may seem overwhelming and frightening, but it is an internal battle that you can win.

It is definitely possible to understand how to make him see you as the most special woman in the world and if he has doubts, dare to conquer a man who is still undecided , so you will discover what to do to make him fall in love at once and you will know how to seduce to a man positively impacting his mind.