Sorry for Being As I Am, Love Letter

Asking for forgiveness for being like I am letter, means accepting that, although you have given everything of yourself, it will never reach you to reach the high expectations that your partner demands of you, perhaps because learning to love you is to accept your path without having to look at yourself. someone accompanies you.

You can’t be what you don’t want to be, or what another person demands of you, but when you know that everything you do comes from your heart and you don’t need anyone’s approval to justify your life.

There are people who want to change others and are not what they want, so they despise, humiliate and let the power of psychological abuse fall on them, which creates chains of attachment and obsession that are very difficult to let go of.

That is why in these words of reflection we want to apologize for being like I am a heartbreak letter, as an ironic way of apologizing for giving everything and never reaching the required level:

Sorry for Being As I Am Love Letter

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Sorry for being like I am heartbreak letter

I want to apologize for being the way I am letter, for not being the person you dreamed of and for not finding in me everything you needed, I apologize for loving you so much and taking care of you every day of my life during all the years that were always one for me. illusion of being able to conquer your heart one day, which I never achieved.

I apologize for always being by your side for supporting you and running towards you when you needed me, I apologize for never leaving you alone and wanting to give you my love unconditionally, many times without expecting to receive the same, I simply settled for the crumbs that were scattered on the floor of your love.

I apologize for always wanting to see a smile on your face, for accepting your reality that without a doubt I do not know how you can endure day to day, as it is a very great emotional chaos for you, but also for me, because it was never easy to live it and bear it.

Sorry letter for not being what you expected and wanted it

I apologize for bothering me and getting angry when they humiliated you or treated you like trash, I apologize for every word I said, that I always wanted to make you grow and that you were better in every way, so that you would never give up on anything and fight In order to achieve all your dreams, I apologize for the advice I gave you, for the teachings that I left you and for the experiences that were perhaps not as pleasant for you, as for me.

Sorry for every time shared by the smiles, the company that I gave you, for the understanding that was so many times real, I apologize my love for not being your motivation and for not achieving how much love made you love me.

I apologize for wanting you and being the woman of my dreams every day that we were together, I apologize for never ceasing to love you, for sending you beautiful messages, for writing words that came from my heart and I apologize for asking you for love, for demanding a little of what my heart needs to cry out for.

Sorry for not being the best boyfriend

I apologize for seeing you rest and enjoy that peace that you could seldom feel, I apologize for taking breakfast to bed and pampering you so much, until I became mellow, because I knew you did not like it, sorry for the warm eggs that so much you liked them of which the only true secret was to make them with love.

But mainly I apologize to myself for not loving myself, for being in a place where I was always rejected and humiliated, I apologize for letting my self-esteem and my dignity sweep the floor of our shared environment, I apologize for believing in a A lie that hurt me to accept, I apologize for having left you the best years of my life without being able to be happy and without being able to never know true love.

I hope you will one day find that perfect man that you are looking for so much and achieve the happiness that you never found in me.

Bye Bye…

Sorry for being as I am messages

We hope that this message of Forgiveness for being as I am letter, manages to vent your soul from so much enduring and resisting an unrequited love.

You can also see and identify within yourself, which should be the correct path for all those who live tied to the chains of heartbreak.

So as not to look back and take the first step that is so difficult to get out of that prison of suffering in which you live today.

I can only tell you that if you liked these words of Sorry for being as I am letter, we thank you for sharing and commenting to enrich our work.

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