Small Poems To Say I Love You

4 poems to say I love you

There is nothing better than poems to express, all those feelings that sometimes you do not know how to reach the person who loves your heart. If you do not know or do not find the inspiration to write them yourself, you can always try one of the poems that this time, we have thought for you, in order to help you in those moments that you consider special.

What the heart seeks

Cloudy days and dewy sunrises

rays of sun that forget corners full of darkness

a whisper within my memory and a memory to share

They are part of the treasures that each one of my heartbeats keeps

because only they understand what the heart seeks.

A desolate road filled with autumn leaves

a secret that the color of your eyes is part of

a song that I got to write and now it wanders in the wind

free as the echo of the words that I released at sunset

when I was trying to understand the reason for my wishes.

Thoughts that have been saved somewhere in time

a story waiting to be told

along with the petals of a flower that never faded

They are the reflection of my most hidden desires and of that

that vehemently is what the heart seeks.

At sunset

When the sun’s rays hide behind the horizon

the night covers each of our desires and emotions

the halo of the stars fades into the darkness we share

to form a short trail that is only a memory

of those moments that stayed in the sunset.

I have learned to hide in your gaze

every one of my hopes, my words and thoughts

as my mind drifts to distant worlds

and my memories remain intact in this space that now

it has become so ours with each of your gestures.

As the moon shines before it disappears again

a distant song makes me think of your hands and your hair

in unspoken words and intense stares

in a story that was just beginning one day in January

when my face meets yours facing the sunset.

While winter comes

The wind let our words travel to different horizons

a melody kept playing in my mind

transporting me to the oasis that your eyes formed

letting me know that we would always have the feeling

to comfort us while winter comes.

There was no time for questions, nor did they escape my lips

time passed like the pages of a book

whose pages seemed written for quite some time

especially to tell this story

as beautiful as unforgettable.

It will remain within my memories every day, every moment

friction without intention but charged with feeling

looks, sunrises, a life full of color and nuances

details that are enough for me

while winter comes.

Your look

Mysterious and enigmatic like an unknown valley

deep as the night mantle

glows just like the same when filled with stars

and accompanies me in every dream and in every longing

so necessary for me is the warmth of your gaze.

In my mornings and in my evenings

in the hours that pass in each moment of my life

in the memories accumulated in a corner of my mind

the immensity of your gaze is present

with each of its nuances and the peace that it transmits to me.

Ethereal like a moonbeam

soft as the touch of the breeze on my skin

melancholic at times

resplendent in as many

that’s how the beauty of your gaze is for me.

We grow thanks to you, share 🙂