Signs Your Relationship Is Over

If you have been with your partner for many years, you may not feel as excited as you were at the beginning and you are not sure if that is normal or if love is over. But at the same time, you are so used to it that the idea of ​​cutting seems unreal to you. But should you really stay even if you are no longer happy? How to know the signs your relationship is over?

In this article signs your relationship is over we will give you six clues that will help you decide if it is best to cut for the healthy or worth trying to save the relationship.

How to know if I should end a relationship?

Sometimes we ignore the signs that we should end a relationship because we are afraid of being alone or hurting the other party. When there is a marriage or children involved it is even more difficult

But staying in a relationship that is not healthy and has no fix is ​​never the right decision. It is best to finish when you detect one or more of the following signs which shows your relationship is over:

1- You are not happy

Maybe at the beginning of the relationship you felt that you were floating like in a cloud and now you don’t feel those butterflies in your stomach. That is perfectly normal because falling in love is transitory. But it is very different that they have passed the high point of falling in love, that the relationship has become a source of discomfort and conflicts.

signs to end a relationship

Being happy in a relationship means feeling comfortable with that person, sharing good times together, living experiences supporting each other. If this is not achieved then we end up maintaining the relationship only by monotony, by habit, without really being something that makes you improve and grow as a person.

2: They can’t solve problems no matter how hard they try

There are times when we must accept that certain differences may be irreconcilable. If we have tried repeatedly to save the relationship and yet the same problems persist, then the time has come to separate their paths and seek to be happy on their own.

signs to end a relationship

What is recommended in these cases, is that the couple is clear that in every relationship both must give in certain things that are not to their liking. It is normal that there are some differences because each head is a world, but they must always be resolved with communication. If this is not achieved, the healthiest thing is to end the relationship.

 3: Both want different things

On many occasions, those goals that were originally a dream to achieve together, cease to have value over time. Sometimes we forget that the objectives are achieved through perseverance and working as a team. When this is lost and now both want different things, it is time to finish.

The couple must fight together to achieve those dreams that form the basis of their relationship. A couple without shared dreams and not wanting to overcome together during the battles of life, will not have enough weapons to face the challenges that the future holds.

4: fantasize about your life after separating

If, despite having made efforts to save the relationship, you still think often about ending, then you must accept before yourself what your heart really desires . It is best to analyze it together and explain why, before the relationship becomes toxic.

Every relationship where there is still love and respect deserves another chance, however, if these two values ​​no longer exist or that genuine impulse to share our being with another is lost, you are only wasting time and you are making the other one also lose yours.

5: You don’t feel complete in the relationship

Sometimes we start a relationship because we fall in love with some characteristic feature of the other that drives us crazy, like their physique or their sense of humor. But over time we realize that it is someone who does not share our values ​​or our point of view towards life.

As much as a part of you does not want to give up what you do like about the couple, you should remember that you will only be happy with a person who complements you in the essentials and is similar to you in the important aspects of the wedding.

6: There are signs of violence or abuse

In fact, this should be the first answer to the question, how do I know if I should end a relationship? Physical, psychological and sexual abuse is never and under any circumstances admissible in the context of a relationship.

Love breaks are never easy, but the most difficult are when you are still in love and our partner is physically, mentally or sexually abusive. It is normal to feel sadness and pain, but we must love each other and not allow this type of abuse. It is best to be filled with strength and firmness to make the courageous decision to end the relationship.

Reasons to end a relationship

So, in summary, when you are no longer happy, the relationship ceases to be viable in the long term due to lack of common goals, you do not feel identified with the other or there is any form of abuse, it is time to end.

It doesn’t matter how much the idea of ​​being alone scares you. Finishing is the best thing you can do not only for yourself, but also for the other, because in this way both will be free to seek a relationship that really makes them happy.

When to end a long relationship?

There is no opportune moment to end a relationship, the couple will always be affected, but you have to understand that it is better to leave it and be open to new opportunities in the field of love.

This is a truly difficult decision, especially if they have children. The healthiest thing for the family is to talk and keep in mind the way that affects children to a lesser extent.

Final Recommendations

The human being, to avoid that a relationship can become conflictive, must choose a couple that has ideas and dreams similar to his own and carry them out persistently through the good and bad times.

Constant communication and the desire to overcome the obstacles of the road together are the best weapons, so a relationship will never see its end. But if that is the case, you face the painful question of how to know if I should end a relationship or signs your relationship is over? With these tips you can make the best decision.

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