Signs Of True Love

Love! Who does not sigh to get it? There are several signs of true love that can tell you if love is knocking on your door.

Love at first sight is not real love

When you start dating someone you begin to experience beautiful sensations in which you do not want to separate from that person, you think he is the perfect person, who is the love of your life.

Absolutely everything about him / her you love and you swear that he is the right person, the ideal person, I’m sorry to break your illusions but this is not real love, what you are experiencing in that first phase of the relationship is one of the most pretty

It is the stage of falling in love, true love takes its time and must go through many obstacles that will make it strong and lasting.

If the above is not love, then what is true luv? Ironically, love is a feeling that cannot be explained with words, true luv is a cluster of feelings and affection that you have towards a person but that escapes all logic and reason.

If we analyze it coldly when we fall in love we begin to act in a completely crazy way, we feel insecure of losing that person, suddenly we have no eyes to look at anyone else, we wish their happiness even more than their own.

We feel jealous for that person, even though we are clear that this person is not our property, that we were not born together but we did not conceive the idea of ​​separating ourselves, love makes us commit follies that we would never do in our right mind.

I am not saying that love is a kind of mental illness, it is precisely those crazy things we do for love that make it a magical and unique feeling.

When is true love experienced?

True love takes time to flourish, we each love at our own pace and it would be unwise if we establish exact temporalities for each stage of the relationship.

However, what you experience around the first year of relationship is nothing more than falling in love and the combination of sexual attraction, together with the previous sensations, create in our body and mind a bomb emotions that we commonly confuse with true luv.

signs of true love

True love is a feeling that you cannot fake and that is easy to detect when someone does not feel it for us. If your partner fails to pass the compatibility test during the crushing stage it is quite difficult for both of you to experience true love.

Authentic love is not a reciprocal or measurable feeling, you can feel true luv for your partner, for your parents, for your children and you don’t necessarily get it back in the same dimension.

Signs of true luv

True love can be a difficult concept to define, but the signs that indicate its existence can be easily seen in a perfect love relationship.

Use these 12 signs of true love to find out if what you feel is true luv.

1.  Give and receive in love

You put everything in your relationship, put your heart if necessary, what is decisive at this point is that absolutely all your actions are without the hope of receiving something in return, you simply take the pleasure of doing so.

2.  His happiness is yours too

It doesn’t matter if you have had a bad day, if you are going through a difficult situation, seeing that special person laugh out loud just makes your day.

True luv is characterized by that purity of feelings, when that person is about, put aside any kind of selfishness and jealousy aside, you celebrate their successes as if they were yours there are even times when their joys usually give you greater happiness than your own

3.  Annoyance and pain

In a relationship it cannot be all honey on flakes, when the defects of the other person begin to become evident and yours jump to the light it is logical that the fights or disagreements begin, however you cannot be too upset with that time person.

It is normal for you to feel angry and frustrated at certain times but quickly start looking at the problem from another perspective and seek reconciliation with that person, because something inside you does not allow you to be distanced from that person for a long time.

You begin to be more tolerant, suddenly the situations that you did not tolerate with your previous partner begin to seem less serious with this person, you begin to be more consenting and contribute as much as possible so that your relationship has the least amount of roses possible.

4.  Sacrifices

You don’t mind sacrificing your savings from that long-awaited trip if your partner is going through a difficult economic situation, you are able to donate all of your “piglet” if necessary.

There is not even a need for that person to ask you for help, you are willing to sacrifice any kind of thing for that special person.

All human beings have within us the spirit of solidarity and desire for help, however we also have priorities, which is why we are not always able to sacrifice ourselves for any stranger.

When you sacrifice yourself for your partner does not mean that you have set aside your priorities, it means that that person is your # 1 priority, the best sign of true luv cannot exist.

5.  Effort

When you have a relationship in front of you that really interests you, you put all your effort into it. Remember all those girls who asked you to stop drinking every weekend and you never paid attention to them.

Or to those boys who begged a little of your time and you always changed the dates with him for going to parties with your friends, in this case everything is different, there is no need for that person to ask you, you make the change for own conviction

You strive to be a better person, a better version of you for that special love.

6.  Avoid hurting: signs of true love

You could never forgive yourself for physically or emotionally hurting the loved one, you are willing to give in to most of your whims as long as you are happy.

You are able to eat that food of nothing appetizing aspect or to wear that dress that your mother surely chose and gave you on your birthday, as long as you do not make that person feel bad.

7.  Always keep your promises

You know that when you promise something to your partner, he automatically put his hopes on you and for nothing in the world you are willing to fail him, because what you least want is to lose his confidence.

You do not mind failing other people if necessary to fulfill your promise with her / him, this does not make you a bad person, it is only a sign that you have clear your priorities and to fail him / her would be as serious as failing to yourself.

8.  Suffering: signs of true love

Life is not rosy, love can sometimes be painted black and make us spend moments of suffering and pain, you are willing to overcome these times and fight for your relationship to move forward.

9.  Jealousy

Before that person you could be the safest boy in this world, but now you are able to feel jealous of his friend.

That person that although you know that there is no comparison between the two, there is a set of sensations and thoughts within you that do not leave you alone.

There are different types of jealousy, feeling a little jealousy is good in a relationship, with which you must be careful is with those sickly jealousy that force you to spy or try to control your partner, that more than love is insecurity in itself .

10.  You are always there

Regardless of all the crazy ideas that go through your partner’s mind, you are always there to support them, in most cases you don’t even need to ask for your help, because he knows that you are his collaborator n #.

11. You  keep an open mind

Regardless of all the ideas your parents instilled in you about that “perfect match,” you know that no one will ever fit that idealized profile, and you are willing to accept your partner as it is and strive for your family to accept it and see it with liking.

12.  We

You leave the “I” behind, when it is love of the good you begin to think about a future together, you dream of being able to form a family with that person one day, you make plans of all the countries that you will know before getting old.

You plan how many children they will have and sometimes you even surprise yourself when you think of their names, you include it in all your plans, suddenly you no longer see yourself alone, you look at their side for the rest of your life.

True luv is something difficult to understand, it may be that the people around you do not understand why you behave in such a special way, in the end it does not matter that others understand it or not, the only really important thing is that you are sure that it’s true luv.

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