Signs Of Emotional Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most difficult situations a couple can go through. When the couple is unfaithful, the exclusivity pact that was held with the other and the respect that existed in the relationship is totally broken. In the case of emotional infidelity, it is a feeling that is not concretized and that appears even without us noticing when we visit another person outside the couple too much, either for work reasons, because we already had a friendship with that person etc.

In this article in bigmatrimonial: signs of emotional infidelity, we are going to introduce you to some keys so that you can detect if your partner is being emotionally unfaithful to you, some of these signs will surprise you.

6 signs to detect emotional infidelity

There are 2 types of infidelity, sexual infidelity, which occurs when the couple has a love affair for one night or sporadically where there are no feelings involved and emotional infidelity. Emotional infidelity appears when a special connection is generated with someone other than the couple, where there is no sexual contact.

Next we will let you know what are the signs of emotional infidelity that your partner may be emitting if he is emotionally unfaithful to you:

  • Constantly name the other person. You notice that you are constantly talking about the other. It may be that she spends all her life, what has happened to them recently, that she makes comparisons with you, etc.
  • Calls you by name. It is common for them to accidentally get confused and call you by the name of the person in question.
  • Talk to him a lot. You notice that she spends a lot of time talking to her partner or friend, who tells her everything that happens to her and stops telling you things.
  • Increase or decrease in sexual relations. It may be that overnight your partner feels the desire to have many more sexual relations with you than they usually did because it projects the physical attraction and desire they have for the other person towards you. The opposite can also happen and the sexual desire towards you has almost disappeared.
  • It is more distant. Another sign is that your partner behaves distantly with you. When a person is distant with us, sometimes it is not necessary for them to say or even do something, they just feel and perceive that there is something different about him (her).
  • He doesn’t care about you. You notice that now he shows you very little interest and it is not because he is having some kind of problem or going through a difficult situation, it just seems that he does not care what happens or not with you and sometimes you feel that, directly, your boyfriend ignores you.
Signs of emotional infidelity - 6 signs to detect emotional infidelity

Emotional infidelity: how to overcome it

Despite the fact that emotional infidelity is one of the most painful situations that you can go through, there are always ways to cope with it and that this situation does not end with our self-esteem and self-esteem. Here are some keys for you to overcome achieving it.

  • Talk to your partner. Suggest to your partner that they sit down one day to talk about what is happening, explain what you perceive with their way of acting, the way in which it has changed with you and how that situation is making you feel. Avoid claims and never resort to violence, on the contrary, tell her in an assertive and sincere way how you feel right now and ask her to give you an explanation. Finally come to a conclusion and determine what would be the best solution.
  • Make an effort. If they have finally decided to overcome infidelity and continue the relationship and cut off your partner’s relationship with the other person, it is necessary that not only he (she) make an effort to recover the relationship and renew itself. Both have to do their part to give the relationship a good second chance and make it grow.
Signs of Emotional Infidelity - Emotional Infidelity: How to Get Over It

Psychological therapy to overcome emotional infidelity

In most cases, it is not easy to recover from emotional infidelity, especially when there is a deep love for the partner. It is not easy to accept that this may be happening, it may not even be for the person who is being emotionally unfaithful. So when they have tried to move forward despite this and it is not achieved or when the couple has finally decided to end the relationship and the pain is too deep, it is always advisable to receive psychological attention.

Couples therapy for emotional infidelity in marriage

The objective that psychological therapy would have in this case is in the event that it is decided to recover the relationship, overcome that wound that has been left to the victim of infidelity, improve the perspective so destructive that was had about what happened, that both parties can make passes in a healthy and sincere way and provide them with tools so that they can grow their relationship. In the event that a rupture has occurred, the affected person would be helped to rebuild their lives again, thus overcoming depression due to infidelity. You work with your self-esteem and self-esteem and finally it is achieved that the pain of the rupture allows you to get ahead and go down with time.

This article is merely informative, in bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.