Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships can be very complicated and difficult, but at the same time they are enriching and fun. The difference between these two emotions has to do with you. When you put your partner’s happiness, relationships get stronger. A relationship is about committing to the other, and if we put our patience and dedication into practice, we will have a stable relationship. But how do you know that you are in a healthy relationship? Here we will show you some signs of a healthy relationship.

Early Signs Of A Good Relationship

1. Your Partner Is Your Best Friend Too

Romantic relationships also have to be based on friendship. Because inside the friendship it is not about impressing anyone, it is about being honest about who you really are. Friendship-based relationships are casual in intimacy, are less stressful and couples develop a greater connection about their needs.

signs of a healthy relationship

2. You Are Not Afraid Of Him Harming You

Sometimes we find ourselves in relationships that have us with one foot in the door because we know that everything will end in a fight. But once you find the right person, you know they will never have such dramatic fights, because in reality what you want is to be well with your partner.

3. They Are Not Afraid To Say What They Think

Relationships thrive when couples can express themselves honestly with each other. That means that no subject is out of its limits, and the two have the ability to listen and give an opinion. Communication is vital to build a healthy relationship.

4. Both Have Their Objectives Well Defined

They both know what they want in life, they have goals in common and they know how they want to achieve them, and on the other hand they have joint achievements that make their relationship stronger.

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5. They Give Each Other Space

Yes, it’s great to be together, but having your own space is also important. Space allows them to enjoy themselves in their own time. It is healthy to have solo experiences and then share them with your partner. If both understand the meaning of being separated, then they are in the right place, with the right person.

6. Do Not Expect The Other To Change One Day

Maybe one day he will stop drinking, maybe one day he will face problems like a man, maybe one day he will clean his apartment, if you continue thinking about all these things then you are in a bad relationship. When you are in a good relationship, thank you for your partner having his own personality.

7. Have Normal Fights

Disagreements are normal, so if you are not having a fight, something is likely to go wrong. When people in healthy relationships fight, they do it in a productive and fair way. That means they avoid humiliation and insults. They also involve the effort to understand your partner instead of challenging her, and when either is wrong, she apologizes.

8. There Is A Strong Sense Of Trust Between The Two

They openly discuss everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. There is nothing to hide and there are no secrets between you.

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9. Have Friends In Common

Having friends in common to hang out is good. It gives them the opportunity to be with other people without moving away from each other. However, that does not mean that they will forget their own friends. It is a necessity to have independent experiences. If both accept that they can be with the same people and with different people, then they are ready to live a long-term relationship.

10. Being With The Other Is Not A Constant Struggle Of Egos

All bad relationships have in common being battles in which one of the two is trying to win. But if you’re with the right person, it’s easy and you won’t need to comment on who has the best, it’s really like baking a cake together, they both have a touch that makes it perfect.

11. They Make Decisions Together

They make decisions together and listen to each other’s concerns and desires. Of course, this may mean that one day you choose what you want to do, but the next night is the other’s turn.

12. Share Realistic Expectations About The Relationship

Do not fantasize about what it should be or what you want. Remember that you are dealing with another extraordinarily complex person, besides yourself. There is enough to work without having or pursuing unrealistic ideas.

13. Each One Contributes A Part To The Relationship

Each one brings their best strengths and skills for the benefit of the “team” they make up.

14. You Have Your Limits With Family Ties And Friendships

While it is important to spend time with family and friends, it is also important and healthy to set boundaries between you and other close relationships.

15. They Feel Confident In Communicating Their Needs

Your personal wishes are important, so take the time to discuss topics of interest to both as a couple and individual issues. Listening carefully and with full attention is essential for true understanding.

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