Signs He No Longer Loves You

Some relationships are fleeting, begin with a lot of vigor, are dazzling, and not long after they begin to fall into the routine, the lack of romance, apathy, until they reach the end. Continue reading signs he no longer loves you.

How To Know Te Signs He No Longer Loves You

What happened? Was it really love? What killed the romance? If you consider that your relationship is going through a bad time and doubts arise around it, we advise you to pay attention to these 17 signs he no longer loves you to recognize if your relationship is coming to an end.

1.-  Individual goals

Previously they dreamed of sharing a life together, the future was a place they would create by joining their efforts. Everything revolved around aging as a couple; however, each now plans separately.

If they no longer think about having children, getting married, moving together, traveling together, it is because one or both have already lost interest in the relationship.

he no longer loves you

2.- Envidias to others

You feel discomfort when you see the waste of love that other couples experience.

You even envy the demonstrations of affection, details, phone calls and sweet words that your friends in love express towards their partners.

Before your relationship was like that, but it is no longer. Then you are recognizing that things are worse than they appear, you have already lost romanticism.

3.- You don’t say “I love you”:

One of the signs he no longer loves you is about saying I Love You.

Either you don’t say “I love you,” or your partner no longer tells you as often as before. A saying expresses that the words that come from the mouth come from the heart.

Therefore, if it does not provoke you to say it, or you feel forced to say it as a way to avoid hurting the feelings of the other, it could mean that you no longer feel as before.

In the same way if your partner previously told the four winds that he loved you and not now, it is because he does not feel love, he is probably by your side because of companionship or social appearances.

he no longer loves you

The way he says “I love you” is also another factor to take into account, the voice expresses hidden emotions. Pay attention when you say it and they tell you if there is reluctance and apathy then they are only empty words.

4.- Lack of communication

Your partner is by your side, but you feel equally alone. Even talking to your husband or boyfriend is no longer interesting, it’s like they didn’t have issues in common.

You are constantly avoiding your partner, they no longer talk about their interests, just about work. You do not write messages, there are no calls to know how you are on the trip? Or did you arrive well at your destination? When do you come back? Misses you?

It’s simple, you see the other person as a stranger. Distance from the other is normal before the break.

5.- Your life became routine

The magic, surprises and charm are over. Your relationship is just an accumulation of events that are repeated endlessly day by day.

From morning to night, everything is the same, you are living in a bad movie where the script does not accept changes or improvisations.

Wake up, work, wash, cook, sleep. The routine made them automatons and boring. The lack of audacity in the relationship killed them the magic that kept them happy and united when they met.

6.- Sex is casual

It is not like before. Sharing in intimacy is a forced activity, which does not produce the same pleasure, they do not express the same in caresses, as they felt when the relationship began.

You get depressed after being with your partner, or do it only for commitment, but not for love. Intimacy became a rather uncomfortable routine that does not involve exchanging feelings and good times.

7.- It bothers you

It seems that he went from being the ideal couple, to becoming a cluster of traveling defects. You notice all its defects, its presence bothers you, its laughter, its way of walking, dressing, acting, hugging and being.

He stopped being so charming and now you notice him boring, despotic, intolerable, suffocating and has become a burden for you. What really happens is that you don’t know how to get it out of your life. But you don’t love him anymore.

8.- It hurts a “I love you”

He says “I love you”, but even if you realize that his love for you is legitimate, you are not able to respond with the same honesty.

In fact it hurts, it hurts you, you feel like a burning inside, because you know that person goes out of your way for you, but you don’t love him the same way.

You start feeling guilty, like someone who takes advantage of the feelings of a good person.

9.- You go out with another couple

You have already begun to meet new people and you are even seeing someone else who inspires affection and emotions that you no longer feel with your partner.

It is time to be honest about it, it is preferable to talk with your current partner and say goodbye to the relationship in a healthy way. This is much better than fooling each other.

10.- Being together is unbearable

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Are you exhausted from your company, do you feel much fuller and freer in solitude or with other people than with your partner?

Apathy ate the relationship! If you think being together is unbearable and suffocating, there’s nothing else to do, they stopped loving each other.

11.- Other interests arise

Your partner no longer cares when the neighbor’s pet, the latest celebrity gossip, a book or your friends is more interesting. You already lost interest in your partner, don’t keep looking for excuses.

12.- Distrust

His word mattered, what he said was almost a law. But for a while here you don’t believe anything. Maybe he showed you that he is not as trustworthy as you thought, he lied to you and you discovered him.

Or internally you know that you are also lying to him, you are no longer honest about your emotions and that is why you doubt what he tells you. As they say out there “the thief judges by his condition”.

13.- They are treated as friends

More Signs He No Longer Loves You is From friendship to love there is a step, but when it happens in the opposite direction and they pass from love to friendship, to be treated as cousins ​​or brothers is because the flame of passion has died out.

Love disappeared, but at least they have the comfort of counting on each other.

14.- Multiplication of problems

They promised to rely on good and bad, and indeed for a while it was like that, but now the problems surpassed them both. There is no longer interest in resolving negative circumstances.

The help to the couple in the resolution of their own internal, labor, economic and family conflicts, is seen as something distant that is none of your business.

15.- Disappear from your future plans

Goodbye to grow old together, it seems that if you stay by your side your life will crumble.

Your greatest desire is to realize your plans and set individual goals. You are no longer in love, so it does not appear in your future plans

16.- The commitments are tied

You stay with your partner only because you have no alternative, whether you fear hurting him too much, or you don’t have a house to move in. Or maybe you have children in common and you worry about your financial security and emotional stability if you are absent.

You may also be experiencing pity for your partner, you may not consider it mature enough to assume that the relationship ended.

In these Signs He No Longer Loves You, you do not do yourself a favor or do it to your partner. Your inability to take charge of your life and assume that the relationship does not satisfy you will harm both of you sooner or later.

17.- You hurt him

You are unintentionally hurting your partner’s feelings.

He made dinner and prepared a serenade for the wedding anniversary or for your birthday and you only respond with a “thank you” or hardly smile.

He wants to show you at all costs that he cares about you and that he is interested in making you happy, but you don’t feel love, so you inevitably respond and act with abruptness and apathy.

Such demonstrations of affection are considered unnecessary, but surely at the beginning of the relationship, they made you feel in the clouds.

At this point it is better to end the relationship, you will not change your perspective regarding your feelings and without wanting to act cruelly with who loves you.

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