The Definitive List Of Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool


So you like someone, and you want to know if they like you back. You’re not alone! Many people wonder the same thing. But don’t worry (too much). Most people who are interested in someone just need some time to figure things out before they can make a move. Here are some signs that might help:

He smiles when he sees you

  • He smiles when he sees you.
  • He’s happy to see you, and it shows on his face. If a guy is interested in someone, he’ll smile at them when they walk into the room or even just when they’re nearby. A smile doesn’t mean that he’s in love with you yet–but it does mean that there’s potential for something more!

He looks at you with desire in his eyes

He looks at you with desire in his eyes. The more he looks, the more he wants you. But he’s afraid to act on it because he doesn’t know if you’re interested in him or not. He’s trying to figure out what you’re thinking, and whether or not it would be a good idea for him to make a move on you.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry–you’re not alone! It happens all the time: A guy likes a girl but isn’t sure if she feels the same way about him. So instead of risking rejection by asking her out or making an advance toward her (and potentially having his heart broken), he keeps things casual until one day when everything changes…

He flirts with you, but he doesn’t really mean it

Flirting is a way to get attention, a way to test the waters, and a way to express interest. It also serves as an excellent tool for seeing if you’re interested in him or not.

If he’s flirting with you but not really meaning it (because he’s playing it cool), then there are some things you can watch out for:

  • He doesn’t make eye contact when he talks to you (or at all). If he looks away from your eyes when he talks and keeps them focused on something else–like the wall behind your head or even his phone–it’s because he doesn’t want to see whether or not his words are having an effect on you.
  • He does this with everyone else too! If he always seems like this with everyone else regardless of gender/sexuality/etc., then it probably means that he just wants attention from anyone who’ll give it and doesn’t care who gives it as long as someone does (and maybe also because he feels insecure about himself).

He’s distracted.

You’re in the middle of a conversation with him, and suddenly he has this strange look on his face. He’s staring off into space, looking like he’s trying to figure out how to get out of the conversation or just thinking about something else entirely.

This could mean one of two things: either he really is interested in what you have to say but doesn’t know how else to show it (and maybe even likes you), or he simply isn’t interested at all and would rather be hanging out with someone else instead of talking with you at that moment.

He tries to avoid talking about you.

If he seems to be avoiding talking about you, it could mean a few things. He might not be ready for a relationship, or he’s afraid of being rejected. It could also be that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings–or perhaps he feels like he’ll be tied down if he commits himself too soon.

If your guy is playing it cool and trying not to talk about you too much, don’t take it personally. It’s likely just an indication that he wants some space right now (which may come as a relief).

He keeps an emotional distance from you.

He keeps an emotional distance from you.

He’s not sure what he wants or who he is, and that can make him feel like he’s swimming in the deep end of the pool. He may be afraid of getting hurt again, or maybe he’s just not ready for a relationship yet–either way, it might take some time before things progress into more serious territory. As long as his feelings are developing alongside yours (i.e., they don’t seem to be falling out of love with each other), then there’s no reason to worry too much about this one sign being present in your guy: It just means that both of you need some more time before making any big decisions about where things are headed between the two of you!

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He laughs at your jokes and makes them his own.

If he’s laughing at your jokes and making them his own, it’s likely that he wants to impress you. If he can make a joke that is just as funny or even funnier than yours, then it shows confidence and skill in the art of comedy. He may also be trying to show off how great of a sense of humor he has by making fun of himself or joking around with you–and this is one way for him to get closer to you!

As an added bonus: if this happens often enough during conversation between the two of you, then it might be time for him (or both) of your hearts’ desires: love!

He asks questions about how your day went.

He asks questions about how your day went.

He’s interested in you and wants to get to know more about the person behind the pretty face. It shows that he cares about what happens in your life, which is a good sign that he might actually be into you.

He talks about himself as if he hasn’t thought through what he’s saying.

This is one of the most common signs that a guy likes you but is playing it cool.

He’s not sure what he wants to say. He might be trying to figure out how he feels about you or if he’s ready for a relationship, but even if he doesn’t know exactly what his feelings are yet, this is still an indicator that there’s something there between the two of you.

He may also be trying to figure out if YOU like HIM and not just using him as an ego boost (which happens more often than we’d like). If this happens regularly (or even once), take note!

He’s not sure what to say.

He’s not sure what to say.

If he doesn’t know how to respond to your questions, or if he does but his answers are short and awkward-sounding, this is a sign that he’s not interested in pursuing a relationship with you. He might be nervous about talking because he doesn’t want the conversation to end yet–or maybe it just hasn’t occurred to him that there could be any other outcome than friendship between the two of you (and if this is true, it may be time for some gentle nudges).

He keeps his distance.

If he’s keeping his distance, it could be because he’s trying to figure out the situation before making a move. He might be afraid of getting too close and getting hurt, or maybe he thinks that if you’re interested in him then you’ll make the first move. This guy might be worried about being rejected by you–after all, no one wants their feelings hurt! Additionally, if this guy has been burned in past relationships he may be trying not to get attached too quickly so as not to risk any more pain later on down the road (or at least until they’ve had time for themselves).

He acts aloof and detached.

He acts aloof and detached.

He’s not interested in talking with you, getting to know you or spending time with you. He doesn’t want to go out with you or even date you–he’s just not feeling it at all! If this is the case, he may tell himself that he needs to play it cool because if he lets himself get too close and personal too soon then he’ll scare off his potential partner before they have a chance to really get together (or even realize what they want).

He’s playful and flirtatious but not serious.

He’s playful and flirtatious but not serious.

If he likes you, he’ll probably be playful with his words and actions. He might even have a playful nickname for you that only the two of you use (like “sweetheart” or “babe”). If he’s just trying to have fun and doesn’t want anything serious right now, these signs may be more obvious: he’ll keep pushing off meeting up in person; he’ll say things like “I’m not ready for a relationship right now”; or maybe even tell his friends about how crazy it would be if they were together–but then backtrack and say something like “But I don’t think she’d ever go out with me anyway.”

He’s mysterious and evasive.

He’s mysterious and evasive.

If your new guy is playing it cool, he may be afraid of getting too close to you. Maybe he thinks that if he lets himself get attached, something bad will happen–so instead of risking his heart getting broken by falling in love with someone who isn’t right for him (like his ex), he’ll just keep things casual until something changes.

This could also mean he has feelings for you but doesn’t know how to handle them yet because they’re so strong or intense; maybe this is the first time in his life where he’s ever felt this way about anyone! So instead of dealing with those emotions head-on by talking about them openly and honestly with someone else who cares about him too much already like family members or friends would do naturally when faced with similar situations..

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He’s not sure about you.

He’s not sure about you, but he likes you.

This is a tricky one because it can mean two different things: either he’s not sure how to act around you because he wants to get closer to you and eventually date, or he just isn’t interested in pursuing anything with you at all. If there have been moments where the guy has seemed nervous or awkward around you and other times when he seems confident and relaxed (like when hanging out with friends), then these signs indicate that this guy probably wants something more than friendship from his relationship with you.

On the other hand, if he seems like himself all of the time–not nervous or reserved at any point–then chances are good that being friends is all he’s after right now; however, if this occurs over an extended period of time without ever showing any romantic interest in return then perhaps those feelings may never develop into more than platonic affection between two people who enjoy each other’s company very much!

He’s not looking for a relationship right now.

The biggest sign that he likes you but is playing it cool? He’s not looking for a relationship right now.

If he were, he would be interested in making things official and moving forward with your relationship. But if he says that he’s not ready or doesn’t want to settle down yet (or even at all), then this can mean one of two things:

  • He isn’t ready for a serious commitment because he has other priorities in his life at the moment — like school, work or traveling around the world — and wants to focus on those first before committing himself to someone else; or
  • He does want a relationship but doesn’t want one yet because it would tie him down too much and prevent him from doing what he wants freely without having anyone else interfere with those plans

He has feelings for you, but he doesn’t know how to handle them yet.

  • He’s not sure if you’re the one.
  • He’s afraid he’ll get hurt.
  • He has commitment issues.
  • He doesn’t want to be rejected or vulnerable in front of you, so he acts aloof and distant instead of opening up about how he feels (and subsequently getting hurt).
  • He doesn’t want to lose control over his emotions or actions by being too invested in someone else, so he keeps his distance until he feels more secure about the relationship before fully committing himself emotionally or physically (i.e., sleeping with you).

He is afraid that if you get too close, you might hurt him.

  • He is afraid that if you get too close, you might hurt him.
  • He’s afraid of losing control.
  • He’s afraid of being vulnerable.
  • He’s worried that if he lets his guard down around you and opens up about his feelings, it will only lead to more pain in the long run because eventually those feelings will change or go away altogether (as they inevitably do).

This is probably why he keeps his distance from everyone–even friends–and prefers to keep things casual with people rather than risk getting emotionally attached by letting them into his life on an intimate level.

There’s another woman in the picture that he cares about more than you.

This is a classic sign that a guy is playing it cool. If he’s dating someone else and they’re more important to him than you are, then chances are he’s not ready for another relationship or maybe even any kind of relationship at all. The best thing to do when this happens is to move on — there will be someone else who wants what you have to offer!

He’s getting over an old flame or just got out of a serious relationship and isn’t ready for another one yet.

He’s not ready for a new relationship.

He may be getting over an old flame and isn’t ready to date yet, or he just got out of a serious relationship and isn’t ready for another one yet. In either case, he might just be trying to play it cool because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that he doesn’t want anything serious with you right now.

He’s trying to figure out who he is right now; not all men want to settle down in their early twenties.

Sometimes, a guy will like you but not be ready for a serious relationship. He’s trying to figure out who he is right now; not all men want to settle down in their early twenties. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment and he isn’t, then it’s unlikely that things will work out between the two of you.

You should also consider that some men may want serious relationships but are still figuring out how they feel about marriage and children (or other similar topics). It could be that this is just not the right time for this particular guy–and if so, there’s nothing wrong with waiting until later on down the road when things have settled down more before dating again!

He repeats the same things.

He repeats the same thing over and over again.

Sometimes, we like to hear our favorite things repeated because it makes us feel special. This can be true even if the person isn’t trying to get your attention or make a joke–he might just like what he’s saying and want to share it with you. Or maybe he’s just repeating something because he feels comfortable saying it. Either way, if this is happening between two people who are dating or in love, take note: He may be hinting at deeper feelings for you!

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He makes eye contact and smiles at you, but doesn’t respond.

If he makes eye contact and smiles at you, but doesn’t respond, he might be shy. He wants to make you feel comfortable around him so that he can get to know you better. This can also be a sign that he likes you!

If your crush is acting like this, don’t be afraid to ask him if he likes you–or even just how his day was going. If the answer is no or uncomfortable for whatever reason (like if his roommate walked into the room), then let it go and try again another time.

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He texts you back immediately.

When a guy is interested in you, he’ll text you back immediately. If he’s not showing any interest in you and keeps giving you one-word answers (or none at all), it’s a sign that he doesn’t want to get too attached to the conversation.

He doesn’t ask you out on dates.

He doesn’t ask you out on dates.

If he’s not asking you out, it could be for any number of reasons: He may be nervous about the idea of dating someone new; he may be waiting for the right time to ask; or he simply doesn’t feel like dating right now. No matter what your guy is up to, keep in mind that this can take some time–and patience!

He asks you to hang out more than once a week.

If he asks you out more than once a week, it means he is interested in you. If he goes out of his way to ask you out on the weekends and seems sincere about wanting more time with you, then that’s good! Just don’t get too excited–he may just be trying to make sure that your relationship doesn’t evolve into anything serious too quickly.

If his behavior changes suddenly and drastically after being invited over for dinner by a mutual friend (or even someone who isn’t), then there’s a good chance that this guy might be playing games with your head. He may not actually be interested in spending more time with you; instead, he might want to see how far along things have gotten before deciding whether or not it would be worth pursuing further down the line.

You have inside jokes with him.

Inside jokes are a sign of a close relationship. They’re also a way to bond with someone and make them feel more comfortable around you. If your crush has an inside joke with you, it’s likely that he likes you as much as you like him.

You can use this opportunity to get closer to him by sharing some of your own inside jokes with him! You could say something like “I know what we’re talking about now!” or “Didn’t I tell y’all that last week?”

You feel like he is flirting with you and you don’t know why.

You feel like he is flirting with you, but he might not know how to tell you.

He might be trying to figure out if you like him, too.

He might be trying to make you like him.

It’s normal to wonder when someone likes you, so do your best to figure it out!

It’s normal to wonder when someone likes you, so do your best to figure it out! Here are some signs that he likes you:

  • When he asks about your day. If he seems interested in what you have going on in your life and wants to know more about what makes you tick, this could mean he feels something for you. If this is the case, he might take an interest in learning more about how people make decisions — which can be a good sign because it means that he’s thinking about things from another perspective than what most people would consider “normal.”
  • When he compliments your appearance or personality. It’s nice when someone notices our beauty (even if they don’t say so). In general, though, I think most men find women attractive enough without having been told so by anyone else; they just think everyone looks pretty! So if a guy says something nice like “you look great today!” or “you’re really smart!” then chances are high that there’s more behind those words than just an appreciation of one aspect of our personas–or even two parts…


It’s natural to have questions when someone likes you, especially if they’re not saying anything. But remember that it’s important to give people space and respect their feelings (that doesn’t mean you should ignore them!). If your friend is hesitant about being open with you about his or her feelings for you, there are lots of ways to get him or her comfortable talking about it: ask if they want to come over for dinner; invite them over without revealing what happened first; offer support when needed by saying something like “I know this must be hard on both of us right now” or “I’ve been there too!”

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