Seduction Quotes

The power of words is infinite and you can discover it below with the seduction quotes that we bring to you.

Messages of love for your boyfriend or phrases to fall in love with meaning, have the ability to incite or persuade the behavior of a man and, moreover, if the intention is to seduce him, with seductive sentences put his imagination to fly and not get you out of his mind For a good time.

To achieve this, it will also be helpful to know how to drive any man in love for you crazy .

Can’t you think of any idea? Do not worry!

Below you will find an excellent collection of seduction sayings, carefully elaborated, taking into account the needs and priorities that house the male mind. Learn how to influence a man’s mind.

Check them out, choose the best one and surprise it!. You can also read subliminal seduction phrases.

Seductive Quotes For Her

You don’t necessarily have to write a treatise or a love letter for your very elaborate boyfriend to know how to seduce a man.

It’s a matter of thinking the precise words at the right time and that’s it!

The following are some excellent alternatives to short seduction quotes; You decide the medium of seduction captions: a text or whispered seductive quotes to say to a man in ear with a flirtatious voice.

“I bet you a kiss that kiss better than you.”

“Temptations like you deserve sins like me.”

“Take away this desire from you!”

“I would like to kiss you until I discover what your dreams taste like.”

“I love you like that, in a low voice and high beats.”

“Come, I invite and together we pay the consequences.”

“Lately I have many cravings, you, for example!”

“You have coffee in your eyes, that explains why you take my sleep away.”

“What good insomnia if I reveal myself over your body.”

“Wear my lips and undress my thoughts!”

“If my life were a book, you would be among my best pages.”

“If you guess what I am thinking, I give it to you on the lips.”

“I do not have the fault that you like me; It’s your fault for having everything I love.”

“For temptations like you, there are sinners like me.”

“I want to be that place where you escape when you don’t know where to go anymore.”

“With me you will not lack love; And if you’re missing, we do it.”

“In the absence of flowers, I bring you desire.”

“You are like red wine, you crave me every so often!”

“You have a I don’t know what, that puts me I don’t know how, but what I like you don’t know how much!”

“I wait for you behind the moon, wherever no one sees us!”

“If I seduce you with my lyrics, imagine with my caresses.”

“I will love you with the tenderness of my words and my unbridled passion.”

“Your caresses have the power to take me to heaven and make me burn in hell too.”

“Let me seduce you to the rhythm of my words, feel your body to sighs and join your desires to mine.”

“Do not wish me good night, give them to me!”

“I don’t want you in my dreams, I want you in my bed and near me every morning.”

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seductive quotes for her

How to Seduce a Girl

“Stone, paper or kiss me?”

“My favorite food is your lips!”

“I will give you kisses so tempting that they will end in burning desires.”

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seduction quotes

“To hell the lottery, touch me!”

“Tonight I want you to punish me with all the power of your passion.”

seduction quotes

“You are not my property, but my desire.”

seduction quotes

“I want to lose control in your arms and fill my soul with you.”

“Everything in excess is bad, except you!”

“I’m a hurricane, I hope you like disasters.”

“Your skin is so strong that, even in the distance, it touches my memory.”

“Mathematically speaking, you are the sum of all my desires.”

“You and I, we have many pending sunrises.”

“I kiss you, then I exist!”

“My desire to be by your side is not created or destroyed, it just accumulates.”

“I’m tied a knot, do you undress me?”

“Kiss me!”

“If you undress my heart, the clothes fall off alone.”

“Stop being racist and accept my black intentions.”

“In your hell or mine, but sinning together.”

“Of the hells I’ve tried, I would come back to you because you knew heaven.”

“If you want I want; If you dare, I dare.”

“I speak three languages, but my favorite language is yours.”

“If you provoke me, I answer you.”

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Art of Seduction Quotes

Seducing words and love go hand in hand, and are the perfect combination when you know how to make him fall in love at once and conquer his heart with the seductive quotes to turn him on.

Quotes to seduce a man will also help if you need to know how to conquer a man who is still undecided and you will know how to awaken feelings of love in a man.

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings and revolutionize your thoughts! Take a look at the seducing quotes for him. I share below and become a seductive expert .

“I don’t need you at all, but I love you for everything.”

“You are one of those vices that are nice to have, that do not let you sleep, that make your mind go crazy and multiply your desire.”

“I love you above all things and below the sheets.”

“You steal the smile that I didn’t even know I had between my lips.”

“The aroma of your intelligence seems extraordinarily sexy to me.”

“I want to be with you every minute of my life, love you with a bare heart and a soul dressed in sighs.”

“Do me the great favor of entering my life and never leaving it.”

“There are love stories that are written in a book; Ours will be written on the skin.”

“I want to love you without haste, conquer you calmly and seduce you without pauses.”

“Touch me the sky and kiss me the stars.”

“I think of you, even dressed.”

“Take off your fears, then your clothes; and then you will know what love is.”

“I would like to have you by my side, or on top, it doesn’t matter.”

“Use me, wear my life with your love.”

“Your skin and my mouth have an appointment, caresses and a pending life.”

“For days without poetry, your body and my lips.”

“Your kisses shook my mouth and the memory still trembles.”

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Words to Seduce a Woman

Through them we can meet new friends, close business, make professional contacts and why not, find love.

If you feel identified with the universe of virtual relationships, chats and written expression like seductive phrases. I invite you to continue reading and be inspired by the following quotes, specially How can I seduce her with words?

“I love you, do you understand or come and I explain it to you with kisses?”

“I like you because without reasons you look for me, without seeing me you love me and without ties you stay.”

“Do you want to know who has conquered my heart? Read the first word again.”

“What if we take time? For example, you give me your present and I give you my future. How about?”

“Of the 24 hours of the day, 16 I think of you and the other eight I dream of you.”

“If I never say goodbye, it’s because I never want you to leave.”

“Your Facebook needs a relationship with me.”

“Today I don’t want to chat, I want to see you and take away the desire to kiss you.”

“You make me laugh, you have the right to everything!”

“I wish I could bite your smiles with my lips.”

“I like you because you are not only physical attraction, you are mental attraction. In other words, you turn on my body, revolutionize my neurons and accelerate my heart.”

“My textual fantasy is that you eat me, period.”

“I don’t always have time to write to you, but I have it to think you, miss you and want you.”

“I like you more than free wifi.”

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Art of Seducing a Man

The writers, the musicians and in general most of the artists, have inspired some of their works of seducing poems in feelings as human as love and sensual seductive quotes to turn him on

The seduction quotes that you will read in a moment belong to fragments of beautifulpoems to seduce a man.

Do not lose sight and use them in your favor!

“Do not tempt me, if we tempt ourselves we will not forget” Mario Benedetti.

“Get me caressed, kiss me until I fall into a coma” Aldoux Huxley.

“Dream me, that suits you. Dream me, you’ll like it ”Eduardo Galeano.

“But what do we care about the opinion of cold people, provided that our souls, more ardent and more noble than theirs, know how to enjoy what they do not perceive” Marquis de Sade.

“I want you to go crazy with laughter, drunk with nothing and go through the streets without haste, yes, holding hands, rather … from the heart” Mario Benedetti.

“You are neither circumstance nor accident – I have told you – you are intimacy, essence” Jaime Sabines.

“One day will come the day, the day to hug you, to undress you at last with so much clothes and so much waiting.” Julio Cortázar.

“It’s not that I die of love, I die of you” Jaime Sabines.

“We were together. I forgot the rest. ”Walt Whitman.

You already have the best quotes ready to use when you want to give the relationship a plus. On the other hand, if you want to know how interested he is in you; I recommend you try the accurate Love Interest Calculator from Love.

Seductive Words List: Seduction Quotes

How can you break the ice and start a conversation with that person you cross each morning in the cafeteria? Below you can find a list of The Law of Seduction….

“I just moved to the city, could you give me instructions on how to get to your house?”

A fun seduction quote to start a conversation. Then … who knows?

“I was a homosexual until now”

With this quote,  you are telling the person how attractive he is . If you are really homosexual, you can say: “I was a heterosexual until now.”

“I don’t know how to kiss, could you teach me?”

A very direct quotes. But with the right person it can work.

“Excuse me … uh … is that you are so beautiful that I forgot what I was going to say”

A funny quote that could make the other person follow you.

“I don’t know if I’m your type, but why don’t we give ourselves a chance to find out?”

A quote with sincerity. You are saying what you think.

“I am not to blame for your liking. The fault is yours, for having everything that I love”

Blaming him for his appeal. Well … it ‘s a way of telling him that you like him .

“Surely we have many things in common, what do you think if we dare to find out?”

A quote that is not very invasive but very direct.

“Of the 24 hours you have the day, 16 I think of you and the other 8 I dream of you”

This quote can be told to someone you already know and for which you sigh.

“Could you lend me a dictionary? Is that seeing you I have run out of words”

A quote with a touch of irony . Surely you get a smile.

“If being sexy were a crime you would have to spend the rest of your life in jail”

A classic that is very heard. But if you know how to continue the conversation, it can be a way to break the ice.

“I want to have precious children someday and I would like to ask your parents for a few tips, to find out how they did it”

Using parents to tell her how pretty or beautiful she is.  You may like it .

“For temptations like you, there are as many sinners as me”

A full-fledged statement. Who would not want to sin with that person?

“Don’t waste your time looking for your better half, here I am!”

This seductive words can also be used using the “blue prince” instead of the half-orange.

“Excuse me, don’t we happen to have a friend in common who can introduce us?”

A funny quote that is saying you’re dying to spend time with that person.

“I didn’t believe in love at first sight until you came in here”

We have all felt love at first sight. Why not tell someone? So we do not want to try …

“Do you know how much the universe measures? -Do not. -Then you don’t know how much I like you”

Another way of saying that person drives you crazy.

“Hey, you have something on your face. -What? -The prettiest smile I’ve seen in my life”

And the thing that drives you crazy is the smile . Every time you see her you run out of breath.

“I would love to see you without makeup every morning of my life”

Not all women will take this quote well, but surely some will . Especially if he likes you very much.

“Excuse me, is your name Google? It’s that in you I find everything I’m looking for”

An original quote to tell you that you love it.

“You are so handsome that I have forgotten what I was going to tell you”

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You like that person so much that it costs you to concentrate.

“Where do you sell the numbers to win this prize?”

This is the biggest prize you can win. And you let him know …

“I don’t know if you’re a dream or a reality, but if I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up”

Sometimes you come across people who make you daydream.

“Has the sun just risen ?, or have you smiled at me?”

Another compliment on the smile. There are smiles that stop the world.

“What makes a star flying so low?”

A quote to link something cheesy but that can have a result.

“I hear you everywhere, everywhere I look at you, you are not everywhere but I take you with me”

A quote that you have to use when you have a relationship with that person.

“I know I can’t fly, but there is someone who makes me feel that I can do it and that person is you”

A quote full of sincerity. Sometimes it only takes that for the other person to realize that he likes you.

“Hello, I wanted to introduce myself because I liked / called your attention (attribute)”

A classic way of engaging in conversation. This way he already knows that he likes you.

“Hello, I wanted to know if in addition to attractive you are also nice. You are?”

In other words, you like the person physically. Now you want to know if it’s good people too .

“Hello, I have seen you and I have not been able to avoid having to introduce myself. What is your name?”

A little original quote but full of meaning.

“For a moment I believed that I had died and had entered heaven. But now I see that I am alive, and heaven has come to me.”

A full-fledged statement. Life has another color when that person is near.

“Which animal do you prefer: a duck or a penguin?”

A quote to leave pictures… but  a different way to start a conversation .

“How is the atmosphere huh … I’ve never come here blah blah blah … is this always the case?”

Another quote to break the ice. Now then you have to play your cards.

“Do you have Facebook (Instagram, WhatsApp…)? I would like to add you to know you better”

With all the sincerity of the world. You ask him for Facebook and then you flirt calmly.

“I love your eyes! I would like to see them again …”

If she has special eyes,  you can use them to tell her that you want to meet her or him .

“I love the song that is playing, do you know whose it is?”

For when you are in a place with music. So you have a topic to start a conversation and an opportunity to start talking.

“I’m going to be honest with you, so I’m not going to be around. You have something special and I would like to meet you.”

You like it and period. Is there anything wrong with that? No, right?

“I’ve seen that you were looking at me and … I think we feel the same”

By the time you have crossed your eyes several times. A seductive quote with great power .

“I need an opinion of a woman (or a man)…”

This way you start a conversation. It doesn’t matter if what you say makes no sense .

“Have you hurt yourself? Not because? (The other person responds) Because as the angels fall from the sky, you had hurt yourself.”

If the other person takes it well. You already have it …

“Where can I find a coffee shop around here?… Are you with me?”

One way to tell him that you want to drink with that person.

“Who lies more: men or women?”

Any quote to start a conversation. This question can give enough play.

 “I know you don’t know me. That’s why I come to introduce myself…”

You like it and you won’t waste the only opportunity you have to introduce yourself.

“Do you know? Suddenly I wanted to talk to you and invite you out? What would you say”

A direct quote to invite you to drink something without hair on your tongue.

“Do you have any idea how much a panda weighs? Well, I think the weight is enough to break the ice, what is your name?”

The important thing is not the question . But it remains plaid and then you want to know what it is called. One of those ingenious quotes about seduction to start a pleasant conversation.

“Excuse me, do you know what time it is? Because seeing you I lost track of time”

A funny seduce quote to start a conversation that leads to something else.

“Why are you so alone? Do you mind if I keep you company?”

When that person is alone, you can be an opportunity to flirt. Just make her feel comfortable, and it will be easy to be able to start a beautiful conversation.

“Could you tell me your name? Yesterday I dreamed about you, but I woke up just when you were going to tell me”

You can use this quote me quote, for example, with that boy or girl you often see in the store in front of your house.

“It seems incredible that it took 23 years to meet you”

You have lived without him or her so far. Now is the time to spend the days by your side.

“Since entering this room I have not been able to stop looking at you. We could meet …”

A direct way to tell him that you have noticed his presence when he has arrived at the premises

“I don’t know what it is, but I’ve felt something amazing to see you. And the truth, I don’t want to let you escape”

You have felt something incredible to see him and do not want to miss this opportunity to meet him. Another way to start a conversation that, perhaps, ends up being a romantic story.

“Looking at you I hit the wall and hurt myself. I need your name and phone number for insurance”

A funny fictional situation that gives rise to meet.

“I am looking for someone who loves me and it seems to me that you could be the right person”

Resorting to theatricality to seduce.

“I don’t usually do this, but… do you have fire?”

Humor and impudence serve to create an atmosphere of complicity.

“I am writing a novel, if you give me your information I will send it to you”

Playing the role of a person with problems to socialize can be used as a humorous resource.

“You smell great, have you eaten pizza?”

A mixture of quote to link and joke that predisposes the other person to respond with humor .

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should it happen again?”

Using oneself as an object of parody is very effective in creating fun moments.

“I really like your eyes, especially the left one”

A quote to link disconcerting but fun.

“I lost my phone number, can you give me yours?”

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Another of the quotes to link based on funny fictional situations.

 “I see you little but I think you a lot”

A poetic way of expressing attraction

“Kiss me”

One of the shortest flirt quotes; It consists of two words combined.

“You are the only person with 2 hearts, yours and mine”

The heart is a symbol widely used to seduce her mind.

“Maybe I am not the most attractive person in the place, but I am the only one that is being presented to you”

A love seduction quote to link with humor.

“You are so sweet that anyone becomes diabetic with you”

Seducing using synesthesia.

“What you do is walk and the rest is to spoil the ground”

A funny way to recognize someone’s elegance.

“I hope you know how to say word of mouth because I’ve run out of breath”

One of the classics powerful seductive words to link.

“Can you pay me a drink? Seeing you I dropped mine”

Using the impudence from time to time can create funny moments of complicity.

“I almost fear both death and the possibility of not seeing you anymore”

A tragicomic way to show interest.

“If I keep looking at you for a long time I will need new eyes”

Once again, humor is a very useful tool to create a relaxed atmosphere.

“Nothing I can say will express how much I like you”

A way to express the attraction you feel fleeing from conventions.

“I hope to see you more times”

Another of the most honest quotes to use to maintain contact with someone.

“You are one of the most attractive people I’ve ever met”

Using transparency and simplicity of seduction sayings to express feelings.

Subliminal Seduction Text Messages

The Subliminal Seduction or seduce using of subliminal messages is based on sending messages that are below conscious awareness, as in the case of subliminal messages, but aimed at seduction .

In a simple way it is about sending an undercover message for another message that will go unnoticed by our conscious side.

In the modern advertising industry it is based on this principle, which uses it very effectively although its use is somewhat taboo since most large international companies do not want to reveal too much since it is attentive to the manipulation of consumer preference.

Subliminal Seduction

The world of advertising to use this type of subliminal seduction is usually based on hidden images with reference to sexuality , either thanks to an image of female breasts , a pair of lovers or the word sex literally.

Subliminal Seduction to Seduce Women

The seduction also makes use of some series of subliminal messages to create a certain attraction because these messages arouse in a woman various feelings of connection and affection.

A subliminal message to create a certain connection is, for example, the use of a word or phrase that the girl you are interested in always repeats, for example imagine that a certain girl whenever she is happy ends her conversations by releasing the phrase:

” BLA Na …. how strong”

When you realize this, you should simply use it at the end of some conversation, but without abusing it, it will be given that you also use one of their phrases supposedly used naturally, consequently you will feel that there is a kind of connection between the two, as if I would know you for a while, you will feel that you are a man who perhaps if he knows you a little more, could catch you with love, confidence or something else.

The same happens when your tastes coincide with an acquaintance or acquaintance, if you are a fan of making model ships and another person talking about the same topic because he also has this hobby, and he also loves that world and has interesting collections, unconsciously spontaneously It will create an image that you like and that person can share much more.

This is a common situation that happens to everyone every day, which modifies our behavior or our attitude towards a person.

Subliminal Messages to Seduce

The seduction is based on these codes to transmit using of subliminal messages , our values and our desires toward women, simply because it is much easier to convey something to a woman with a hidden message that a textual word .

Imagine that you know two girls you have known recently, you say: « You have to trust me because I am a good friend and I always care about others, so you must trust me»

Instead, you let the other girl loose the following:

«… I was the other day .. blah blah and I was going home to rest, when I passed by a subway station I saw an old friend of studies, called Sonia who was accompanied by two friends of his, turned around and managed to reach them, It was early in the morning and it was going to start raining, I got them in the car and took them home, it turns out that the three of them live together, once on their floor I carried Sonia in my arms because I had a few drinks, putting it on the floor He started throwing up in my newly bought suit, how bad but you laugh and over with what the suit cost… «

In the second conversation you are trying to give the same message not in the textual form if you do not go through a story, which has the same content but is hidden subliminally . In this way with this Seduction technique , you have sent more than one undercover message:

  • You are a good friend of your friends, because you worried about protecting your friend, from the rain and being early in the morning can be dangerous for a woman.
  • You are a social and funny man, because it did not bother you that I was with other friends, you also took the little accident in a good mood, and as a final point you are fun since your story is too.
  • You are a man with certain income, you spoiled a new suit that had a certain value, which you have not said, which leaves an idea in the air that she will imagine the price or value of that garment.

Is Subliminal Seduction Effective?

Now be honest: Which of these two girls you just know will trust you the most? Which of the two women will have better ideas about you?

So: What is the most effective way to send messages to be a seductive and attractive man to women?

This and much more is the Subliminal Seduction, a great tool that you rarely use without realizing it, but if you master it, it will give you many benefits, whether in your seductive or social life. Do not forget to tell me if you have seen the subliminal image, in the publicity.

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