Secrets Of Tinder

There are many applications to find a partner, but the queen of all is Tinder. This popular app can be the most useful tool to improve your love life, if you know how to use it well. Do you want to know the secrets of Tinder? Here are 13 tips to make the most of this app.

The Secrets Of Tinder

1. Put An Original Biography

The first impression is key. Social networks are virtual environments, so our biography is a first look at our personality. It is very important that your description be interesting, fun and show who you are.

How to show who you are in so few characters? Include the basics about you and your tastes. Name, age and what you do are basic aspects, add something that tells about your hobbies, associations or interests.

Showing your hobbies doesn’t just talk about you, it helps you attract people who share the same interests.

secrets of Tinder

2. Do Not Use Very Sexual Profile Photos

It is a very common mistake to believe that sensual profile photos are a good idea in an app like Tinder, to meet a partner.

Indeed, sexy photos attract attention, but it may not be adequate attention. Very sexual photos will only attract boys interested in one-night rolls. Sex only

If you want something deeper, opt for photographs that show you in different facets, smiling and showing your face.

3. Sort Your Photos Logically

Take advantage of the photo reel of your Tinder profile to show different areas of your life and personality. To be useful, the organization is essential.

The recommendation is that you go from the micro to the macro: you can start with a close photograph of your face, then some where you see the whole body, another one in which you appear working in your day to day and, finally, one where you are practicing any of your hobbies.

4. Post Good Quality Photos On Your Profile

In addition to your bio, part of the first impression you can give others is by your profile picture. Make sure the photos you use are well focused, sharp and in which you see yourself at your best.

The quality of your photographs is essential to draw attention to potential suitors.

5. Activate The “Smart Filter” Option

One of the most recent updates to Tinder is the introduction of the “smart filter” option, which allows you to identify which of your photographs you like best and automatically puts it on the cover of your profile.

This option increases your chances of attracting more looks and hearts in the app.

secrets of Tinder

6. Do Not Put Photos With Other People On Your Profile

It is a big mistake to post photos on a profile with people of the opposite sex. It is an app to find a partner! Why would you put pictures that can make it look like you already have one?

If you review a profile you like and find photos with another person, you will surely think that it is already your partner. You don’t want the kids looking for you in Tinder to believe that and you have to clarify that this person is your brother, cousin, friend.

Make sure all your photos are about you and clear the doubts.

7. Avoid Selfies

Good  selfies get a lot of likes on Instagram, but Tinder is a different environment. If all the photos you have in your profile are taken by yourself, you have no chance to show the environment in which you develop and give the image of being a lonely person.

It is better to have a photograph drinking a good wine at a party, or reading a book and enjoying a coffee, to always show your face in photos taken by yourself.

8. Reissue Your Interests On Facebook

As Tinder is linked to Facebook, all the pages you have liked “appear” on your Tinder profile and are public to those who visit.

So walk through your Facebook and check the likes you have given. That social network has much more time, many of us have since our adolescence, so perhaps it is time to reconsider some interests and publications of the past that affect your current image.

9. Use A Very Original Bio: secrets of tinder

I don’t know how many Tinder profiles have the same words in their bio, but I assure you that every time I encounter repeated biographies I immediately discard the person with that profile.

Don’t even think about borrowing an interesting bio that you see there. The biography is the presentation of your personality. If you copy it, the message you give is that you simply have nothing to offer.

10. Try To Be Original From The First Message

When you have connected with someone in Tinder, the first conversation is a great opportunity to create a real connection. The best advice: try to be as original as you can in this first contact.

Avoid using the typical greeting with a simple “hello!” Check the photos of the other person, his bio and try to decipher something about his personality. Take advantage of this information and start the conversation with some of the details of your photos.

For example, you can say hello and make a comment: “Big dogs are very beautiful!” So you flatter that photo you published with your pet, you break the ice and samples that have things in common.

11. Call Him By Name When They Chat

It is psychologically proven that people feel closer when you call them by name, even if they don’t know each other so much.

It is a good way to show the other that we pay attention and that we only talk to him. This also helps to avoid the use of love nicknames (such as “my sky,” “honey,” “my love” …) that require a lot of confidence when they are just beginning to meet.

12. Be Fun, Friendly … But Avoid Being Sexy In The First Place

As with sensual photos, sometimes a conversation too sexy to start meeting someone can have an opposite effect to what you expect. You may connect with the boy, but it is probably a fleeting and superficial relationship.

Avoid insinuating yourself sexually or showing yourself very suggestive of entry. They are barely getting to know each other, show your personality, try to be fun and spontaneous, do not jump directly to the sexual.

Being kind and showing your funniest side will make the time they spend chatting fly away and he always stays with a smile engraved on his lips.

13. Get Your Phone Number

Once they have talked several times, ask for their phone number and transfer the conversation. It is not a good sign to let many days of conversation go through Tinder without any intention of conversing by other means.

Try to get your phone number as soon as you can. This shows interest in getting to know each other better and possibly organizing a meeting in person.

Tinder Secrets Of Scientology

How To Flirt In Tinder? Secrets Of Tinder

As it is a virtual connection, you should make the most of everything you can use to impress: good photos in the profile, an original bio and ability to have very interesting conversations from the beginning.

Original Descriptions Tinder

An original bio is important to attract boys to your profile. Here are some examples:

  • «Traveler without suitcase who always loses the first train (I am very unpunctual). I hope I’m not late for your life to at least have a coffee. Of course, we must share the cookies with Marly, my spoiled dog ».
  • «They say that I am somewhat crazy, I would say that I try to survive in an increasingly stressful world. I relax and I don’t care if I have to go home in the rain. There awaits me a cup of coffee, Mozart and my computer ».
  • «I’m interested in three things: 1) That you like it. 2) I like you. 3) That we like each other and not continue reading more bios ».

Phrases For Tinder: Female Profile

We leave you some ideas for an interesting Tinder profile that attracts many kids:

  • «Intense, passionate and lover of a good glass of wine, absurd talks and a good videogame.» (If you do not like video games, you can change is part for your favorite hobby).
  • «Funny and curious, but with a heart that fits 11 men (those of my favorite football team). Give a heart and tell you more ». (Again, you can modify that text according to your hobbies).
  • «Lover of cooking, animals, books and a good conversation. If it is accompanied by wine (or beer), better. So we don’t count the hours or the words ».

Tricks for Tinder Gold

If you’ve been browsing the web to find secrets of tinder to have Tinder Gold, I’m sorry to tell you that everyone is a scam.

The only way for you to enjoy all the advantages of Tinder Gold (such as seeing if someone likes you before you  like it , for example), is to pay for the service.

So forget about tricks to get free Tinder Gold. Do not expose your personal information or the security of your equipment.

Tinder Algorithm: Secrets Of Tinder

Until a few years ago the Tinder algorithm was based on those profiles that were most desirable, depending on the number of  likes they received.

The developers of the app reported that now the algorithm is based on a single factor: the use of Tinder. That is, the more active you are in the app, your profile will be more visible and you will be more likely to link.

It’s simple: if two people are constantly online, the likelihood of connecting will increase. As simple as that! Apart from this, its creators also indicate that the location of people also plays an important role.

Does Tinder Repeat People?

If by chance you have encountered a profile that you already rejected several times, it is likely that several things are happening:

  1. The person had deleted his profile and now reactivated it or created a new one.
  2. That your Internet connection failed at the time of giving the X and that is why your action has not been saved.
  3. If you continue to see profiles that you have rejected, try logging out and re-entering.

Does Tinder Stink?

Like any dating app or to find a partner, Tinder also has disadvantages. There is something you should be clear about: the way you present your profile is decisive for connecting with certain types of people. Your own attitude when you start conversations also influences.

Many speak badly and many others have happy stories thanks to the app … Each experience is different and only you define the outcome. Be clear what kind of relationship you want to get and take advantage of the app to get it.

If you have used Tinder, you will have noticed that you can find all kinds of people in that application. Perhaps you have already had bad experiences or do not know how to identify which are the best matches in the middle of so many users of the application.

It all starts with you: the image you project in Tinder will help you get kids who are not looking for something serious on a first level. Put these 13 tips into practice and you will see that you will be able to connect with more similar guys to your personality.

Use these secrets of Tinder in your favor and you will surely find that couple that you want so much. Do you have any experience with the app? We want to meet her! Leave us your story in the comments section and don’t forget to share these tips with your friends on social networks.

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