Secrets Of Lasting Relationships

More than once you have wondered how to achieve a long and happy couple life. You’ve seen two cute old men holding hands by your side and you thought you want that for yourself. Well, this is the ideal place for you to find an answer to all that. Here I will unveil the true secrets of lasting relationships , do not lose sight of them!

How To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

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1. Couple For The Right Reasons

One of the biggest secrets of a lasting and stable relationship is at the very beginning of that couple.

It is likely that when you decided to form a relationship with your boy you did it for love, because you and he wanted it, because they wanted to be together; and they are likely to maintain that feeling for a long time.

Sometimes it happens that we assume a loving commitment to someone for fear of loneliness, because we like living as a couple and we don’t know how to do it any other way.

It could also happen that, when a certain age arrives, we choose to enter into a relationship because we consider it the last option we have left, our last train.

Both attitudes are wrong and it will be very difficult to maintain a partner that will be more tied because of other interests than love.

2. Respect And Respect

Respect is always very important in every relationship, much more if it is a couple.

Learn to love your boy for how he is, and do not impose your criteria or ideas on life and the world.

Respect their difference of thought and feeling, and also the person who is together, whether they are in a public place or in the privacy of the room.

Do not deny it, do not minimize it, do not ridicule its position.He must feel that you are proud of the boy you have and that you will never diminish the value he possesses as a person.

secrets of lasting relationships

Of course, your boy has to be reciprocal with you, and perhaps you too.You must respect yourself first so that others also assume that position towards you.

3. Learn To Yield

One of the most difficult issues in human relationships may be giving in to a mistake or letting the other “win.”

The feeling of loss is usually fatal, but you have to learn to see it from another perspective.

And if it’s your partner, even more!

You can’t always be right, if you practice this attitude you should try to change it.

In addition, to avoid harming or hurting the relationship, you must learn to give in, to “lower your head”, even if your pride yells at you otherwise.

How to succeed in relationships is not so complex, read on and discover more tips!

4. Patience

Cardinal virtue is patience, so difficult to achieve on many occasions!

To maintain a happy relationship, this is one of my most special recommendations:

Be patient, don’t despair or get carried away by anger.

Count to 10 before answering the first thing that comes to mind and breathe when something your boy does bothers you a lot.

5. Space For Each

Relationships involve two people intensely, but that does not mean they stop being themselves.

secret of lasting relationships is to conserve space and time for everyone, even away from the couple.

So if your boy asks you to go out with friends, visit his sister, work on what he likes, go jogging in the morning, don’t stop him!

He also, like you, needs that lonely time in which he is not only someone’s partner or representation, but an independent and valuable person on his own.

6. There Will Always Be Fights

When you want to maintain a happy relationship, you should never fear fighting, however contradictory it may seem.

In all relationships, even the most perfect of them, there are discussions even on trivial matters.

And if you are in the beginning phase of living together, fights can be frequent!

If you and your boy have discussions from time to time you should not be alarmed.

Remember that true love is not perfect, it is built on tolerance and respect.

Think A Little, Be Objective And Analyze What The Possible Causes May Be, Here Are Some:

  • Excess or work overload.
  • Stress.
  • Problems or fights with someone else just before seeing you.
  • Coupling to life and living together and accepting each other’s ways.

7. Small Details

The great events, the expensive gifts, the magnificent events, are always very easy to take into account or to notice.

That big surprise party that your boy planned for your birthday is surely unforgettable, but what about the little things of everyday life?

It is as important to pay attention to the great events in your relationship, as to the small details.

Everything can count, and you should know to be grateful for that.

Your boy may not be one of the most romantic, or his thing may not be the blue prince of your story.

But observe well, I’m sure you can find more than one detail, even everyday, that makes him the man of your dreams.

8. Complicity

One of the secrets of lasting relationships is to turn your partner, more than just your lover, into your accomplice.It is not something that is achieved in two days, but it will depend a lot on the understanding they manage to have.

When they work on it and give themselves time and confidence to get to know each other thoroughly, there may come a time when, without speaking, a look is enough to know what the other thinks.

9. Good Humor

Joy can never be missing if you want to have a lasting relationship .

Good humor and laughter are essential components that will give happiness to your relationship and that will prevent the magic from becoming extinct.

Don’t always growl or fight for everything, smile even in the toughest moments and seek to make your boy laugh.When we laugh, hormones are released that act positively in our body.

With a simple smile on the face we can infect the other of that good energy.

How to make a man laugh and attract him to you is at your fingertips, click on the link!

10. Effective Communication

One of the basic pillars for a lasting relationship is communication.

You have to know how to speak, and even discuss, without shouting, throwing insults or not saying what we want clearly.

In the same way it is important to learn to listen to what your boy wants to communicate to you, and not to restrict him or restrict his opinions if they are not so accepted by you.

If you want to know a little more, I invite you to discover how to achieve healthy communication as a couple.

11. Expressing Feelings

It is important that you know how to express your feelings assertively to maintain a happy relationship .

Your boy is not a fortune teller and is not inside your head, therefore he cannot know what you think or feel if you don’t tell him.

Affectionate words, a “I love you” when you really feel it, are the most genuine expression of love when they are said from the soul.

Practice these types of attitudes and have your boy also show what he feels.

Motivate it by starting with you, to say the first words of love, taking the first step, you will see that it is worth it!

12. I Love You And I Love Myself

How do you form a stable couple? : you must first look inside.

You cannot get to love someone if you have not managed to love yourself.

Never look to start a relationship because you need someone who loves you, that’s one of the worst mistakes you can make!

The love that your boy professes you will never be enough if you have not managed to raise your self-esteem and love yourself, no matter what others say.

13. Build Trust

Here is another secrets of lasting relationships : trusting each other.

In case you are excessively jealous, possessive or controlling, you better start changing this.

If you chose that boy and they have a courtship, you have also chosen to trust him.A good relationship needs a high dose of trust and the best romantic plans to avoid falling into monotony.

And If Not, Answer, With Total Sincerity, These Questions:

  • Why be in a relationship if you always suspect that I can betray you with another?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to finish it, period?
  • If you distrust him so much, is it worth it?
  • What if he did the same to you and distrusted you?
  • What is the point of having a partner if you do not give a vote of confidence?
  • Isn’t it better to have sporadic lovers without compromise?

14. It’s Your Partner, But Not Your Life

When two people decide to form a relationship, they must always be aware of their individuality and respect that of the other.

One of the secrets of lasting couples is learning not to depend on each other emotionally. How to achieve this?

Very Simple, Answer The Following Questions:

  • What place does your partner occupy in your life?
  • How would you define yourself, as your boyfriend’s girlfriend or wife or as an independent woman?
  • How dependent are you on your partner?
  • Do you feel that you would die if he is not there?

All this can indicate the correct idea: your partner may be your great love, your partner, your soulmate, but that cannot annul you as a human being or make you dependent on him.

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15. Shared Decisions

One of the secrets of a lasting and stable relationship is how to deal with decisions that affect both.

Never go over your boy if you have to decide something that involves him, it will cause you more than one problem in your relationship.

Give active participation in everything related to the couple, life in common, or even in the individuality of each one.

Similarly, claim in time when you want your voice and your opinion to be taken into account, so that in the future this does not cause terrible mistakes and misunderstandings between the two.

16. Say No! To The Routine

Routine is one of the worst enemies to maintain a happy relationship .

There are necessary routines that as a couple may lead, but what cannot happen is that they lose the spark and the passion to do different and new things together.

Try to change some aspects from time to time to fan the flame in your relationship.

Even in intimacy they may experience new things; Of course, with the consent of both.

Make each day look unique next to your boy, because it will never be the same as another one that has already happened.

You can even innovate every time they are celebrating, discover how to spend an unforgettable Valentine’s day with your partner.

17. Physical Contact

Physical contact is very important, and goes far beyond the time of sex.

Every occasion is perfect to give an unexpected hug or a very passionate kiss.

A caress at the right time can brighten your boy’s gray day.

If you and your partner are not very affectionate in nature, it does not matter, it is not about excessive demonstrations of affection.

But there always has to be an emotional contact that reveals that complicity that exists only between you two.

18. Pay Attention To Privacy

A good intimate interaction is one of the secrets to a lasting relationships.

Of course, depending on the age and time they have as a couple will change, but you have to know how to always have that sexuality awake, in different ways.

For a couple of 25 or 30 years of age, sex can occupy 50% of the relationship in importance or even a little more.

But, of course, in two elderly people over 70 this will no longer be the case.

secrets of lasting relationships

The Frequency Of Sexual Intercourse May Vary, But That Is Not Really Vital, Pay Attention To These Tips !:

  • Talk about what you both like in privacy, and always reach a fair negotiation for both of you.
  • Pay special attention not to the number of times you have a sexual relationship over time, but to the quality of them.
  • After a sexual relationship, be interested in knowing if he liked it, what he liked best or if it was good; Although it seems obvious that you enjoyed, this is also important to ask.
  • Express what you have felt, whether you are satisfied or not.

19. Habits In Common

There are harmful routines, but there are others that are very beneficial when you live as a couple and that can be the keys and secrets to a lasting relationships, here are some!:

  • Sleep or get up at the same time.
  • Wish a good day and good night.
  • Go hand or side when walking together.
  • Greetings when meeting again after work or being a few hours apart.
  • Loving goodbyes before everyone assumes their daily responsibilities at work or school.
  • Loving message in the middle of the day.
  • Do not go to bed annoying with the other, clarify before what happened.

20. Assume Responsibilities

Starting a relationship also implies assuming responsibilities towards the other person and with society.

The way you behave will change from your single stage to when you have a boyfriend, as well as your obligations to your boy.

It’s not about you becoming his maid and doing everything at home for him, but you will have other concerns related to his person.

Keep in mind that in a mature relationship both must ensure the other, and deal with individual matters, but also those that concern the two.

21. Go Out For Fun

Going for a walk, sharing with friends, relaxing and enjoying other spaces than usual for the couple are keys and secrets to a lasting relationships.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant holiday with your child whenever they can.

Take a romantic getaway with him and visit these unusual places to meet your ideal partner.

You already have the best secrets of lasting relationships .

Now you just have the simple task of putting them into practice every day with constancy and dedication for that being you love so much.