Secrets of family happiness that will help make the family happy

Are there such secrets of family happiness, the application of which guarantees a happy family for a man and a woman? For many reasons beyond our control, family life today can hardly be called prosperous. But some couples are happily married. My wife and I also once became interested in this issue and found a recipe thanks to which we now have a happy married life. We want to share our experience.

There are continuous crises around us, they have not bypassed family life. Promises to reveal the recipe for achieving family happiness are pouring down on families from all sides. But often these promises are made by consultants who themselves are unhappy in marriage. Therefore, it is better to look for secrets from those who have already found them, having achieved results. To apply the experience and example in the lives of those married couples who were able to achieve well-being and happiness in the family.

In this article, we will share 20 secrets of marital happiness, thanks to which even unhappy couples can have a happy family. My wife and I are lucky to use these tips to help some couples save their marriages and become happy. Now we are family friends. So read these tips and apply them to your family.

The secret to achieving family happiness in marriage

Marriage to a good person

The main secret is don’t marry a fool, an evil, stupid person. The proverb: “With whom you behave, you will become the same,” is still valid. When a man or woman speaks rudely, says stupid things, forgets about politeness to people, relatives, this is a bad applicant.

It is better to wait and hold out until you meet a worthy person than to go through life with bad material. With such hardly any advice will help.

Meet adversity together, not alone

Spouses back to back must fight off the “sharks” in the ocean of life, such as the secret of family well-being and happiness. Supporting a marriage partner, do not consider it personally your merit. You do what you have to do – cover your partner’s back to fight off any trouble. Don’t forget to say thank you!

Don’t fight over nonsense

Family well-being is possible only when you become friends with your marriage partner. Friends forgive, do not quarrel over trifles, do not find fault with each other. Try to be an optimist who sees only good qualities in a partner, fundamentally not focusing on his mistakes and shortcomings.

Don’t let the little things ruin your life. Understand that many things that make you angry today will lose their meaning over time and will look funny, even stupid.

Don’t hide your love, show it to your mate

Bringing flowers to your wife, just like that – is it weak? Spontaneously buy or pick and bring. Simple inexpensive gifts, beautiful good morning wishes bouquets should be a constant companion of life together. Such gifts in relationships turn from trifles into attention, confirmation of love.

Advice to those who do not know how to spontaneously give gifts. In the telephone calendar, mark for yourself some “random” dates of the month when you will bring flowers to your wife, make gifts to each other.

Maintain open communication

You are unhappy with something, talk about it. Are you overwhelmed with feelings, good or bad? Talk about it, about your experiences, desires, preferences, fears, fears. Learn to communicate, to talk heart to heart. Full-fledged open communication is one of the best recipes for family happiness.

Avoid quarrels in public places

Do you want family happiness in your marriage? One of the secrets to achieving it is to avoid public controversy. Settle scores with each other in private: at home, alone. In public, you must be “not a spiller; soul to soul; back to back”.

Do not deny intimate relationships to each other

If there are no regular intimate relationships in family relationships (regularity is established by the couple) or stagnation in intimacy, this will certainly create problems. Keep intimacy alive – this will save a married couple from betrayal, breaking up relationships. Avoid blackmailing or manipulating each other through sexual relations.

Correct the shortcomings of the marriage partner without focusing on them

Seeing scattered socks on the floor, upside-down things in the closet, not washed dishes in the kitchen on time – it’s annoying. Agree, everyone has flaws that have become a feature of his character. What is important to remember?

ONeitherspouse will be perfect all at once. Is it worth it then fundamentally to focus on the shortcomings? It is better to be patient, tactfully, gradually help the marriage partners to eradicate them.

Do any work together, avoid sharing responsibilities

Joint work brings together, it is like a therapist for family relationships. In difficult times, such efforts bring the family together doubly. Don’t think it’s easier to do everything yourself. Help each other with household chores and work. It is impossible to achieve family happiness without joint efforts and work, this is the whole secret.

Listen to Your Spouse’s Reasonable Needs

Regardless of how well you know each other, do not dismiss the need to listen to mutual needs. Remember: personal preferences (meaning career, politics, sex, work) can become a priority for you over time if you do not take into account the needs of a marriage partner.

Therefore, try to see and satisfy the reasonable desires of the husband/wife If the wife, for example, says: “I want to go out of town, take a walk in the forest, pick mushrooms,” then there is such a need. Why not satisfy her desire?

Make pleasant surprises

For example, you know: your wife/husband likes a certain kind of sweets, sweets, fruits. Likes a certain movie that is being shown in a cinema or a theatrical production. Maybe they especially love the forest, nature, lakes. Why not surprise by buying something that your partner likes or by planning a weekend, taking into account the preferences of a life partner?

Such a surprise lets your other half know that you are attentive to her, you want family life to bring satisfaction to both. Try to revive the relationship with some romantic deeds. It’s easy and strengthens relationships.

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Avoid making your personal interests the interests of the family

Each marriage partner has his interests, hobbies that he enjoys, participating in them, doing them. This does not mean that family members like them, so refrain from trying to force the family to love your interests, hobbies. Forcing a life partner to do them, just because you like it, does not strengthen the relationship in marriage.

Make time for each other

Find time to be together, alone without children. While the children are at school, maybe it’s worth going to a cafe, a restaurant? Or send the kids to your parents, friends, arrange a romantic date, dinner, night for two. Do not skimp on time, surprise each other. It helps to strengthen relationships, brings together, renews romantic feelings.

Respect each other, that’s another secret

Be respectful to each other even when you are arguing, especially during quarrels. It is not necessary to insult the marriage partner to hurt him more, earning himself “points”. Is it a competition that will call someone more offensive? Remember, offensive speech is taboo in family relationships. Instead of insults, it is better to speak words of praise.

Learn to listen

Husbands especially shouldn’t think that they have to solve every problem that the wife talks about. Sometimes she just wants to pour out painful feelings, thoughts. The wife wants to be listened to, told that they understand her feelings. IA man needs to remember this.

Always remember you are one team

During the “family battles”, we can either confront each other or fight together against the problem, conflict, quarrel that has arisen. If you see yourself in a team, this will affect how the family will deal with problems, what efforts to make.

As a team, define common goals, working together to achieve them. When marriage partners are rivals in a family, no secrets will help them achieve family happiness. Remember this!

In the first place is the marriage companion, then all the rest

Friends, relatives, of course, are important to us. But your other half should come first. You can not exchange it even for relatives. Remember, you live with your married partner, not friends.

There are many cases of divorce because they listened to others more than their marriage partner Therefore, value his opinion, not friends or relatives, and do not steal time for them at the expense of your family.

Laughter is the magic tool of a happy family

We have found that laughter does a lot to strengthen marital relationships. It smooths out the unpleasant aspects of life. Healthy humor relieves tension, strengthens love, and helps to enjoy mutual communication. Laugh, joke together.

Confess your love to each other – the surest recipe for family happiness

I love you. Remember to say these words to your life partner every morning.

You never know what might happen during the day. There may be an accident, a heart attack, a natural disaster, so let these three important words always remind you of your feelings.

Let your spouse know you love them! Movies show that couples often say this phrase to each other when they no longer hope to see each other. But is it worth waiting for such a moment or time to express your feelings?

Be ready to give more than receive

Selfish qualities are alien to love. Therefore, the one who loves is more ready to give himself, to spend for the good of another, and not to take, so that it would be good only for himself.

Final Thoughts

Agree, these are simple tips, where nothing is daunting The secret is to achieve family happiness, you need to not only know these tips but apply them. Psychology, church, acquaintances, training – everything will be useless if you do not apply athe dvice.

So it was with us. Having become a young family, we thought that our life would be cloudless: a military career, work in a bank – it seemed that this was the key to our family happiness. Then difficulties began, problems began, and our marriage became on the verge of disaster.

Until one day my wife and I sat down and had a hheart-to-hearttalk, wanting to figure out what we want: to keep the marriage or run away? Having found out that our goals converge (to save the family), we began to work purposefully on this. We read a lot of literature, and then together we began to apply the advice that suited our family.

Let’s be honest: we did not immediately manage to apply these tips, there were several “falls”. Sometimes I broke down, but Anna (wife) understood me, did not give up, continued to patiently fight for the family. Seeing her example, I again forced myself to pick it up, working on myself.

Every year, the “husk” (human stereotypes, selfishness) fell off our marriage more and more. Now we can safely say that we have no limits to happiness in the family. We are convinced that any marriage can be made happy if you want. With our conviction, we were able to help our friends as well.

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Do you think there are secrets otofamily happiness? What principles do you use to strengthen your family relationships? We will be glad to learn from your experience. Share them in the comments.