Secret Love Letters

You still don’t know, nor do I know how to tell you how much I like you, there are infinite ways to show it to you, but you are in constant movement and I lose myself, my gaze fits perfectly with yours, even more so when the deep ones happen, or when I laugh and you look at me, you copy my laugh and my gaze can’t help falling in love with you more.

I don’t know how to begin to tell you what I feel, our love is complicated, you are older than me, but besides that our positions are not properly compatible, I I love that face you put on when you have a concern, but I like it even more when you are efficient.

I love keeping that I like you a secret, every day I hope to see you even for five minutes, just for our eyes to speak. This need for you is unusual for me, but your shyness makes me want to know more about you, Not everything can be perfect, you must have your flaws, but I think that even if the worst of the flaws in you is, it will be perfect.

I hope that your intuition helps you to know everything I feel for you, and it helps you in the same way to encrypt the code of my gaze, my eyes extremely dilated when we see you, and our inevitable smiles when we see us, all of you fits perfectly in me.

your hair complements your eyes, and your mouth is as if it wanted to be in it all the hours of the world, I don’t know why the dream of being in an elevator with you and kissing you makes me so fanciful and exciting, if I am in one with you, I don’t think I can avoid kissing you.

I want you to be my complement. I want to share with you all this that I feel, but my fear is that you tell me that I do not correspond to you, I want you to take risks with me, I like those moments of adrenaline, Our love may be loaded with a high dose.

I imagine that you also feel the same, and if so, I want a more significant signal, so as not to be mistaken. If you bite your lip even once, I think I would leave that place, I cannot commit a crime, sanity exists and if you manage to lose mine with that simple fact, you are my favorite secret.

Your secret love. so as not to be wrong. If you bite your lip even once, I think I would leave that place, I cannot commit a crime, sanity exists and if you manage to lose mine with that simple fact, you are my favorite secret. Your secret love. so as not to be wrong.

If you bite your lip even once, I think I would leave that place, I cannot commit a crime, sanity exists and if you manage to lose mine with that simple fact, you are my favorite secret. Your secret love.

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Secret Admirer Letters

You are my life, you are what I waited for so long under that cloak of the moon I was always looking for you and finally you came into my life, like that ray of light that passes through the window and indicates that a new day has been born.

The love that led me to life, the love that led me to that world I never thought I could be. This love gave me so much happiness, it gave me everything … You are that person who has taught me the true meaning of the word love.

For me, loving you is living, it is breathing and it is making sense of those things that do not even have any kind of sense. It is totally impossible to love you more or to desire you more, because I am trapped in your love and it is something that I like, a vice. Yes, I like to be in this loop, in this vicious circle of your love. I love feeling this, something so great for you that even the cold turns warm when I think of you. Even the ugliest or silly things become pretty. Your love gives life to everything around me, you make everything perfect.

It’s great to have someone like that, someone to tell the secrets in a secret way, worth the redundancy. Because I don’t want the whole world to know about this, for now. Because the secret is keeping us with the flame burning all day. It’s amazing to be able to be this happy with someone you didn’t even know for a long time.

Thank you for so much love even secretly, thank you for teaching me so much about the days, for telling me so many stories, for those caresses, for those massages and for those kisses that make me melt instantly.

I don’t get tired of writing words of love towards you, but I think this secret love is making me too irrational. I hope you like these verses and that when we meet again, we relight the flame of passion and enjoy each other. Nothing would make me happier than to continue enjoying this secret love. I love u

Secret Love Letters

Secret Love Letters For Him or Her

We see each other every day, we sometimes cross paths, you have rarely looked at me… You seem very appreciated, I had the opportunity to realize it as soon as I arrived in this large space.

But I have never been able to meet you alone, the hierarchical differences seeming to create insurmountable barriers. However, I observe you or rather I contemplate you at every opportunity.

I like the way you walk, you always move while giving the impression of sliding. I am always amazed at your clothing choices, both classic and personal, with a little something colorful and whimsical that seems to say, I have to dress discreetly but I am still original!

Your presence is for me a happy ray of sunshine. I know, I feel, when you are there. The whole place is delighted. I hear your laughter always slightly astonished or amazed.

What else to tell you ? How I like to pronounce your sweet name? That I would like to say it again in your presence? As during the congratulations and best wishes to Monsieur Bertin the day before last night.

It was public, there were people, the speeches multiplied. You had a small courtyard around you: how to approach? However, in the middle of the applause, thanks to a drink to offer and a tray to circulate, I was entitled to your gaze, a quick thank you and your smile so bright.

It is this smile that brings me out of my silence which has become too heavy … to express all the admiration that you inspire in me. Pascaline, who am I? Can you guess? I hope so.

This letter is like a bottle in the sea. Now written, it will be launched. If you recognize me despite my discretion, if you are sensitive to these few lines, just put these amber earrings that I find so beautiful on you. I will know that I have little hope.

Secret Love Notes

I don’t know anything about you and yet I look forward to this stealthy moment every day when we meet. I only live for this moment when our eyes light up and we both display this smile filled with a certain confusion.

Your presence, the charm that emanates from your soft and very manly silhouette at the same time completely overwhelms me. I feel in you strength, security and tenderness and I do not hide from you that I would love to snuggle in your arms.

I find myself dreaming of forbidden moments, magical and precious moments spent in your company. Time would stand still and only your presence would count for an instant, a month, or even a lifetime.

Without a word, you have been able to occupy all my thoughts, become the object of all my desires, and my feelings for you consume me entirely, giving birth in me to hopes of shared moments, of knowing smiles, of tender words whispered to me. hollow of an ear.

I don’t know why you troubled me like this, but what I do know is that I would like to feel your hand slip into mine to lead me towards distant horizons, towards a journey of life traveled together.

Give me the chance to be your soul mate, the one who will occupy all your thoughts and warm you when it gets cold in your life, the one who will know how to love you forever.


Secret Admirer Notes

Pardon my daring, but I can not bring myself to keep silent any longer this emotion that you have aroused, and risk missing out on delicious moments shared with you. I had to write to you.

I observe you every week and am disturbed by everything you give off. Your charm is matched only by the beauty of your mysterious gaze. Your face is so soft.

Since I saw you, I have been struck down by the sickness of love, intoxicated by your perfume. I keep thinking about you. I wish I could hug you, make stars shine in your eyes, inspire you with the most cuddly thoughts. I would like to brave winds and tides for you, to travel a thousand countries by your side.

I do not wish by these words to offend you or to appear cavalier, but just to open my heart to you while waiting, I hope so ardently, to offer you my arms so that they are a source of comfort, security and tenderness.

With all my respect and love,



| am writing to you today to confess to you the torment which is mine every time | see

As soon as you approach me, | become a different person, shy and clumsy. | have
the impression that time stands still, and | continue to experience this disturbance
each time your gaze brushes me.

At first | was struggling and didn’t want to admit the obvious. | forced myself to ignore
you, | immersed myself in work, | rebelled against myself.

Ridiculous precautions! They only stirred up a little more this love which burns me
and frightens me at the same time.

| have tried several times to tell you, to put into words what | feel, but, each time, |
lack courage and what | would like to make you understand remains buried in the
depths of my being.

Your presence alone has become my light.

I like You.

Secret Admirer Poems

A secret admirer
It is what I have been all this time
While growing what I feel for you
I have looked at you hidden many times
And I have imagined that I speak to you in some others

I call
myself an admirer Because my only passion is to admire you
Because I have never been able to confess to
you That your face lights up my day
And that your smile would give me life

I long for the time to come
To express my great feeling
And write for you more than one song
Because … Girl you are my inspiration

But I have fear of not being reciprocated
and stay in solitude lost
So far I like looking at you
why I prefer silent quererte
That will always … I will only be
a secret admirer