Secret Admirer Letters

We have collected a series of secret admirer letters for you. you can get a good ides of your secret letter by reading this collection.

We see each other every day, we sometimes cross paths, you have rarely looked at me… You seem very appreciated, I had the opportunity to realize it as soon as I arrived in this large space. But I have never been able to meet you alone, the hierarchical differences seeming to create insurmountable barriers. However, I observe you or rather I contemplate you at every opportunity… I like the way you walk, you always move while giving the impression of sliding. I am always amazed at your clothing choices, both classic and personal, with a little something colorful and whimsical that seems to say, I have to dress discreetly but I am still original! Your presence is for me a happy ray of sunshine. I know, I feel, when you are there. The whole place is delighted. I hear your laughter always slightly astonished or amazed. What else to tell you ? How I like to pronounce your sweet name? That I would like to say it again in your presence? As during the congratulations and best wishes to Monsieur Bertin the day before last night… It was public, there were people, the speeches multiplied. You had a small courtyard around you: how to approach? However, in the middle of the applause, thanks to a drink to offer and a tray to circulate, I was entitled to your eyes, a quick thank you and your smile so bright. It is this smile that makes me come out of my silence which has become too heavy … to express all the admiration you inspire in me. Pascaline, who am I? Can you guess? I hope so. This letter is like a bottle in the sea. Now written, it will be launched. If you recognize me despite my discretion, if you are sensitive to these few lines, just put these amber earrings that I find so beautiful on you. I will know that I have little hope.

Letter to you – your secret admirer

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Maybe one day I will laugh at writing this, it is so silly, or maybe we will laugh while reading this text together and right at the end of it you kiss me on the cheek and then hug me smiling and saying that just like me There is not. I confess that the second hypothesis is the one that pleases me the most and is the one that I most want to happen.

I have already said that every heart and every Cancerian mind is like a poet, but one day it may settle down. I say this in the sense that you fall in love easily, with anyone, with more than one, all together, all mixed up but in an organized way, each with their space, each with their own moment. I would compare it to something heavier, but as you don’t like me to swear and you are also a writer, in a way, I preferred it that way.

What has puzzled me lately is that for the most part I now want you. The others had the shortest space, at least for now. It is not for others that I am anxious, they are not the ones who “motivate me” and the strangest thing: you are the one who is least part of my life, but in a way you were one of the ones who contributed most to her growth. At the moment I want you, and for the past two years your space has always been there, but it was smaller. I swear I didn’t want to feel it because I know that “it is forbidden” and it doesn’t match my philosophy of life. 

It all started with a joke, so much so that I didn’t really show myself, I didn’t really want to be noticed. From the moment I wanted you to notice me, I started to attract you by intelligence, attention, and by my interest in knowing more and more, just to keep you explaining things to me, all excited, using all your intelligence and wisdom. I like people who awaken my intellectual side and make me grow, not a man who only lives to raise my ego, in which I try to get rid of, so much that I don’t appeal to the physical part, because my self-esteem is terrible and not I can count on her. To tell you the truth, the day I really fell in love was the one that came out of the first bad joke, when I saw you all embarrassed and disconcerted because only I had laughed, because I love rough and bad jokes.

Man, that day I realized that you were the idealized man for every woman. Intelligence, beauty, fun, companionship, sincerity, and seriousness are all that people are looking for but rarely does anyone have it all together, and you do. I who always fell in love with “needy” or “effeminate” men finally fell in love with a mature and “macho” guy. It would have been perfect if another woman hadn’t come in front of me. As I well know that relationships end and as I love to deceive myself, I prefer to idealize hypothesis two at the beginning of this text. I was the one who wanted to make you happy, wait for you at home at night with the food ready, stroll hand in hand and sleep with you. But it is not like that, I am not even close to that and soon I will be gradually forgotten, being realistic now. I know your stay in my life and mine in yours is fleeting,

Secret Admirer Letters

You don’t know, but you taught me a lot and gave me hope that there are “perfect men” for me and maybe one day one will show up and take everything else that sucks. Anyway, I feel that sometimes you already know “which one is mine”, and I know that your heart and / or your mind is the same as mine, you yourself have said that we are the same, but unfortunately, because we are like this, we know what which is correct and we do not exchange the right for the doubtful. You have no idea how happy I would be if you let go of everything to try something with me. I would face the world for all the differences and problems that will create us, but I don’t care, there is still time. Maybe you’re the one who makes me forget the rest, completely.

Anyway, I already wrote too much, too blah blah blah and that sucks. You are smart and already know what to do. Ignore me like you did today. But know that it really hurts, but I will survive if I decide to. Ignore me but keep looking at me out of the corner and paying attention to what I say, pretending you’re not looking and listening. I’m as smart as you are, and I know when your gaze follows me even behind my back. Mine also follows you and I even have a radar to always look in the right direction, even without wanting to.

I think it’s really love, mixed with passion and stuff.

If you prefer not to ignore it, I’m here, with open arms. And nobody needs to know, I won’t tell. You will be my “dirty little secret” forever and it will be the one that makes my heart race when it passes and make me smile when it appears. 

Your “secret admirer”.


Letter from your secret admirer

Before I was afraid of love. We live many experiences that make us think that these types of feelings are not born for everyone.

I know that life takes us to different moments and that everything depends on us to accept it with happiness or sadness.

Life transforms us. And, when least expected, that special person comes to turn our little world upside down.

That’s what happened to me with you.

I am very shy and nervous.

I did not know the proper way to talk to you about all those feelings that you had awakened in me.

I was very afraid that you would reject me, that you would not return this love.

That is why now I am dedicated to writing you this letter, where I let you know everything I feel, what I would like to live with you and how much I long for the moment to be by your side.

I am your secret admirer, because you take me to that fantasy realm and, although you don’t realize it, when I am with you, I need nothing else.

I do not know if you should realize everything I am feeling for you, because I am afraid that you are going to move away for fear of not knowing what to do with all those feelings that I put in your hands.

At least I can offer them to you anonymously. In fact, I need to somehow quell this tempest that I feel inside of me.

How to tell you that your voice takes me to paradise and that every time you hug me I feel like the most special person in the entire universe. Words really aren’t enough for me to express how I’m falling in love with you. It is as if you are present in every part of my being.

Perhaps you feel that I am exaggerating, because you do not perceive how every little thing you do subjugate me. You do not realize it, because for you I am a friend. Simply that.

I would like to make you understand that what I feel is firm. I know you were born for me.

As I also know that you are afraid. You withdraw from many people, for fear of repeating all those past experiences that hurt you so much. You think, perhaps, that love is not a feeling that has to do with you.

Meanwhile, here I am, trying to reach out to touch your soul, in case the day comes when I have the opportunity to prove otherwise.

Forgive me for not having the courage now to confess who I am. Although, possibly, you will soon realize these feelings that I no longer know how to hide.

I’ll be here. Here I will continue to be part of your life. Maybe one day you will find out. Maybe, very soon.

A secret admirer


With this letter I want to pique your curiosity. You cannot imagine who is your greatest admirer, the one who is waiting for you, and when you pass by smiling, you are drooling. I dream of the possibility of one day being able to conquer it.
It is a hidden admiration, which I have not yet had the courage to confess. Who knows, maybe the time will come to declare myself, but for now I want to enjoy the pleasure of being just your admirer. The one who secretly feels love for you. You will know one day that I want you, and my big dream is to be your girlfriend.
When many days pass and I don’t see you, that’s when I realize how much I like you. I feel restless, I have no stop, I cannot concentrate on anything else, I can only think of you, this love that for now is just a dream.
I hope you still don’t know who’s in love with you. I want to continue enjoying the pleasure of anonymity for some time. But the day will come when I finally decide to declare myself. I love you and you have no idea who I am. It’s exciting!

This mystery will soon be over.