Sad Love Letters That Make You Cry

emotional love letters that make you cry

Sad love letters that make you cry, an angry heart filled with a feeling that overflows, these letters fill with sadness and love, for a love that is torn from the heart, while the heart refuses to forget. Read these written sad love letters that make you cry with all the feelings that carry love and sadness at the same time.

The last deep emotional love letters

Last night I dreamed of you, little one

I saw you in a dream last night. You looked so yourself, so sweet and so tender that I felt in the depths of my being the pain of that last time.

Will you have remembered me? Maybe while you were walking through some park a face reminded you of our promises, the hours talking nonsense, the paths holding hands, floating like two leaves in the wind.
Will you have remembered me, will you dream with me tonight? Will you see me cross a street and say goodbye forever like you in my dream?
You will remember my hands taking yours, the purity of our love, maybe you smile, I now smiled and I hug you very tight in my thoughts, in my heart. I wish you a life of love, may you be very happy my little one.

A stranger I have always known: A melancholic letter

A sweet look, a stranger that I have always known.
I look at him, smile, raise a thought and my heart hurts. I try to walk faster and go to the rhythm of my heart, but he escapes, escapes between a silence and a murmur. Good days are gone, I look at my skies, my heart remains far away.
Lying at the foot of a tree that shades him, I look at him, but he ignores me, like someone claiming me for everything. I caress him, he takes my hand away, I say some words to him:
“I understand you”
And he throws himself at me, tearfully, I caress him on my chest and I don’t say anything to him. He no longer needs words, just a hug …

I send you your kisses: A sad love letters that make you cry

You have a way of doing things, deep down you remember me.
So I forgive you, I send your kisses back, they hurt my body, poison my soul, destroy what I am …

sad love letters that make you cry

I send you a hug, I know you will need it on your way, you will be happy I can see it …
Now I can see many things, also me. I see my long hair, my feet and a million paths. Life is long and I am eager for it, now that I don’t have you, I have me.

To me and a sad letter with a few letters that will never be able to tell you everything I feel, maybe because you don’t deserve it, maybe because I don’t leave them … Goodbye.

As at the beginning of the story: Letter of an unrequited love

That’s it, my end already has a beginning and it’s you again. As at the beginning of the story, my blood burns and floods my body.

My eyes bleed,
I have everything you gave me:
a kiss, a hug and the story that will not fade because the heart does not forget. I write this to you, with hatred, rancor, but also with peace, the peace that gives me knowing that there will no longer be a “we”.
Only the goodbye that we will not mention, my heart burns in words, I think of you and you hide, you go forever and that makes me happy, I am happy and free to sing to the wind, nobody will ever steal my soul or my body again Your kisses will bitter on my skin, kisses that fade with the seconds. When I finish writing you will no longer be on my skin, because my tears have washed your caresses, because my letters heal, forgive and make me happy. Perhaps one day, this love not valued in my heart, will be reborn as a seed.

-I take off my mask and return to surrender to the sadness of unrequited love

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Sorry if I bother you: Sad love letter

A sad letter of deep love but afraid that the end is near, when a girl sees that the routine is taking the most beautiful thing that has happened to her, she writes a very melancholic letter to her beloved.

Sad letter to someone you love: “Sorry if I bother you”

I must start by saying: I need a hug!

I do not know if you have forgotten it between your routine, between the music and the noise of the people, excuse me I do not want to bother, it is that we are barely one step away, two centimeters from an end announced perhaps since I said “yes”.

Against my own will, I need it to sleep peacefully and continue dreaming of a future together, I need it now that we are still on time, excuse me I don’t want to bother…
I just don’t want to complain tomorrow for not having tried “everything”, for not Tell you about the need that was in my soul, crumbling my dreams.

I love you, without hesitation, as well as I do not doubt the sadness that comes from me, every day, I do not know when the routine caught us, the clock and the hands that always took us next to each other seduced us and at the same time it kept us so far away.
I’m sad and I’m afraid, I don’t know if you stopped loving me, that terrifies me. But if it were true, I would like to know, to know if my dreams are superfluous in your life. I promise you, if so, I will put the value together.

I’ll gather my dreams sometimes silly,
I will go to the road where you found me, I will
carry my hugs, I will
carry the warmth of my breath on your chest,
If there is no space for me,
I will return to my beginnings,
I suppose that, on the road, I will find my way …
I’ll talk to the stars again and I’m sure they will
tell me about you, I will tell them in secret that I still love you,
If you leave, do it now … now that I’m strong and not tomorrow when I have given you all my strength soul, all the love that I distribute left and right for you.
If you go, do it now and do not look at me,
Do not see that I cry in the corner where my sorrows hurt less,
Or so I deceive myself,
But for what you want most, be honest and confess to me your love or your indifference….

PS Sorry if I bother you.

Sad love letters for my boyfriend

Sad love letters to him that is important to me. To tell him I miss him or just tell him about the pain in my heart since that time …

Sad love letters for her

Sad love letters that make you cry especially written for a woman, to tell her the troubles that she has left in our hearts, the strangeness that her absence causes, despite having seen him very recently.