Rules for choosing a pale pink bridal bouquet

The classic representative of a delicate color is considered to be a pink shade. Many girls love him so much. Ever since childhood, young ladies have chosen him, because he is associated with the image of a princess or a doll, which they so much want to match.

Pink in the florist world has several interpretations. One of them may look rich and bright, while the other, on the contrary, seems very calm and warm.

Delicate pink bridal bouquet.

Features gentle pink tones

The pink tone is considered to be quite a traditional color. It fits perfectly into a classic wedding ceremony. Often, young ladies do not want to be too creative and extravagant. They want a classic white dress and a traditional cut, but at least in something the girl wants to stand out.

In this case, a pink bridal bouquet would be a great option. It will emphasize individuality, make the image more dreamy and romantic. On the other hand, such a classic shade will in no way get out of the general picture.

Stylists are advised to pay attention to shades of a similar color. So, for example, a pastel and calm tone is suitable for young girls, but older ladies are better off paying attention to rich and deep tones.

Bridal bouquet of pink roses.

In ancient Greece, the goddess of beauty Aphrodite had a white and pink outfit. Hence the belief that it is a symbol of beauty, wisdom, purity, and tranquility. It is believed that such a shade can calm even the most nervous and aggressive person.

A girl who has focused her attention on the color pink is considered vulnerable, creative, but at the same time very gentle and romantic.

In the florist world, many flowers have a pink hue. You can find both the most traditional and popular options, as well as dwell on more exotic and original flower plants.

Pink can be used only as of the main color, and it is quite possible to combine it with other shades. These can be classic white or another pastel, calm options.

Varieties of flowers

Floral fashion is currently varied. If earlier mixing of plants was not welcomed, nowadays this phenomenon is quite common. Florists try to make the most interesting and original combination of colors to end up with a worthy accessory for the bride.

Any girl has the opportunity to make a mono-bouquet with one plant and in one color, as well as use many different flower plants, but at the same time dwell on only one shade. It is impossible to say unequivocally which of these options will be better.

Wedding organizers advise you to choose based on your sense of beauty. In addition, the more plants are used in a bouquet, the more symbolism is embedded in it.


The classic version of the floral solution. The rose is considered the queen of flowers. Perhaps, such a situation will remain in the world for quite a long time. The rose is chosen both as the main plant and as an additional flower in the bouquet.

This flower, on the one hand, is good for its independence and beauty, but on the other hand, it is quite difficult to combine it with something to end up with a decent composition.

Indeed, when combined, a rose can simply clog other flowers with its appearance. Often, only plants or small wildflowers are used in mixing so that they only emphasize the mood and freshness of the composition. At the same time, the main role in symbolism and meaning rests entirely with the queen of flowers.

The rose can be interestingly combined with orchids and peonies. This is a fairly popular style solution lately, thanks to which a fashionable flower arrangement can be obtained.


A proud and self-sufficient flower that has a special beauty and texture. Due to its large stems, the lily can only be used in small quantities in a bouquet. Only 5 buds are enough to make a whole composition.

The lily looks especially beautiful in a mono bouquet, to which you should add sprigs of greenery. To add femininity and tenderness to the image, you can add jasmine or a bell to the wedding accessory made of lilies. In this case, you will most likely have to dilute the accessory in the color version.


Wedding bouquet in pink colors.

Original flowers that symbolize feminine wisdom and beauty. These are truly creative plants that don’t require overloading. It is best to use only one variety to create them, that is, limit yourself to a real mono bouquet.

Tie the string around the accessory at the base. If you want to show special creativity, then tie not an ordinary canvas thread, but a satin ribbon decorated with rhinestones or bugles.


Real autumn plants, which all florists are waiting for in September. Chrysanthemums are prized for their simplicity, firmness, durability, and variety of colors. There are several varieties of chrysanthemums, which differ in the size of the bud itself. One of them can be bulkier, the other, on the contrary, has miniature shapes.

By themselves, chrysanthemums have a large number of stems in the inflorescence itself, which allows them to be used in small quantities.

What can you combine a hot pink bouquet with?

It is not at all necessary to make only a pink bouquet. In addition, it is far from always possible to succeed. All this is true since many plants have rather bright stems and leaves, which means that a mixture of pink and green will already occur.

Pink can be perfectly combined not only with the classic white shade but also with other color solutions:

  1. Blue – delicate and pastel pink, rich bright blue will present an interesting and original color combination. Here we will talk about youth, femininity, special tenderness and originality.
  2. White is a classic combination, thanks to which it will be possible to balance a bright color or to emphasize the special tenderness of a pastel shade. In order not to end up with a boring combination, it is customary to add green tones.
  3. Lilac is a bright and rich tone that seems to be born out of pink and is its direct continuation. Add a lilac shade to your clothes or look, the end result is a harmonious and interesting stylistic solution.


The pink bridal bouquet can be made in completely different guises. It can be used in a single color, diluted with bright and rich tones. On the contrary, you can make an interesting and creative combination using unusual color schemes.

In addition, the pink hue is rich in its palette, the name is both gentle and rich in a deep tone.