Romantic Birthday Letter for Him Her

The most beautiful thing in life is receiving love because love is the engine of life. Precisely, the celebration of each year of life is only possible with love. Well, the affection of the people around us is what gives value to our lives. In this sense, there is no happy birthday without the affection of our loved ones, and what better than giving a love birthday letter?

Therefore, what a nice surprise it would be to receive a declaration of true affection. A love letter as a birthday present, without a doubt, is a beautiful and unforgettable gift, since it is a palpable demonstration of the affective feelings towards that being who is having a birthday.

Examples of love birthday letters

Love birthday letter for my girlfriend, wife, or partner

Hello, my love!

Today, as you celebrate another year in your life, we will celebrate with music, cake, hugs, and many congratulations. We will raise our glasses to toast you and dance in your honor.

Even so, I also wanted to dedicate these words to you in a very special way, because I feel that you are a blessing to all of us who have had the fortune to share moments with you. In particular, I thank heaven for having you in my life.

If you look closely, some people manage to bring out the most negative in those around them, while others always bring out the best in you. Well, you are the type of person who always manages to extract the most beauty from others.

Honestly, I have the highest opinion of you. Needless to say, you are a fantastic person, and your laughter and good humor always infect us all. In my case, since I met you, I have not stopped having fun in your presence and enjoying your good vibes. I can say that being with you makes me feel better and happier, and I am a much better person.

I wish with all my strength that you have the best of lives and, of course, all the years you can fulfill, to continue enjoying the pleasure of your presence.

With all my love, happy birthday! Kisses…

Love birthday letter for my husband or man

Dear King:

With much love, I celebrate with you your new birthday, my sweet and precious companion.

Although you know my feelings towards you, today is a special day. I dedicate this letter to you, not only in honor of your birth but in honor of your entire existence.

The truth is no matter the day or the moment, I always have the best wishes for you. I always want your wishes to come true: that your dog loves you, that your car always responds, that you receive the highest profits for your work, that your team always wins and that we make love more delicious every day.

I wish that you never miss anything, not a pillow to lay your body down when you are tired, a blanket or a warm hug on every winter night; not even a cold beer on a hot day; Not even a chicken broth on those days that your body requires you to stay in bed.

I want you to enjoy life, and allow me to enjoy it with you.

Today, as you celebrate another year walking this earth, I wish that God accompanies you on every trip, that the angels protect you and that heaven gives me the wisdom to love you well.

Happy Birthday my love!

Birthday love letter to your boyfriend

Dear Andrew:

On this beautiful morning dawn, I am happy that we celebrate your birthday. I must tell you that I have been wondering, what can be the best gift to give yourself this day? When it’s you who gives me a nice adventure every day.

So I don’t want your birthday to go by without thanking you for how happy your company makes me. By the way, some time has passed since we’ve been together and, honestly, I still love you like on the first day. I like how it feels to be in love with you, I’m happy with you.

On the other hand, now that I think about it, bless your parents for having achieved the most beautiful creature in the world! I also thank them. Honestly…how lucky for me!

I hope you don’t mind what gift I choose for you. Well, as long as life allows us, we will surely give each other many gifts, some prettier than others, but always wrapped with love.

Although, you know well that the greatest gift, and in which I put all my energy daily, are all my passion to make you immensely happy. I hope I always do!

My dear, today I want to toast to your happiness, drink your kisses to the last cup, and sing love with you.

I love you very much.

5 original ideas to deliver a love letter for a birthday

Here are some useful and original ideas for writing birthday love letters :

  1. It is essential that, if you have written a love letter, it is delivered in neat conditions. That is to say, well written, without smudges or writing errors, that the page is clean, placed in a nice envelope, perhaps, tied with a nice red silk bow.
  2. If you plan to deliver your letter electronically, you could record audio enlivened with soft and moving background music. For this, you must do some previous readings of your letter, to rehearse the most beautiful intonation so that your voice sounds very clear and understandable. In truth, this detail would be very beautiful.
  3. In the same way, you can make a nice video and read the letter you have written to him. This idea is very good, especially if you are living far away.
  4. A very fun idea is that you invite her outdoors and through an accomplice, send her a nice envelope with her name on it. It could be from the air flying in a drone, but in any other medium, it would certainly be a big surprise.
  5. You could also put your birthday love letter in a drawer, which you know you have to open frequently. You could also place it on top of his desk or work table, so he can find it when he arrives

5 birthday gift ideas to accompany a love letter

  1. Although the years and centuries pass, chocolates and flowers will always be the best companions of a love letter. Find a nice box of chocolates, some roses, or both. Surely it will be rewarding for the person who receives it.
  2. Another idea that you can implement is to buy a bottle of some wine that you like and celebrate as a couple. Of course, along with the bottle and your love letter, don’t forget to bring a couple of glasses.
  3. It would also be very interesting to bring him a small cake, with a lighted candle and sing “Happy Birthday” to him in bed when he wakes up. Even to make it more fun, you could put on a fun party hat. Assured success.
  4. Stimulating the appetite is very important. That premise that “love enters through the belly” is true. Sharing a delicious meal is so basic that it creates a good disposition for pleasant conversation, in an intimate environment.
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