Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas

I have always loved everything related to rock. And when a couple decides to get married, and they also set their wedding with this theme, it seems to me something especially transgressive. We will describe Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas.

Are you thinking of organizing your wedding and would you like to set it in the rock environment, where you feel more comfortable?

If you want to marry the soundtrack of their satanic majesties, stay. I want to give you many ideas so that your rock wedding this year is brutal.


I’m going to help you organize your rock wedding. I will tell you about all the details that you cannot miss to enjoy an unforgettable day.

So, join me. Let’s do a November Rain style wedding by Guns N’Roses, but totally personalized for you.

Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas


He is always the center of attention at every wedding. But in a wedding with such a strong theme, it has to be, simply, perfect. Take your time to find the dress.

Black is the color of rock, par excellence. And your rock wedding dress in that color is ideal. However, it is not easy to find a black dress for such an occasion.

For this reason, a style that is being imposed and, personally, I love it, is a simple white dress, with a sweetheart neckline and a huge tulle skirt. What will make the difference compared to a normal wedding dress, are the accessories.

Put on it a black belt and, of course, the star garment of this wedding, a leather biker jacket. But black, yes.

Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas

This style is not without a classic touch when wearing the long dress. You can opt for a variant; there are girls who prefer to wear a denim jacket. It doesn’t look bad either; but, without a doubt, the garment par excellence is the black leather jacket.

Another type of very trendy dress to celebrate your rock wedding is a short dress. Dare to be a rock bride in the purest pin-up style. It is a very cool trend. Of course, without losing the essence of the black color in the accessories.

Another of the accessories that make the difference in these celebrations are shoes. You can choose from a Converse to the most infinite heels with impossible platforms, and unique decorations.

Some couples choose to wear the same type of footwear. Biker boots are also a trend bet for this type of wedding.

And you can’t overlook your underwear, stockings, etc. Choose extremely sexy lingerie, but in black. Who said that brides have to wear white on the inside?


We have always been told that a bride’s makeup must be very natural. But it is that in a rock wedding nothing is natural, because everything is authentic.

And your makeup cannot go unnoticed. Bet on very powerful smokes in your eyes; that black predominates, but intensifies the center of your mobile eyelid with a powerful color (purple, blue or green, depending on the color of your eyes). You will highlight the look a lot.

Put on some good eyelashes, and don’t forget your eyebrows. They must be perfectly made up to frame your look and enhance your makeup.

Regarding the lips, forget about the typical topics. No nude lips; put on a vibrant color. My favorite, without a doubt, is the red one; Try on various reds. You already know that none are the same. I bet on a red Chanel, Kat Von D or Nars.

But you can also take risks with cooler colors. Purples, blues, grays, or even black . Anything goes at your rock wedding.

Accompany your nails with the same color as your lips. As before, forget about nails with French manicure, or makeup in pastel colors. Mark your rock personality with powerful colors.

Your hairstyle cannot go unnoticed either. Do not wear something that you are not comfortable with. If you usually wear your hair down and you feel very pretty, also wear it on the most important day of your life.

If you prefer to pick up your hair, choose hairstyles that evoke your wedding theme. That combines perfectly with your makeup.


This really has to be something very, very marked. Even if you like roses in pastel tones, break with tradition and choose a totally different bouquet.

If you can’t do without a rose bouquet, then go for the stronger colors. The combination of red and black seems perfect to me.

I also really like bouquets of flowers dyed in colors, ideal for your rock wedding. Ask to dye the flowers in shades of blue, purple or even black.

Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for what to give to the bride and groom? Read these original ideas that you will love.


Here I advise you to let your creativity flow. There are several very suitable formats for making your rock wedding invitations.

An idea that is in trend is to use the format of the ticket to a concert, for the elaboration of your invitations.

But, if you don’t like it, you can use formats such as a vinyl record or even the typical forms of the theme of your celebration; electric guitars, guitar picks, etc …


Decorate your wedding without losing the dark essence of rock. Pay special attention to the colors; red, black or purple predominate.

Install some ornamental still lifes. One that cannot be missing in your decoration is the musical still life. Put elements of rock; a record player, vinyl records of your favorite bands. And also, the most mythical photos of the greats of this musical movement.

Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas

Use another table to put your signature book. You can put a guitar that is special for you, and let your guests immortalize it with their comments.

Or, also, another idea for the signature book is to put several vinyl records inside a frame, and that your guests leave their signature and dedication.

Let there be no lack of flowers and candles on the guests’ tables.

Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas

There is a very original way to place the tables of your guests. Give them the names of the rock bands that you like the most. When you finish the banquet, you will play a mythical song from each chosen group.

The occupants of the corresponding table must sing and dance that great song. You will accompany them, and at the end of the song you will give them a gift.

The reminders here are as varied as your imagination will allow. You can make badges with the design of a vinyl record, keychains of musical notes, guitar picks with a message, ice buckets in the shape of a guitar, etc.

If you want something original, you can give your guests reusable and personalized glasses. They remember the ones they give you when you go to a rock concert, and so you come out of conventional gifts.


It is another of the great protagonists in your rock wedding. Both for your dances, and to share with the guests at the party after the banquet, I don’t think it will be difficult for you to choose it, right?

You can adapt the wedding march to the rock style. Like your opening dance at the party. Hire a rock band to perform your favorite ballad for you.

Or ask that any of the musical pieces typical of a conventional wedding be adapted to the rock style.

And for your guests to enjoy even more, how about offering them a rock karaoke?


I can’t say goodbye without talking to you about two more details that you should take into account:

– The wedding cake: there are many ways to make the cake. There is the great classic, a guitar. Although, you can also choose to make a multi-tiered cake and top it with the typical sugar figurines.

But don’t put on conventional boyfriends. You can put a very gothic wedding couple or, also, something that takes a lot, is to finish the wedding cake with a small rock band.

– The photos: the trend for photographic reports of a rock wedding, is to look for industrial environments in an abandoned factory. And with rockabilly style outfits, which you can take advantage of in the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Rock And Roll Wedding Ideas

Do you have a photo of your rock wedding? Share it with us in the comments.

To finish the post we leave you with this video of a completely rock-style wedding montage with the AC / DC song – Highway to hell.

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