Responsibilities In A Relationship

Here are many responsibilities in a relationship that influence and are important. It is not easy to always keep it away from the problems and complications that are common in all relationships. There must be respect, attraction and admiration on the part of the two, without these Elements can not keep love.

What is most necessary to maintain is the admiration, because when you admire your partner, you see it with that illusion, you thank life for allowing you to be next to those people that you think is fantastic, it goes beyond the attraction, it is to give it value to the person, but if we do not continually strive to maintain this interest, love can fade away.

So that this does not happen and they can stay in love and admire each other. There are 11 responsibilities that both members of the relationship should take care of. These things allow to keep away feelings of disappointment, which both should take care to admire each other it is:

1. Define what each person is doing and what not.

This allows for a good relationship, without misunderstanding, so you can not throw the ball of responsibility to each other because they already have defined what each one is dealing with.

2. The expenses

Like the previous thing, the expenses can also be distributed in the couple depending on the capacity of each one, it is very selfish if the two have income, allow one to take care of all the expenses that generate between the two, you can always Help the partner and this leaves a lot of satisfaction. You will simply be grateful that you do not have to bear the entire burden for both of you.

3. Cleaning

Maintaining order and arranging things is something that the two must commit to, it is frustrating that one strives to keep the house clean and the other arrives and makes a mess thinking that his partner will fix it, keep things instead, returning everything to where it was before taking it is a sign of respect for the space they share.

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4. Childcare

Maybe a long time ago this woman was left with all this responsibility because she used to be a housewife by vocation, but nowadays, where in the majority of couples both members work to achieve higher incomes and have a better quality of life , it is essential that they support each other to take care of their children, in addition this one of the responsibilities in a relationship which will strengthen the bonds of love with their children, it will give them more security to have both figures close and feel they are close when they need them.

5. Plan leisure time

If they do not manage their free time they can waste it without doing anything and they will not feel that they took advantage of it, between the two you must plan activities or things to do, because if it is always one who says what to do can be tired, one feels that he is the ideas are finished and the other may think that he does not have a voice that counts, the opinion of both is equally important.

6. Take care of the relationship with the family

You should never forget your family, there are very sad cases where couples are very close but they hardly see their family, they can put it aside and only get to see it on special occasions, an anniversary or event, it is important staying close to the family is a great support, it is something that strengthens and nourishes them.

7. Take care of friends

Like the previous point, there are couples who forget their friends, some from the courtship focus only on dating their partner, their social life ends, they do nothing without their partner, they become symbiotic. Friends are people who are for us without any interest, we should be grateful to have them and value them, not to look for them only when we have problems and need them.

8. Initiative in privacy

This point refers to trying to maintain a balance in their roles, not allowing a marked difference to be someone who always has the initiative and the other who gives in, is part of maintaining the flame of passion, the interest must be a present element, if it is lost it is a sign that something is happening and it is time to do something because it is certainly an important area and neglecting it has serious repercussions on the relationship, it is the main reasons for consultation in the separations.

9. The personal arrangement

It is very beautiful when our partner takes care and looks good, we feel happy to have her by our side. We want to go out to show off what we have, but we should not forget about us, we must also take care so that our couple also feel proud to be with us. In some cases people neglect and tend to be untidy all day unless they have something important to do, without exaggerating in fixing many but maintaining a good appearance should be everyone’s business the days.

10. Partner communication

There must always be good communication between the two. It is one of the fundamental pillars, without this element the couple cannot exist. Discussing is also important, it is part of, but do not confuse discussing with fighting, the right thing is to keep the calm and that each one exposes his position without offending the other.

11. The details

Keeping the details is what allows the relationship to be constantly renewed, stay alive, interesting. Otherwise it can become obsolete, boring and end. It is very nice that our partner surprise us with a detail from time to time. It makes us Feel special and valued.

All the previous points are important that are considered to maintain the balance in the relationship. At least each member must be involved in half of these factors so that things work well and nobody feels overloaded. Especially what is achieved by to get involved in all this is to get the admiration of the couple.

Share these responsibilities in a relationship with one who needs it.