Respect for a man 100 ways to show him in practice

Respect for a man, 100 ways for a woman to show it in practice

A man’s greatest need is to feel respected, and a woman’s greatest need is to be loved. But how can a woman show her respect for a man so that he feels that he is really respected? Consider 100 ways how a woman can do it in practice.

Some may argue that a man must earn respect for himself, but not love. But how a woman wants to be loved, no matter if she’s moody or having a bad day. Likewise, men want to be respected when they do not live up to women’s expectations in some way.

So showing respect is not a matter of choice. This is the main tool with which a woman or girl can influence male self-esteem. And then the man is ready to do a lot to win women’s admiration and self-respect.

What does it mean to respect a husband, a man

Respect means to reckon with a man and his opinion, to recognize his authority. A woman who respects her man will never allow herself to gossip with others about his mistakes.

Love and respect for men, women show that they treat them with kindness. They take into account their self-esteem not only in public, but also at home, alone. They also try to fulfill all reasonable requests of their husbands.

Respect means learning to accept a man as he is. Do not squeeze it into the framework of an ideal invented by a woman.

Now let’s look at what it is. (By the way, read about how a man can actually show respect and love for a woman ).

How to show respect for a man in practice

Tell a man that you love and respect him for specific deeds.

Give him time for his hobbies, not insisting only on his rights.

Write love notes or send love sms to a man .

Show that you trust him.

When you do something together, do not criticize the man, pointing out his problems and shortcomings.

Try to understand the reasons for the discontent of your man.

When a man talks to you, listen and look at him, don’t pretend to be busy. Don’t interrupt him when he speaks.

Pray for him and with him. (If you are believers).

Focus on what the man is doing right.

Show interest in his interests, goals and hobbies.

Give him half an hour to relax after work before talking to him about household chores.

Respect for a man 100 ways to show him in practice

Sometimes dress in a way that makes him feel like you did it for him, not for yourself.

Protect him if others speak disrespectfully of him, especially relatives. A man wants respect from them. ( What men want from women in a relationship , you can find out by reading the article).

Help the man carry out his plans.

Forgive when in “hearts” offends you and regrets it.

Periodically ask, “What can I do for you today? How can I help you?

When you go to the store, ask if you can buy something for him?

Show the man you love that you need him.

Do not fill every free minute of a man with some deeds and requests. This shows the respect of the girl for the man.

If he wants to talk, listen, ask questions that can show your understanding of the topic of conversation.

Try to see the advantages of a man, and not just the shortcomings, even if he only knows how to fish. (I recommend finding out 100 facts about guys and men that women and girls need to know).

Share your feelings with him, but keep it short.

Talk to a man about the qualities that you fundamentally appreciate in him.

Be his assistant in any business. Remember, a man needs a helper.

Keep in mind that sometimes he just wants to silently be with you. He dreams of listening to you silently.

Help him achieve his goals.

To respect a man means to praise his work, work, ingenuity, the ability to do something with his own hands.

Try to eradicate the habits that annoy him. (To identify these flaws, read What Annoys Men About Women .)

Be grateful for his housework, thank and encourage him for it.

Don’t expect a man to always notice any change in your appearance.

Do not disturb a man’s sleep, even if he is asked to phone (not urgent calls).

Never ridicule a man’s intellect by being cynical about a man.

Keep your discussions to the point, without going into endless details.

Be patient with him when he makes mistakes, thereby showing respect to the man.

Show interest in his friends (who influence him positively).

Be kind and polite to him, because a man is worthy of respect.

Don’t put the blame on him when something goes wrong. If you get lost on the road, you didn’t get a ticket, he crookedly hammered a nail, don’t blame him.

Hold a man by the hand when you walk, often cuddle close to him, as if looking for protection. This is the essence of male psychology: they need to feel able to protect their woman.

Stop expecting him to be able to read your mind (men are not that capable).

Try to look 100% for him. This way you can make a man think about you, miss you and be proud of you. Keep fit in every way.

Don’t fight over words, try to hear what he had to say.

Be your man’s best friend, show faith in him.

Confirm your success in everyday life, that is, improve in all matters. (Do you want to please a man ? Then find out what you need to do for this).

Patiently teach a man how to demonstrate his love for you.

Thank you for considering you a beloved woman and showing it with deeds.

Don’t talk down to him. Avoid sarcasm when talking to him.

Do not say the word “never” to a man, especially in quarrels.

Ask him what he would like to do after dinner, tonight, this weekend? And then do your best to give him time to do it.

Respect his likes and dislikes.

Respond to his thoughts and advice with enthusiasm.

As you noticed, learning to respect the man you love is not difficult when you are determined to apply these simple methods. Deep respect will help a woman keep a man in a relationship forever.

How to show a wife respect for her husband, how it manifests itself

Help your husband get through a midlife crisis if he has one.

Ask your husband for help, even if you don’t really need it.

Do not find fault with trifles, especially in the words of a spouse.

Do not let your relatives dishonor him, take the side of your husband.

Leave some time in your busy schedule for your husband.

Avoid pride, independence, arrogance, especially if you married, being unequal in position. Admit your mistakes.

Do not argue or blame your husband for lack of money , if he really works. A normal, real man already feels responsible for making money and does everything possible from himself.

Invite your husband to massage his neck and shoulders to relieve the stress of a hard day.

Tell him that you are proud of him as a person and a man.

Seek your husband’s advice when you run into problems.

Respect for a man 100 ways to show him in practice

Reserve some energy and strength for your husband when he desires an intimate relationship.

Show your respect for him in front of everyone.

Give advice with love, do not “saw” your husband.

Get up with him in the morning if he got up earlier than you wanted to get up.

Boast about him to other people, even if he is a simple, ordinary man. Let others see that you treat your husband with respect.

When a spouse is in a bad mood, do not reproach or “get” him.

Do not compare your husband in a negative way with your relatives or other men.

Surprise him by giving him something that he has long wanted. (I advise you to read about how to choose the right watch for a man. Find out what you need to pay attention to).

Communicate in such a way that love and respect for your husband are clearly visible in your words . It means to communicate without whining, grumbling, scandals, tantrums, accusations and foul language.

Never talk about your husband as a faceless thing (“mine, mine”). By saying this, add a name, this will show others that you deeply respect your husband.

Ask for your husband’s opinion before making important decisions or making plans.

Periodically try to be the initiator in the desire for intimate relationships. Try to respond more often to his desires.

Praise your husband’s good decisions while minimizing the bad ones.

When cleaning the house , do not throw away his notes, even if they are scattered randomly on the table. Place them neatly on his desk so you don’t accidentally throw away valuable notes.

When you are angry, stop playing silent, and go to the contact.

Be happy and positive when he is at home. Smile at him.

Speak about it respectfully in front of your children.

Warn him in advance about family matters and events.

Find time to spend it alone with him, away from the children.

Talk together about your family’s goals and how you can achieve them together.

Go to bed when he goes to bed.

Be kind and considerate to his parents, brothers, sisters and relatives.

Style your hair the way he likes.

Spend your hard earned money wisely. (I want to share some ways that help me save money on groceries and still eat well).

The wife’s respect for her husband is manifested in the fact that she keeps his secrets.

Tell your husband about family problems truthfully (without unnecessary words and emotions).

Celebrate your husband’s success.

Wear clothes that flatter your body but don’t expose it to other men.

Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself.

Make sure that his clothes in the closet are always ironed.

You can also show respect for a man by being interested in how his day went.

Kiss him when he leaves for work in the morning and when he comes home.

Let him know that you enjoy living with him.

Laugh at his jokes, or at least smile.

Clean up the house before he comes home from work. Or at least the areas he notices the most. Put on clean home clothes. (I advise you to read a few tips on how you can quickly put things in order in the house ).

Cook a man his favorite dish.

At least sometimes watch his favorite programs and films with him. Give him the right to comment on them.

Verbally thank your husband for providing for you and your family.

Get to know his colleagues and talk kindly about her husband in front of them.

Keep reasonable and realistic expectations in your relationship with your husband.


Love or respect, which is more important for a man, what do you think? After being married for over 25 years, I asked my husband a simple question: “Which does he want more – love or respect?”

Although both of these qualities are important, his answer surprised me: “Respect.”

I couldn’t believe that anyone would prefer respect over love. But then I realized that respect for a man is the basis of a successful relationship. It is more important for men to be respected, but not loved, than loved, but not respected. And just like women expect strong love, men expect unconditional respect.

This is how we women can positively influence our men. A man deserves respect, it is a powerful motivator for him. And this is what family values ​​are built on.

What do you think about respect for a man? Write your opinion in the comments. By the way, this list is not over, so you can add more rules to it. Write your ideas and add to the list.