Relationships and Dating During College: Is It Necessary?

Everyone agrees that college is the time for self-exploration and finding your passions. Many people struggle with finding their identity, and others balance all aspects of their lives effortlessly. A significant element that transforms a person’s life is their relationships, whether they are romantic or friendly. That is why one of the most prominent questions revolves around whether a relationship in college is a good idea.

As a student, you see numerous relationships crash and burn. Others miraculously spend their four years in a loyal relationship, then break up as soon as graduation ends. Some individuals never date throughout their college years. But an important distinction to make is between relationships and dating. The former is more serious. The latter insinuates a more casual approach to romance and love. But is it a promising idea to date throughout your academic years? Find out below.

The Stress of Studies, Dating, and Relationships

Let us first omit any dating experiences from the picture. Having tons of courses to prepare for is hectic and draining enough. Not only is it challenging to balance your health and academic life, but you also need more financial freedom to support yourself. EduBirdie offers the best example of minimum wage essay for students to address economic issues. Not only are they incredible essay examples, but they provide you with novel input into how to address the problems in your student life. 

That is why being in a relationship throughout college might not be a solid idea, as you have other life aspects that induce stress. That said, even if you are in a relationship, ensure you do not base your entire life according to them. University is the ideal time for individuals to explore themselves and their passions. Hence, do not let another person restrict your overall mobility. Find means of appreciating your personal life and your life with your partner. Having a clear boundary is necessary. Otherwise, you two might build your lives around each other at an early age. 

5 Reasons to Date in College

Many individuals nowadays prefer to hook up with others rather than date. A study found that most students hook up twice as much as they date. However, most would rather date. Many ask, “should I date in college” without understanding the pros behind it. Find out the top five below.

1. Explore Yourself

Self-exploration is indeed a significant part of your college experience. But did you know that a relationship also allows you to dwell on your life and what you want? Even if your relationship is not successful, you will learn something from experience. Also, your college time is when you have minimum financial responsibility. Enjoy this and utilize it for your benefit.

2. Deal with Life with Your Partner

Unfortunately, an innumerable number of individuals hook up out of loneliness. This also leads to isolation rather than intimacy. However, if you are not actively looking for someone to date and you stumble upon someone you want to be with, then you are in luck. This might be your chance to experience life with a trusting partner.

3. Find Out Whom You Want to Marry

Even if you are not a firm believer in marriage, all people imagine their future with one person. Hence, dating in college is the ideal environment to learn with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Even if the relationship ends in a devastating breakup, it gives you the knowledge you want in a partner.

4. Gain Confidence

The thing about healthy dating experiences is that you indirectly work on yourself as a person. The notion of two halves coming together to create one is solely an idealized concept. Instead, a healthy relationship makes you understand who you indeed are. It allows you to trust yourself and gain confidence in who you are.

5. Chance to Meet New People

Instead of isolating yourself, studying the entire time, and sticking to your routine, dating pushes you to meet individuals worldwide. Not only are you spending time with your partner, but you will get to know his friends, acquaintances, and family members. This pushes you to escape your comfort zone and learn new communication abilities.


Dating in college is a beautiful experience. However, it is only for some students. Instead, many spend their entire 4-year period studying and focusing on their goals. Others regard dating as part of exploring throughout this time. It is safe to assume that relationships are meant for only some.

Remember that university is the last time you have minimal responsibility. That applies to the emotional, work, and financial aspects. It would be best to eliminate any judgment others will push on you. Your academic life should be full of choices, mistakes, and experiences to learn from and further discover yourself.

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