Relationship Rules

Richard Templar, the well-known British author of several bestsellers self-help and self-development, proposes these 12 rules for life as a couple in his book “The rules of life“. Perhaps they are obvious and simple, but precisely in a world full of information and speed, getting back to basics is essential for relationship rules.

Relationship Rules For Couples

When we seek our balance in things that are beyond our reach, in objectives far from our real situation, we waste the real opportunities to have a healthy couple life. When we stick to what we have inside us, and look for the answers there, we may find more resources than we imagine.

1. Accept The Differences, Take Advantage Of What You Have In Common

A couple is a team consisting of two people. The common adds up, but the different too. In all teams each member contributes and enriches the whole. Why would the couple be different? In your partner each one brings a personal vision, and both of you also learn the qualities of the other and start them in the moments in which each one can contribute more.

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relationship rules

2. Give Your Partner Space To Be Themselves

We often fall in love with people because they are independent, energetic and unwrapped. Once they are with us we tend to cut their wings. We need to give that space where the other feels free to be and do as he would without us. It is healthier and will give more strength to our feelings.

3. Be Kind

No matter how long you have been with someone, always come back to this point, because it is essential. Never lose the ways. Say thank you, please, as you said at the beginning. Be interested in your partner, your projects and always take time to focus on your needs and desires. To listen.

4. What Do You Want To Do What?

Be prepared for him or her to be independent, strong, to be in the world when he separates from you. May you develop your full potential and live your dreams.

5. We Can Say Sorry And Preserve Our Dignity And Respect

I’m sorry, as before the conflict. Learn to find your share of guilt in a problem to try to reach the conversation that enriches your relationship.

6. Look For Things That Please Your Partner And Offer Them

They can be simple things or something incredible that is not expected. It is a fantastic way to take your relationship to that crazy and personal point where adventure is present.

7. Recognize When You Have To Listen And When You Have To Talk

Knowing when to speak and when to listen is an extraordinarily useful skill to develop. Know when to offer tea, kindness, a toolbox, hold hands … no matter what. You will be on the path …

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8. Feel Passion For Your Life In Common

All relationships go through high points and depressions. It is not an imposture or forcing anything, just be aware that you dedicate part of your life to the happiness of another person and that requires strength, passion, direction, enthusiasm and commitment.

9. Do Not Stop Communicating With Your Partner

We have to talk. When a problem arises, it is talking about what will get us out of it. And when we are well, it is what will give our relationship the basis of trust. When you stop doing it, maybe something is wrong. Talking helps solve problems, silence in general only amplifies them. Talking allows you to realize the great ally that your partner can be in your life.

10. Treat Your Partner Better Than Your Best Friend

Your partner is, at the same time, lover, friend and ideally the best friend. Do not interfere in his affairs, respect his space and privacy, because he is an independent adult.

11. Check That You Share The Same Goals

It is good to verify that you are both on the same path and share the same map. You have to differentiate between goals and dreams. The goals are shared aspirations that you both need. It is essential to have that common map to walk with one direction.

12. Respect Privacy

If you have the need to intrude on the privacy of another person, you have to look carefully at yourself and discover why. The truth may be difficult to accept, but you have to know it.

So, these are the useful Relationship Rules, which will help you to improve your relationship more. Like Share with your friends and comment to tell us about your thinking for these rules.