Relationship Needs List

Finding that special person that you can love, and feel the fullness of receiving the correspondence of his love, is totally incredible. But if you thought meeting was the hard part, forget it! The complex, and at the same time exciting, part is establishing a lasting relationship where both, over the years, meet their needs and together achieve fulfillment.
Having a partner is a great opportunity to develop a relationship in which we can find an answer to our emotional, affective and any other needs, while offering those answers to our partner, interesting, right? In this article we will discuss about relationship needs list.

Relationship Needs And Wants List

Communicate and understand each other

To begin, it is very important to recognize and mention that the couple builds each other, heals, and helps each other when communicating effectively. Many relationship problems could be avoided and solved if only the two of them communicated clearly and in a timely manner.

Being able to speak and understand the needs of our partner is essential to carry and have a long, full, and happy relationship. Here you will find some proposals from which you can start to reflect, dialogue, and work with your partner.

Pleasant, free and comforting intimacy

Many couples who love each other, for various reasons, sometimes do not have the opportunity to be close, to enjoy their love and company, so it must be said: enjoy being with your partner and enjoy being able to love yourself freely. Being able to do so strengthens and unites them both, gives them the opportunity to lavish attention and affection.

Do not be afraid to take the initiative in love and in displays of affection of all kinds

Remember this: women need to feel loved, special, valued, and men need to experience a full sex life. Now he thinks backwards, she: a full sexuality and he feels loved, valued and loved.
It is about working on the needs of both, which by the way, can be presented alternately or with certain frequency and constancy, but both need the same in one way or another.

Comfort and care

We women often forget that our husbands also have trials and challenges, that they get tired, frustrated, and suffer from stress and anxiety. When a man can find in his wife a friend with whom to discuss his affairs without being judged and condemned, he will be able to rest and gain strength knowing that he has a woman who supports him unconditionally and that for her he will go out again and face the world.
And the prudent husband will keep in mind that his wife also requires to be listened to and to give him attention and care.
Again, both require feeling cared for by the other, both require consolation at some point in life. The important thing is to learn to identify this need in the other and give it.

Health is a matter of two

Believe it or not, many of the serious male diseases that are healed were detected early, thanks mostly to wives sincerely concerned about their husbands’ health. Men are generally somewhat careless about their health, they feel bad, they put up with it and they never go to the doctor until it is too late.
And it goes the other way: an intelligent man will see to it that his wife not only goes to the doctor, but also seeks to accompany her, as well as her laboratory studies and everything she may need.
The way of cooking, the food that is prepared and healthy habits such as exercise, is a matter of couple.

Relationship Needs List

Peace and tranquility: relationship needs list

Men and women need a place to return to every day and feel safe and at peace: building such a place, previously fell directly on women, but as time passes, we can see that this task does not correspond to her in its entirety , that her husband and children play a primary role in the household chores and not that they only “help” the mother’s responsibility.
Having a tidy, clean and warm home where everyone feels comfortable and welcome is everyone’s dream.

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Exaggeration by order or carelessness, creates tension between the couple

You have to talk, agree, and then work together. On one occasion, I had the opportunity to attend a marriage with a series of accumulated problems and at some point to talk about what really bothered them, she cried out from the bottom of her heart that she hated the decoration of her apartment.
It was easy to understand: she had not participated in its decoration and it was the inheritance of the previous couple, he then understood everything and the other problems were suddenly solved.

Activities together

And when the children arrive, don’t forget to go out alone and enjoy that time. Here it is important to give in to one another: he may like some activities and she may like others, and children others! So, negotiating becomes essential and reaching agreements is a family policy!
Men and women can become very different and see or perceive the world in different ways. Our life stories make us have particular needs, but when we see them as a couple, we see that we can be very similar and that the person we choose and chose us, complements us perfectly if we only dare to dialogue and walk together.

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