Redemption of the bride in a private house: the scenario – what could it be?

The wedding begins with the bride price. The ceremony is carried out when the groom, with witnesses and friends, comes to the bride to take her to the wedding ceremony. Our ancestors were afraid of evil spirits, corruption and anger of envious people.

Trying to protect the newlyweds from all this, before the wedding, they arranged a cheerful and noisy ceremony, preceding the meeting of the lovers in the role of the bride and groom. In the publication, we will consider what the scenario of buying a bride from a private house can be.

The Advantage of Carrying Out a Foreclosure from a Private Home

Regardless of the venue, the essence of the bride ransom ceremony does not change. A cheerful and rather noisy meeting of the groom, who has come for his chosen one, is organized. Our ancestors believed that the louder and happier the ceremony is, the greater the distance it will be possible to drive away all evil spirits, envy and the magic of ill-wishers from the young couple.

To create a joyful atmosphere, the groom was tested for valor, stamina, ingenuity and, of course, greed. He was given various tasks, riddles were made, and the children wanted ransom in the form of sweets. Fake brides of old women and very young girls were necessarily prepared in order to completely confuse the evil spirits. The newlywed had to find a narrowed one among them.

Then the newlyweds bought from one of the close relatives of the bride a place near her at the wedding table. Over time, the ceremony has transformed and often on the Internet you can read an opinion about selling a bride, like a thing. In fact, the essence of the ceremony is different. Her girlfriends test the groom in various contests, and for incorrect answers they charge a fee with sweets, champagne and money. But they are trying to earn a lot.

The advantage of a private house is a large amount of free space, allowing for a perky ceremony. In addition, it will be possible to decorate the private territory as the heart desires.

Witnesses and girlfriends of the hero of the occasion will be able to hang interesting thematic posters in the courtyard and in the house, specially issued wall newspapers, as well as garlands, colorful ribbons and balloons.

Most contests and assignments are best done in the yard. It will be easy to organize the necessary musical accompaniment in it. A good alternative to discs is a live performance of friends playing various musical instruments.

Questions to the groom for the ransom of the bride

Traditionally, the bridegroom is greeted by the bride’s witnesses. First, they ask why he came, and tell the conditions of the ransom – the groom and witnesses will have to go through a series of competitive stages before he can meet the bride and go with her to the wedding ceremony.

If the fellows cope with the assigned task, then they go on. When they have difficulties, then the correct answer to the question posed is actually to buy for champagne, candy or hard currency.

At the ransom, it is appropriate to arrange contests with questions about the chosen one. Often the test is carried out in the form of a kind of relay race. Footprints are drawn on the path leading to the house or steps. The groom gets the right to step on the trail only by correctly answering the question about his beloved. If he answers incorrectly or does not give an answer at all, he will be able to pay off and continue the baton.

You should not ask too many questions so as not to drag out the competition and not tire anyone. 10 questions are enough. First, you should create an intrigue and ask very easy questions about the hero of the occasion:

  • What’s her maiden name?
  • the name and patronymic of her mom and dad?

Then you need to complicate the task, but do it gradually. For example, ask in class what letter your beloved studied with. It will be possible to answer the question relying on luck. After all, usually there are 3 classes at school: a, b, c. Here is a list of more difficult questions about the bride’s life:

  • a graduate of which school is she?
  • what did you dream of becoming in first grade?
  • what are her favorite sweets?
  • where did you hide candy in the house?
  • favorite book?
  • favorite movie?
  • favorite movie actor?
  • favorite movie actress?
  • favorite song?
  • favorite board game?
  • favorite dish?
  • Can you fish?

You can ask if she had a dog in childhood and her nickname. Or ask a broader question about the presence of pets in childhood.

Scenario with simple and fun contests

There are a huge number of bride buy-out scenarios on the Internet, many of them entirely composed of poetry. Professional wedding planners consider them not the best options.

The groom and the witnesses feel uncomfortable when they talk to them in poetry all the time, and do not know how to answer them. After all, not everyone has the talent to parry with poetic lines to a question heard in a poetic form.

We offer a fun script without poetry. Witnesses meet the groom near the gate and begin to tell what a wonderful girl lives here and how many talents and merits she has.

Only a worthy applicant can marry her, and they offer the future husband to go through several tests that allow him to reveal his positive sides.

Having received the consent of the newlywed, the company is allowed into the courtyard and is offered to pass the relay race, conventionally named 10 facts from the life of the bride and her family. There are 10 tracks drawn in chalk on the track.

Before stepping on each of them, he must give the correct answer. For every mistake or long silence, you will have to pay a fee. We have considered the questions for the competition above.

Then the witness brings the subject to a stool covered with a piece of cloth, and announces the test for the presence of the master of the house.

He needs to hammer a nail with one blow, and if he fails, then he will have to fork out. The girl removes the fabric, and under it are a hammer, a nail and a small board. Subsequent contests are held in the hallway of the house.

Part of the tests carried out in the house

Quite an interesting test of the ability to say compliments or call a loved one affectionately. Witnesses cut a flower out of paper in advance, and write one letter on the petals. Having torn off the petal, the newlywed must say a compliment to the letter that was written on it.

Ask your future spouse to assemble the darling’s dream house. You need to first find a photo of a cozy house in a magazine, cut it out, and then stick it on cardboard and cut it into small fragments. The groom together with the witness from these puzzles should put together a picture.

No less exciting competition, in which on a poster, among many images, you need to find what belongs to the bride. The most common option is lip prints.

A more original task is to find a photo of the little bride. It is necessary to ask your friends in advance to bring a child’s photo before the age of one year old and stick them on one Whatman paper.

After the end of the contests, the witness announces to the groom that he passed the tests with honor, and that the most beautiful, gentle and loving girl is waiting for him outside the door on which his heart is painted. The most touching moment occurs when the future spouse first sees the chosen one in a wedding dress.

Original ways to buy out the bride

Traditionally, the ransom is carried out by the witnesses or girlfriends of the culprit of the holiday, and we suggest giving them supporting roles, and inviting a male relative with a good sense of humor and a talent for improvisation for the main role. Right next to the gate, you should hang balloons with nested tasks.

After the traditional greeting and asking why they came, and whether they are ready for anything for the sake of the bride, the seller explains the terms of the ransom. He invites the groom to choose three tasks for himself, piercing the ball. It turns out quite funny when all the balls have one task – to dance to imaginary music, but for different people: the groom, the witness and the friend.

A competition should be included with questions about the future spouse, as well as the compliments discussed above. Instead of a paper flower, the seller will give the groom 10 sheets of paper with one letter written, on which a compliment must be paid.

A more difficult option is the encrypted promises of the ideal spouse. For example, the letters NKVP written on a sheet are deciphered as follows: carry coffee to bed.

Having overcome the trials of the groom, the seller takes turns taking out several fake brides – a man in a headscarf, a guy in a veil, a little girl. For the abandonment of the bride, the newlyweds must compensate. The seller famously praises every applicant for marriage and complains about the finickyness of the newlywed.

The seller says: he has already shown all the brides, perhaps somewhere in the house there will be another one, but the future spouse needs to try hard and call her loudly with affectionate names. The bride should loudly allow her to enter the room after a sufficient, in her opinion, number of gentle calls.


In a private house there is a lot of space on the street and in the room for holding various competitions, and you should definitely take advantage of this advantage when preparing the ceremony of redemption of the future spouse. We have brought to your attention two small but funny and original ransom scenarios, which take a total of 30-40 minutes.

According to professionals, this is the most optimal duration of the ceremony. The bride will not get tired of waiting, and the groom will not get tired of numerous trials. The newlyweds will meet in high spirits, not tired and angry. We wish you a fun ransom and your dream wedding!