Reasons To End A Relationship

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Based on the book “If it is Broken, don’t fix it”, by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola. Read reasons to end a relationship.

They ended, the relationship finally thundered. Maybe he ended up, so he wasn’t such a sensational man, unless you are a true witch, which could be. Only you know.

If you broke the relationship, it’s because you weren’t happy, something was missing, something or a lot you didn’t like. 

But now that a few days, a few weeks have passed, you no longer remember the bad things, you only know that you miss him terribly and you have this idea that you will NEVER find anyone as sensational as him. 

What’s going on? How come you suddenly don’t remember all those things that you complained about, how much this and that bothered you, everything that made you tired? And the reasons to end a relationship.

reasons to end a relationship

It is important to understand that there are a couple of things that affect convalescents from recent ruptures: read reasons to end a relationship.

  • Revisionist Romance Syndrome (SRR)

 It is more or less like a syndrome of severe blindness, only that it affects the ability to see the past as it is. Those who suffer from this syndrome cannot avoid idealizing that relationship that ended, that man who left. When we suffer from this syndrome, a compulsive liar becomes “a great person” with fear of intimacy.

This syndrome is easy to identify, I assure you that all your friends have already detected it. But as with all conditions, the first step to heal yourself is to realize that you have it.

  • Guilty Feeling

Here you do not fool yourself about the relationship or the type of person he was, (or she) here you feel guilty for the decision you made (if you made it) for not having been this or that, for not having been better or more Friendly or try longer. 

This usually happens when you start spending weekends alone, when you don’t have to do, who to talk to, who to go out with. The truth is that breaking up with someone is very hard: it takes a lot of courage to unplug from a relationship.

reasons to end a relationship

Guide For Romantic Revisionist Of The Past

Read on reasons to end a relationship.

  • It is very difficult to reconcile the person who was when the relationship began, sweet, in love, thoughtful, etc., who became over time and especially at the end of the relationship.

To give you a sense of reality, we present the following list, if your ex did any of these things, you are not allowed to make excuses to justify it and insist that “he is a beautiful person.”

  • He cheated you
  • He despised you
  • He lied to you
  • He disappeared from the map
  • He harassed you and bothered you all the time with his jealousy
  • He was rude to you or your people or even his own people
  • He left you for another
  • He had another girlfriend
  • He stole money
  • He disliked your family and criticized her all the time
  • He yelled at you and humiliated you in public
  • He was married
  • Your friends clashed, he forbade you to see them
  • He flirted with your friends
  • He didn’t appreciate you.
reasons to end a relationship

The Best Of Bad News

  • The bad news is that you have been fooling yourself. The good thing is that deep down, you know it
  • This is a normal defense mechanism, nobody likes to admit that we are in love with a scumbag
  • Remember to face what the relationship really was, accepting reality and seeing that the break It made sense, it may be the most difficult step, but it is an important step.

Diagnosis Of Reality:

In this exercise you need one of your best friends to participate. Call him / her, invite him to eat and ask him to help you establish the truth in the following statements. Here are some examples, you can add yours.

  •  Affirmation: He loved being with me
  • Reality: As long as his friends didn’t invite him out or there was something he liked on TV
  • Affirmation: We had many things in common
  • Reality: We always fought because everyone wanted to do something different, or see different people, or just about politics or some other topic
  • Affirmation: My friends were his friends
  • Reality:He didn’t like my friends, or my friends didn’t like him (or her)
  • Affirmation: We had a wonderful sex
  • Reality: We had no relationships for a long time. I didn’t like having sex with him. He rejected me when I approached him
  • Affirmation: I don’t even remember why we finished
  • Reality: Really?
  • Affirmation: We never fought, we didn’t argue
  • Reality: Think, think
  • Affirmation: He was very detailed with me
  • Reality: Well, he forgot important dates, he never gave me anything
  • Affirmation: He never lied to me, he was always faithful and never did anything that made me feel bad
  • Reality: Keep thinking.

Things To Do Help You Break With Obsession

  • Go watch a movie, nothing you’ve seen with him
  • Reconnect with friends you have not had contact with lately
  • Go out with these friends, go for coffee, go to Catch up and DON’T TALK ABOUT IT
  • Go to a store to see shop windows and maybe buy something you love
  • Take your dog for a walk, and if you don’t have a dog, it might be a good time to adopt one
  • Call your Grandma, you know it’s been a while and it’s a good time to visit her
  • Put on your favorite music and dance
  • Open the closet, get rid of everything you don’t want your ex to see you dressed next time
  • Go for a walk to the nature, or a park
  • Go to the store and buy the ingredients to prepare your favorite dinner.
  • IMPORTANT: Voluntary distancing will speed up your recovery more than anything else. DO NOT CALL IT

Pretexts To See Or Call You

When we finished, he told me to call him, to tell him how I’m doing.

  • He told you that because telling you “don’t talk to me anymore” would have made it difficult to put an end point and escape as quickly as possible. Let him know that you are very well, NOT calling him. By not doing so, you are communicating that you have continued with your life.
  • I have some things from him, I need to call him to give them back.
  • That is not a compelling reason, it is an excuse. Pick up your things and ask a friend or friend to leave them at home. If he himself has not called you to ask, surely they are not so important.

I haven’t called him or searched for him, but every time he goes out with his friends and drinks, he calls me and wants to talk. I still love him very much and I think he too, I agree to see him and we end up having sex.

Maybe It’s The Way He Realizes He Still Loves Me And Comes Back

  • Basically what he is telling you is “I love you from 2 to 4 AM on Fridays. What you need is someone who wants to be with you at all times, not only when he is drunk and needs a bedding.

I dated him for two years, he was a great man, he made me feel very special, he treated me like a queen. Two months ago he told me that he no longer felt anything for me, that he didn’t see a future and expected us to be friends. What I can do?

  • Many people are great, that’s why we fall in love and it hurts a lot that it doesn’t work. Unfortunately this happens sometimes, sometimes the relationship matures, sometimes they separate. There is nothing to do but accept

Why does it hurt so much? My boyfriend and I finished almost a year ago, we were only together for a year and a half. Shouldn’t I have already overcome it? My friends tell me that it must be in half the time the relationship has lasted, but it doesn’t work for me.

Yes, I have heard this about half the time the relationship has lasted. But there is a better formula. If your hamster dies, count the number of days he lived, divide it by his number of legs and take out the square root of the quotient. 

It may be that mathematical equations are not applicable to matters of the heart. Personally, I think that the time it takes to overcome a rupture, a complicated thing, and directly proportional to the time it takes to find oneself better. Share this post reasons to end a relationship with your frineds.

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