Reasons To Break Up A Relationship

When a relationship ends, it seems common for man to turn the page faster. While you still digest the break, you see your ex move on. It’s frustrating. Do you wonder why men end one relationship and start another? Here we explain this attitude in reasons to break up a relationship.

Reasons To Break Up Long Term Relationship

Why do men end a relationship and start another?

Although the motivation of each boy depends on his personality, his relationship and how they worked as a couple, there are several reasons that are repeated in the boys: but we are discussing 4 major reasons to break up a relationship.

1. Ego

One of the reasons to break up a relationship is ego if it was you who ended the relationship, the man may feel hurt and will seek a new love to show that he does not need you and that he can be with whomever he wishes.

reasons to break up a relationship

It also happens when after the break up discover that there are other boys courting you. Basically, the idea is to start a new relationship quickly and show up in public with another girl to be jealous or feel better about yourself.

It is not only possible that he wants you to see him with someone else, he wants his friends and colleagues to continue seeing him as an attractive and conquering man.

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2. Nail That Takes Out Another Nail

Many times the boys look for another relationship to try to overcome the break. They take refuge in another person to help them forget the lost romance.

A new relationship can be an escape to the pain of the separation of the couple. It is a way to avoid feelings and try not to feel so sad.

3. Sex Desires

Sexual intercourse is a very important aspect in all relationships. It is likely that the boy decides to look for sexual partners to get distracted, have fun and escape the sadness or painful feelings he may feel from separating from you.

reasons to break up a relationship

4. They Don’t Like Loneliness

After a long relationship, it is difficult to get used to singleness again. If your ex has become accustomed to having you by his side, as support and company, losing you can make him look for a quick substitute for that presence in your life.

He believes that the solution to deal with his loneliness is to find a new partner that fills the void. Many times it happens that they do not find a person who can fill that space, so they feel more alone and go through many short romances that do not meet their expectations.

Reasons Why Men Find A Partner So Quickly

One of the main ways in which men find a partner quickly after the breakup is to resort to their usual contacts. If they have just finished a relationship and want to start another, then they call exnovias or girls with whom they have dated before.

It also happens that during their relationship there was a girl particularly interested in him. Now that they are done, that person finds the perfect opportunity to express their feelings and become their new partner.

It may also happen that for reasons of destiny and without having planned it, I have met a new girl interested in him. Although it seems incredible, these things happen. Perhaps their new relationship was nothing more than a coincidence.

How Should You Act If Your Ex Just Finished With You And Is Already With Another?

The first thing you should do is try to get away from negative thoughts. Value yourself Remember the reasons why they separated. If it was your decision, respect it. If it was his decision, then remember that you don’t need someone in your life who doesn’t love you in his life.

In life everything leaves a teaching. Instead of constantly asking yourself why men end one relationship and start another, start focusing on the good things you have in your life. Just as he got someone else, you can find someone who makes you happy.

1. Be Happy

Turn the page, do new activities, stay distracted. Don’t break your head thinking about your ex’s actions, rather look for opportunities to be more cheerful in your life.

Don’t let the worry of your breakup occupy your mind all the time. Say goodbye to this story as one more experience, assimilating the positive and learning from the negative. This way you will be a better person and have better tools for the next relationship.

2. Change Occupations

Don’t do the same things you did with your ex. Find new hobbies and start new activities. Try courses, exercise or trips to new places. Meet other groups of people. Stay distracted to avoid becoming obsessed with your ex’s new relationship.

3. Get Rid Of

If you don’t want to discuss your problems with anyone, try the method of writing a letter addressed to anyone. Empty your feelings on that sheet, let off steam and drain everything you feel. Then burn it and let that pain go along with the ashes.

You could also write a song, make a drawing or even talk to a friend or family member. In the case that you have tried these options and still suffer, then try to get professional help that can solve your problem.

Is It Bad To End One Relationship And Start Another?

It is recommended that you wait a while to overcome the break before having a new relationship. But if the opportunity presents itself and you consider yourself ready to take it, there is no problem in having a new partner.

What Do Men Do When They End A Relationship?

If the boy was not interested or no longer wanted that relationship, possibly in a short time he will have a new partner to replace you. Otherwise, the same can happen to many people, who feel sad after ending up with their partner.

When A Man Ends A Relationship, Does He Return?

Depending on the interest the man had in the relationship, he will decide whether it is better to return with his ex or find a new relationship. Many times the boys come back when they don’t find other women to break up with. You decide whether to give it a new chance.

What To Do When A Man Decides To End A Relationship?

When the man decides to end the relationship, you should not panic. Respect his decision and look for your happiness. Remember that everything happens for some reason and maybe he was not your blue prince. Take advantage of your singleness to do everything you want, without accountability to anyone.

Do Men Suffer At Breakup Of A Relationship?

If, like any person, men suffer at the end of a relationship. The difference is that many men do not feel sad immediately after the breakup. Sometimes it takes time and, after a few months of solitude, they start to miss their ex-partner and that’s when they cry for her.

Why Doesn’t A Man Show His Face To Break Up A Relationship?

When a man makes this decision, it is because he does not want to face the way he decided to finish. Not only is it due to your cowardice, you might also not want to see how your ex is sad to learn about the breakup. Many do not know how to confront feelings.

Is It Bad To Break Up One Relationship For Another?

If a relationship does not work, the ideal is to end it as soon as possible. However, ending one relationship for another is not ideal, as you will end up hurting your ex. It is best to talk, end the relationship and wait a bit to overcome what happened and be 100% with the new partner.

In a relationship you can live very beautiful moments. They will always be difficult to overcome. It is normal for you to understand and become obsessed wondering why men end a relationship and start another. Better focus on yourself, remember that you deserve to be happy.

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