Readings and poems for a civil wedding: ideas for young bride and groom

Readings and poems for a civil wedding are essential to make the meeting with family and friends more emotional. The civil wedding is generally a very short event. Religious or spiritual traditions are not practiced there, however it can be a special moment. 

If you are a shy person, these practical tips will help you to write the readings for your civil wedding. A civil wedding is an event in which the couple attends the facilities of the authority, be it the municipality or notary, to legally formalize the marriage. Civil marriage is a simple procedure in which the authority makes the union valid through the prior review of each party’s documents.

Readings and poems for a civil wedding: Short or long

A first question is whether the reading or the poem for a civil wedding should be short or long? They may have a bit of nerves so it would be better if you synthesize what you want to say in a few sentences.

If you want to extend yourself and say everything you feel, it will not be bad either, it is your day and there is no reason to be self-conscious. To find more ideas that will surprise you, go to our entry on funny speeches for civil weddings. You can memorize it in case you don’t want to read it for that, something short but full of sincerity will be perfect. 

Are we ready as young boyfriends? They are likely to be converted to each other when:

There are times when the bride and groom decide to put down roots elsewhere. This is the moment when they decide to get married and we must write them words of encouragement so that the dreams and illusions of starting an adventure together are fulfilled.

Always remember the reasons for

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Readings for a civil wedding: tell an anecdote

To break the ice, do you have an anecdote that you would like to tell that day? something that is important or special to both of you. Could you mention some of the happy times you spent together and how important they are to you. Also, if the guests, family and / or godparents are included in the message, they will surely release a smile. 

Civil marriage speech the groom when telling an anecdote

Religious words for a civil wedding

If you are Catholic, Christian or of any other religion, to start your readings you can use biblical phrases or from the book of your religion. Make reference to some poems and religious passages and then bring it closer to personal experiences with your partner. 

Readings for a religious civil marriage

Write poems for a civil wedding

It is not so difficult to write a poem, especially if you are about to get married and have love on the surface.  To write your poem you should take into account these recommendations:

  • Speak in the first or third person
  • Search synonyms to generate variants
  • Define what kind of rhyme to use
  • May your words awaken sensitivity
  • Read poems to get inspired and get on topic
  • Make corrections by listening to it multiple times

Tips for writing a poem

A great poem as a reference for your civil wedding can be the following:

THE ART OF MARRIAGE by Wilferd Arian Peterson

“Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens,

a good marriage must be created.

In marriage the little things are the big things;

You are never too old to hold your hands.

It is remembering to say “I love you” at least once a day,

and never go to sleep angry.

It is never talking to the other just to be condescending;

courtship should not end with the honeymoon, it

should continue through the years.

It is having a mutual sense of common values ​​and goals, it

is standing together facing the world.

It is to form a circle of love that feeds in the whole family.

It is doing things for the other, not in the attitude of service or sacrifice,

but in the spirit of joy.

It’s speaking words of appreciation

and showing appreciation in a considerate way.

You are not looking for perfection per se, you

are cultivating flexibility, patience,

understanding and a sense of humor. “

Poems for friends weddings

It is an honor to have been chosen to write a love text or reading for a best friend’s wedding day.

“True love is one who only lives to make his partner happy”

“When finally two souls meet, who are equal, understand and correspond, there love begins”

“Extend your hand to love, a hardworking woman is worth a lifetime”

Love texts for civil weddings

It’s not good for the man to be alone. Love is incredible, it fills a couple with energy and excitement when looking into each other’s eyes.

There are many ways of wanting, but the most important thing is to have projects together and to be able to weave dreams in common throughout life.

Write words from memories in photos

Use the photos in your album of the couple on the phone or on paper to illustrate the presentation. Make a recount of some moments lived and write on a sheet a schedule counting how you felt at each opportunity. Remember how happy you were when you took that first trip together and take advantage of that inspiration to write. 

Include the photos of the best memories

Write inspired words to answer questions

You can be inspired to do the readings for your civil wedding on some key questions about your partner. Some examples are:

What makes me fall in love with the most?

What do I feel when we are together?

What plans do we have for the future?

When answering them you will find yourself spinning a message about your feelings and from there surely many sincere ideas will come out to say in a civil wedding speech to your loved one. 

Choose one quality of the other to inspire you

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Readings for a civil wedding: practical advice when writing them

Sincerity in your words

When you tell the truth of what you feel, the people who listen to you will notice. That is why the words you write and say that day should be totally sincere. Try not to think so much about what others will think of your words, think of yourself and your partner with sincerity.

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Request help from a friend when writing

To make the message interactive, ask your best friend or friend to help you write one of the Fun Speeches for Civil Weddings: 5 Ideas to Surprise. He is surely one of the people who knows you the best and knows what you like. As he knows about your personality, it is very possible that he will help you with some ideas.

Seek inspiration without copying

There are thousands of wedding speech or reading ideas, make the effort to make the words you say your own. Your partner will notice if you didn’t write it down. The recipient will be flattered if they see that you took the time to write something to them, they will be excited and will remember it forever. 

Seek inspiration

Judge speech in civil marriage

The judge says that marriage is starting the life of a couple with equal rights between men and women. Marriage is also a way of collaboration between the two.

You can also start your ceremony by saying that marriage is an important decision for society. Marriage has legal as well as cultural impacts because:

  • There is a public commitment from the couple.
  • Leave a family message on the values ​​of a town.
  • It brings harmony and peace to the human being.
  • Bet on a common project.

Finally, once you have finished writing your words, ask someone you trust to read them and help you review it and incorporate it as one of the steps within the Wedding Party Program.

We hope that our tips have helped you and if you could recommend us some reading or poem. Leave us your comment. Pin It