Random Questions For Couples

Do you have the impression that your married life is slowly getting boring? Don’t worry, we have the solution! If you want to spice up your life as a couple, you have to be original. So, we have prepared a list of 100 random questions for couples for you.

It is not uncommon for routine to take hold in a romantic relationship. After all, when you’ve been together for awhile, it’s perfectly normal.

Work, daily obligations, personal challenges, stress and life itself have an impact on your relationship. You don’t necessarily have the time you want to spend with your partner.

So love takes a back seat because all other aspects of your life are exhausting you. So when you finally find the strength and energy to throw a couple’s night out, you lack creativity.

Are you going to have dinner at the restaurant again? Are you going to have a movie night? It is all too commonplace.

Why ? Quite simply because if you want to have a fun, funny and interesting evening, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Of course, if you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know a lot about your partner.

But, I’ll admit something to you: you never know everything! Be honest, you have secrets your other half doesn’t know about.

Well, the same goes for him or her!

So, cook a nice dinner, and play the 100 random questions for couples we offer below.

How to play 100 pairs questions?

Really it is very simple. There are several ways to ask these questions. 

The first is simply to follow the order of the questions written in this article. Then, in turn, each of you responds.

The second, funnier way is to write these questions on a piece of paper and then mix all the papers in a bowl.

Then you take turns picking up a piece of paper and answering the question as honestly as possible.

Before starting the question game, you can choose to both answer all of the questions drawn from the bowl or answer only the ones you have drawn yourself.

To make the 100-question game even more interesting, you can include tokens to give to your partner in case he or she refuses to answer a question.

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No response is a response

Some ideas of pledges

If you or your partner refuse to answer any of the questions in the game, you can set up a pay system to “punish” the person who did not answer.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Do 50 push-ups
  • Run around the house or building
  • Recite an invented poem
  • Let your partner choose what to watch for the next month
  • Call your parents to tell them that you are not being honest
  • Call your friends to tell them that you are madly in love with your partner
  • Eat for the rest of the evening without hands
  • Drink your glass dry
  • Playing for the rest of the night in your underwear
  • Playing with your hands tied behind your back
Random Questions For Couples

Couple’s questions about childhood

The childhood and upbringing that your parents gave you have a big impact on your personality and your expectations of love.

Indeed, your couple can feel the effects of an unhappy or abusive childhood. So, before you embark on a serious engagement, ask your partner questions.

Then you will gain a better understanding of their reactions, preferences, fears and way of thinking.

1. What is your fondest childhood memory? What is your worst childhood memory?

2. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?

3. Have you ever suffered from abuse?

4. Do you feel any grudge or anger against your parents?

5. With hindsight, do you better understand your parents’ choices?

6. As a child, are you the type to make friends easily or were you rather reserved?

7. What event has completely changed your life?

8. What has given your life real meaning?

9. What experiences have you never had but would like to have had?

10. If you could go back to childhood, what would you change?

Questions about friends

After parents, friends are the most important people in your life. So, if you want to know what position they hold in your partner’s life, there is nothing better than direct questions.

Moreover, by getting to know them, you will more easily find your place in this intimate circle and you can even ask for their support if your relationship is ever going through a crisis.

Being in love doesn’t mean you have to leave friendships behind. Quite the contrary … You can find a balance between your relationship and your loved ones.

11. How long have you had the same group of friends?

12. Are you happy with the people who are close to you?

13. What kind of friend are you?

14. What essential quality must your friends have?

15. What might make you want to end a friendship?

16. Is the opinion of your friends important to you?

17. Are your friends more important than your relationship?

18. Have your friends been there for you during difficult times?

19. Do you think these friendships will last until the end of your life?

20. If you had to move across the country, would you miss your friends?

Personality test

What does he like ? What does she hate? Here are 10 couple questions that will play the role of a personality test.

Indeed, these questions will allow you to discover the qualities and the hidden defects of your partner. Thus, you will be able to judge your true compatibility.

And, you can adapt your life as a couple or your future ambitions to the answers your partner gives you.

21. What is the best compliment you have received?

22. Do you trust yourself?

23. What are you most proud of / proud of about yourself?

24. What would be the best version of yourself?

25. What are the 5 rules that govern your life?

26. What is your greatest quality? Your worst flaw ?

27. What can put you off in a person? 

28. What character trait bothers you the most, in yourself and in others?

29. What would you like to be able to say to people that would not be appropriate?

30. What kind of person would you like to be in 10 years?

Embarrassing couple questions

We all have subjects that we don’t want to discuss. Indeed, shame, guilt or just embarrassment prevent you from talking about certain events.

For example, at what age did you stop wetting the bed? Or, how many rakes did you get? Sometimes it is important to ask questions about this topic simply to let your partner take a load off.

Besides, in most cases, you will find that he or she had no reason to be embarrassed. But, that he or she was not aware of it.

31. What is the secret that you have always been ashamed to admit?

32. What are your little pleasures, weird but pleasant?

33. Is there something you like to do even if it’s completely weird?

34. What is the worst mistake of your life?

35. What is the recurring problem in your life?

36. Do you have a ridiculous fear?

37. Are you ashamed of some of your love choices?

38. What is the most ridiculous thing you have done for love?

39. How many times have you been dumped?

40. What’s the worst place you’ve ever farted?

Funny questions to ask your partner

In the middle of this game, it would be nice to take a really funny little break. So, I offer you funny questions in order to create a light atmosphere.

Indeed, I am aware that some questions like those on childhood or the future can be difficult so we have to relax a little.

Have a good laugh with these funny couple questions.

41. Do you have any hidden talents?

42. Do you sing in the shower?

43. Do you believe in the horoscope?

44. When you were little, who did you dream of becoming?

45. Did you believe in Santa Claus for a long time?

46. ​​When did you realize you weren’t as funny as you thought you were?

47. What’s your biggest flop?

48. In what way did you try to hide your most resounding embarrassment?

49. If shame didn’t stop you, what kind of business would you open?

50. If you won 1 million euros, what would you do?

Questions “Would you prefer…”

To follow up on the funny questions, here are some fancy questions. Indeed, “Would you rather run 5 km on one leg or crawl on your knees for 10 km?” is also a way of relaxing the atmosphere.

In addition, it prompts you to use your creativity and imagination. Because, honestly, who’s gearing up to answer those kinds of crazy questions.

A close-knit couple is a couple that laughs together. So, give yourself to your heart’s content!

51. Would you prefer to live without music or television for a month?

52. Would you rather be an inverted centaur or an inverted mermaid?

53. Would you prefer to wear a wedding dress / suit or swimsuit, everyday for the rest of your life?

54. Would you prefer not being able to move your body every time it rains or not being able to stop your body from moving every time the weather is nice?

55. Would you rather have skin that changes color depending on your humor or tattoos that appear to describe what you would like to do to the people in front of you?

56. Would you rather have to fart every time you have a serious conversation or burp after every kiss?

57. Would you prefer to live in a cellar or in a cabin?

58. Would you prefer to live without the Internet or without a telephone?

59. Would you prefer to be able to teleport or read people’s minds?

60. Would you rather be super handsome / beautiful but dumb or super ugly but smart?

Couple questions about technology and media

Here you can tackle all subjects which directly or indirectly affect the Internet or the development of modern applications.

Ask questions on social networks or habits with technologies as this will let you know what kind of communication he or she prefers.

And most importantly, it will be an indication of his ability to put real life first.

61. How much time do you spend on social networks?

62. Are your social media profiles up to date?

63. What is your favorite application on your phone?

64. Do you subscribe to an online magazine?

65. Is there a show you watched as a kid that you would happily watch today?

66. What movie do you regret watching? Why ?

67. What is the phrase or saying that everyone uses on social media but you just can’t stand?

68. What do you think of abbreviations and emojis in the messages?

69. Have you ever sought revenge on someone who hurt you online?

70. Who would you like to meet famous on social media?

Couple questions about past sexual experiences

Ah, the s * xe! This subject which interests everyone but which nevertheless remains taboo. Yet if you want to know your partner’s preferences or tastes in this area, you need to be straightforward.

Indeed, it is important for a couple to be completely sincere about their past experiences and possible illnesses because this can affect the current relationship.

In addition, the questions on sex will allow you to find out what you have in common and what makes the other person happy.

71. How many sexual partners have you had?

72. Do you j * ue every time you have sex?

73. What excites you the most?

74. What can completely turn you off?

75. What sex positions have you never tried but would like to try?

76. What is your biggest fantasy?

77. Have you ever used accessories in bed?

78. What’s your biggest flop in bed?

79. What do you think of your sexual performance?

80. Have you ever had an STD?

Couple questions about the status of your current relationship

What does he think of your relationship? Is she in love with you? Ask questions about your relationship to see if you are on the same page.

Indeed, it is important that you agree on the priorities of your romantic relationship and the way you choose to live your relationship.

If one of you takes your story seriously while the other refuses to engage, you’re going to be in trouble.

81. Are you happy?

82. Do you tend to be jealous / jealous?

83. What would you like to change in our relationship?

84. What is my greatest quality?

85. Would you like to change something about me?

86. Do you think our relationship has the potential to last a long time?

87. Do you think we are soul mates?

88. What do you think of our sex life?

89. Are you afraid of commitment?

90. Are there any questions you have never dared to ask me?

Couple questions about the future

What awaits you in 10 years? Do you have the same goals, the same desires? These questions are very important because it helps to see if you are compatible in the long term.

Indeed, many couples prefer to close their eyes and ignore the red flags. Yet, if you ask these questions on time, you will avoid wasting your time and energy.

Most importantly, you will not end up heartbroken in several years, simply because you preferred to get around the problem rather than face it.

91. Do you want to get married?

92. Do you want to have children?

93. What are your long-term plans?

94. What dream would you like to have the opportunity to realize?

95. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

96. Are you afraid of the future?

97. What changes do you think you need to make today to have the future of your dreams?

98. What project do you really have to carry out in order not to have any regrets?

99. Do you think that your plans for the future are compatible with mine?

100. Have you included my presence in your plans for the future?

With these random questions for couples, your couple will really get to know each other and you can build a stable and balanced future.