Quotes For Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are challenging. Much of the joy that we find in our relationships comes from the activities we can do together in person. In this article we shared quotes for long distance relationship for you.

When you’re living in another state or country, though, you cannot share these activities with the person you love. You can’t gaze into one another’s eyes and enjoy the pleasures of physical contact, or even share the simple joy of one another’s presence. And depending on the situation, you may not know if or when you’ll be able to see each other again.

Many relationships weaken with distance, but others get stronger, and there are good things that can come with distance too.

When you’re in a long distance relationship, you develop personal strength and consistency. You learn how to make a commitment, even when things are difficult. You discover the power of your relationship to overcome all obstacles. These quotes for long distance relationship come from others who have been in your situation, and have found the best in it.

Reading quotes for long distance relationship can help you to see the best when you are struggling, and can remind you of how lucky you are to have someone amazing in your life—even if you don’t get to see him or her nearly often enough.

quotes for long distance relationship

6. I don’t know why my heart is addicted to you not wanting to leave you at all times. Even now that space has separated us from reaching each other in person, it (my heart) is not willing to give up on you, baby – the protection of the lord can guide you through your stay. I miss you!

7. I may not be able to say where are you away but one thing is certain that you will always be in my heart no matter where you are and the reason is that I have truly fallen in love with. I wish you a very prosperous life, wherever you are. I miss you, baby!

8. People might be surprised because I shed tears a lot when you’re not around. I know very well that they do not understand the power of love that binds us together. The journey can take you, but it can never kill my passion for you – a blissful moment, I miss you!

9. Since the day you left for the greener pasture quest all my heart joined you although you may not know it. I am serious for what I told you because your presence always puts a smile on my face, to see you will walk away so a big tragedy. I say, the lord protect you for me. I miss you!

10. My dear sweetheart, I don’t miss you because business took you away but for so long you don’t see your beautiful face, your soft body touch, the feeling of your romantic effects and most of all will always be lonely every day and night. Where you are on this earth, I pray that the Lord will bring you back safely. I miss you!

Long Distance Relationship Messages For Him 

11. My love is interrupted by the so-called distance, how I wish I had a sword of time to kill the monster that took my passion away from me; baby, you are my joy, my darling i love with all my heart. Your days may be full of happiness wherever you want – I miss you!

12. Baby, I have already been addicted to you before the blessed with God has given to you, I must confess that every moment shared with brought endless forms of entertainment to my heart. Suddenly distance far away to you and snatched my joy away. I am as lonely as the snail – pray to the Lord to unite us soon, I miss you!

quotes for long distance relationship

13. Why don’t I miss the one I cherish with all my heart? Why won’t I be sad when the only person who can make happy is nowhere to be found? It is clear that your journey has stolen you away from me. I miss you my love – bless God!

14. If I can tell you something my dear love, your journey has really caused sorrow in my heart because you are far away from me – although the children are awkward and interesting your presence really matters to me. I miss you my love, prosperous life where you take away too!

15. I never knew how much I fell in love with you until you left for the royal assembly. Just ten minutes from your departure, my heart became very sour looking helpless and in severe pain. I ask the lord draw you closer to him to purify your heart. Baby, I miss you!

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16. I love my life so much because I spend it with you but one thing I hate most is to see you traveling to a long distance. It kills my mind and causes love fever all over my body. I feel so passionately weak and seriously wounded in loneliness. Anyway, my prayer is that your journey must be safe. I miss you!

17. Safe journey to you my dear love. I cannot bear your absence but despite that I ask the Lord to see you through all your activities where your point on this planet earth is. Although I miss you deeply from the bottomless point of my heart, but yours alone I will always do!

18. I can’t explain why I love you so much with passion – I really mean what I say. I don’t know why your thoughts in my head can’t be erased – voluntarily they descend on it. The worst of all is that you have gone for the rooms of my heart swollen for too long yet missing you. May the blessing of the Lord be yours, now and forever!

19. I beg the Lord to bless and illuminate your affairs wherever you are now. I pray that the whole blessing that a person must progress in life descend upon you. I miss you my love I cherish the one with all my heart!

20. No matter what the distance thinks it can lead to our relationship, I say it’s a liar. I have dedicated my love to you alone and no other man can replace you in my heart now and for the rest of my life. I want to be where you are now, but by no means. The Lord can grant all your heart desires, Amen!

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21. I wish you know how much you mean to me, Maybe the journey is canceled for so long but since you insisted that you will go and already on your way, I must tell you how deeply in love it has made me fall in love with you; safe journey my dear love!

22. I may not be able to say the reason why my love for you continues to grow – although you are worthy and loved more than you expected. The distance is really badly done to my heart. I cannot say anything other than to pray for the mercy of the journey. I miss you dear!

23. Love is like alcohol, it then intoxicates what you actually thought. I used to think that without you being able to leave I suddenly came to distance and you snatched me away. Baby, I miss your smile, play, kisses and hugs. I wish I could possibly touch your lips with mine. Travel grace love!

24. Wherever you are on this planet, I wish you every good that comes with this life, so long have you got me for the improvement of the family, even when my brain understands; My heart and emotion have refused to since these months. Your absence has done a lot to my heart. God bless, I miss you!

25. I want to reach out to you as soon as possible so that my heart will become full of passion and endless compassion. I am so happy because you are always around me keeping me the best of companies in life. I beg the Lord as penance for a prosperous life, wherever you are. I miss you!

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26. Life is good with you but boring without you. I’m so happy to spend my life with a wonderful man like you – baby the truth is that it’s very hard to find a man like you in a lifetime. Now and forever your love will prevail in my heart. Safe journey my darling, I miss you!

27. Distance why did you do this for me? Just like that, did you take away my joy, passion and dream? I did not know you are this wicked for this reason, I beg the Lord to bring my loved one back to me. I miss you!

28. I love my heart because the comfort always finds your registration attitude. Your love takes me to a place that I never thought about it and gives me joy that I have never experienced before. My dear, Although I have really missed you, but I wish you goodness wherever you are. I love you!

29. I am happy with my life when I give with the best man on earth. A man who keeps me smiling where I am with him. Now the problem that has given up is something terrible for me by taking you away from my face. I am so ill in love, as I am once again waiting for your presence. I miss you, God bless!

30. Thank you for everything you have done in my life, it is really appreciative because you are such a wonderful companion. But I feel so sad when I see you running away from that day, but the truth is I love you my angel. I ask the Lord to help you in all your efforts. I miss you!

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31. Who can make me happy like you always? I don’t think such a genius exists now. For all the days I am entitled to hear all of you in your presence with joy and joy. I wish I can give all the hindrance to the best in life but imperfection can form, so I ask God bless you in the search you went before. I miss you!

32. Gone for so many days but I don’t see your handsome face but I’m sure you are fine where you can now. I wish I told you that many before you left perhaps this fear will by no means have found my heart. I’m just praying that the gentleman should bring you back to me safely. I really miss you dear!

33. I love you my darling and this gives me the best feelings in life that I am married to the best man I ever set my eyes on. I want to be wherever you distance has now denied me this golden opportunity. I beg the Lord to emancipate your efforts, where you find yourself. I miss you!

34. You have been so close to my heart that I cannot do without thinking about you. I wish my heart finds rest without you but all have proven in vain. I want you to understand that since the day you left, my nights are always filled with loneliness. Baby can the glory of Mr. guide you wherever you put your head. I miss you until we meet again!

35. Those romantic moments that we shared together – those kisses of yours that melt like ice milk on my lips, I missed a lot. I can’t help you stop remembering your sweet words that go deep into my heart. All of these are clear enough to make me sick for you. I wish you good health and a prosperous life where possible!

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36. I miss everything about you, from your cool attitude, smiling face, interesting presence and the most handsome face ever. My dear love, you have taken my joy away with you and the only solution is that you immediately but unfortunately have given up what the best can do. Although you are so sad here with, I hope for your safety return. I miss you!

37. Love is when I found and married a very good man like you; it is the reason for existence without regret. I love you so much that my angel now and at all times. No matter how far you have gone, your love in my heart never finds a reason to change. Have a nice experience wherever you are!

38. Even when you told me I am your heart, I can still feel your absence because no one here is to cheer me up the way I always wanted. I am so demoralized for the fact that you are not around me; just know that you have become the air in which I live my life – although the space that divides us apart only does in vain, I wish for your safe return.

39. They used to tell me that distance is bad, now that you have gone for so long, I came to realize how bad a journey or journey could really be. It took my joy and happiness through you totally in my face. I hope to see you in good health. I miss you!

40. With you in my heart, everything becomes so cool and easy going. I wish you know how much you mean to me, Maybe you won’t even move a thumb away from where I am. I confess that your absence has really treated me; come back home in correct health. I miss you!

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41. I am so interested in one thing and the truth is that you are so special and hard to forget. You are a gem that you cannot get away with. I love you, my darling. The distance can separate us, but your love in my heart cannot be killed – now and for the rest of my life. I miss you-God bless!

42. I am willing to see your face any time from now on but it is such a shame that there can only be an amount of my effort to give this dream. I am so sick of love praying to the lord, to get you back to me as soon as possible. I love you my dear angel, nowhere can you plz, I wish you well; come back home!

43. I love the feeling that I feel the power of your love. I am the happiest woman on earth, for having met a very good-hearted man, if only you have a problem and it is the fact that your face has been squeezed away from my face as if the fading way of the cloud. I miss you my love, come back home. May the Lord bless your crowds!

44. I am so interested in one thing and it is the fact that your face gives me endless joy, Yes by the grace of God I was blessed with the most handsome man in life, so long are you with me, I will always happy. I wish you a very sweet journey with many premiums!

45. I hope you find in me that I used to be in my heart when you were around joy. I’m so down because your absence really caused me a lot of tragedy; Don’t be afraid because the sorrows of passion are not violence. Wherever you are, you can go back to the correct health!

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46. Glory to the one who put us together in peace and harmony, Thanks is he who fashioned us and taught us eloquence. You may be surprised why I praised the gentleman but the truth is that you got that unusual gift he gave to me. I love you with my whole world, now and for the rest of my life. I beg the Lord to take care of your pursuits until you return home!

47. I am so happy to have found you in my life as a companion who cares a lot about me. The only sweetheart who can place a smile on the face where I am sad – thank God for blessing me with you. I miss you; have a protected life there!

48. It is not always easy to find not the one that you love so much besides you. I mean it because your absence has really proved to me how much you are worthy to be loved and cherished. I wish I could move with you anywhere, but distance refused me from this nice idea. Travel grace my love!

49. My life is so beautiful, not by flower but by that simple life you lead with me. I wish you my heart to see how much I am happy you can open just in your presence, but now my heart is sour because the brightness of your face has gone on for too long. I pray for your return soon, I miss you!

50. I love you and everything about you. I cherish you and the love we share together. I wanted to travel your grace, but the truth is, I can’t live without you. I miss you!

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